Vick says he doesn’t know how to slide

The last time the Eagles faced the Redskins, a pair of Washington defenders simultaneously hit quarterback Mike Vick’s midsection from his left and right sides, injuring his ribs and the cartilage between them.  The impact occurred as Vick was diving head-first toward the goal line.

Moving forward, Vick plans to continue to dive.  Because he can’t slide.

I don’t know how to do it,” Vick told reporters Thursday, according to Jordan Raanan of 97.5 The Fanatic.  “I don’t know how to slide, so I won’t get into that right now.  I either get down, I go head first or dive or just fall.  For some reason, I always think I’m going to get hurt or something crazy’s going to happen.”

What about hiring someone to teach him how to slide?

“It won’t happen,” Vick said.  “I did it before down in Atlanta.  It didn’t work.”

He needs to keep trying.  Sooner or later, he’s going to get hit hard again, and he’s going to again miss several weeks because of it.

25 responses to “Vick says he doesn’t know how to slide

  1. Some people are way more afraid of snapping their ankles than getting cracked. That is the feeling I get when trying to slide, ankle breaking phobia. I know several Baseball/Football players that feel the same way.

  2. This seems to be the first instance of the old Vick coming out into the public.

    What is next on the list of things he tried in Atlanta and won’t do now because he didn’t like it then?

  3. Joe
    The rocks are pissed at you for saying that why put down rocks.

    hey Vick maybe if the skins dont teach you the Giants D will

  4. He cant slide? seriously? he can hang a dog by its nick with his own bare hands but he cant drop to one side and fall under a linebacker? What a jackass.

  5. I have zero issue with this. So what? He is a football player. He accepts he’s going to get hit. He’s not under the same understanding that quarterbacks are special and shouldn’t be hit. I say good. That’s a football player. Sliding is the easy way out. Good for you Mike Vick, good for you.

  6. I can tell that many of you don’t even know that many baseball players can’t and/or don’t like to slide feet first. Many don’t like for fear of a leg injury because sliding feet first isn’t easy and if you are apprehensive about it, chances are you will hurt yourself sooner or later. Most players that feel like that slide head first. Of course it’s different in football because you expose yourself to hits but some of you guys are just plain morons. As long as he falls down and runs out of bounds that’s good enough. In fact, most QB injuries occur in the pocket when they get smashed by a defender who is somewhere around 300 pounds.

  7. WOW – maybe he can teach Jerry Jones and the Cowboys a thing or two.

    …..they’re EXCELLENT and SLIDING…

    I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

  8. i think we are gonna beat the hell out those eagles they are not playing as great as most ppl think they barly beat a heavily injured colts tema that we injured and almost beat had McNabb stepped up, they got stomped by a injured up Titans team, we should have beat the lions but gave them that win and punk rex grossman sealed it by playing scared!! i think we come out swinging and embarrass the eagles and hurt vick on monday gbirds-13 Skins-30!! HTTR!! WEAPON X ORAKPO AND THE HITMAN LARON LANDRY ARE GONNA CRIPPLE VICK AND KOLB BOOK IT!!! THE WOLVES ARE COMING!!! ITS GONNA BE A BLOODBATH AT FED EX ON MON NIGHT THE REDSKINS ARE GONNA SCALP THE FeAGLES

  9. @warriorking1112. The funniest thing about your post is that you actually believe what you wrote! Hahaha. Delusional Skins fans at it again.

    Offseason Champs every year since Danny Boy took over. How’s that working out for you?

    (nice touch on the caps lock… really demonstrates your level of intelligence.)

  10. “Had McNabb stepped up”… little secret that everyone in Philly has figured out a long time ago… McNabb doesn’t step up! Enjoy the drama.

  11. warriorking1112, you are delusional. did you even see the score you projected? If the skins could beat the Eagles that badly why did they win by less than a touchdown the first time? Face it, the Eagles are gonna whoop that ass as payback for the first meeting. I’m glad I’ll be there to watch all the skins fans cry.

  12. Weapon X Orakpo is is gonna maul vick like a pitbull!! Landry will make cornball Kolb a cripple!! BOOK IT!! 3SUPER BOWL WINS IN 30 YEARS BEATS THE HELL OUTTA ZERO IN 60 LMAO LMAO philly a stink bait city of chumps at least yall have the phils but oh yea they choked this year LMAO

  13. its funny to live in PA and see the FeAGLE fans so jealous of a real team capable of winnng a Bowl like the Steelers every season philly is a pathetic stinkhole of a city! not even the 6th best team in PA! Gotta love York PA more Ravens and Redskin fans then eagles!!!!!

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