Texans claim Jason Allen off waivers

For the first few games of this Dolphins season, cornerback Jason Allen was lauded for his surprisingly solid play.   Then he started to struggle, turned into a goat again, and was benched in the eighth game of the season before being waived on Wednesday.

Allen landed on his feet Thursday in Houston, who claimed him off waivers, according to Jason La Canfora.  The Texans will probably see him as a savior.

It’s a good move for Houston.  Allen isn’t great, but he improves what is arguably the league’s worst secondary.  The Texans and Jaguars face off on Sunday to decide the matter.

6 responses to “Texans claim Jason Allen off waivers

  1. “he improves what is arguably the league’s worst secondary. The Texans and Jaguars face off on Sunday to decide the matter.”

    just thought I’d let you know that I laughed out loud when i read that. good one!

  2. I hope Jason Allen finally gets to play his naturally position of FS. The Dolphins did nothing but mess this guy career by forcing him to play CB. This guy best games came at Safety. I not gonna dog Allen like the rest of the people on here….THE GUY HAS BEEN PLAYING OUT OF POSITION. You know what they say….a bad corner makes a great Safety.

  3. definitely a no-brainer for the texans, but it will take a few well-selected picks to fix the problems that defense has

  4. Just a complete disappointment….Nick Satan was supposed to know DB’s but totally whiffed on this pick,16th pick overall in 2006! BYE JASON! Try to keep your head up and use longer cleats so you can stay on your feet instead of dropping to your knees on every pass and tackle!! You should have learned that in POP WARNER!

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