When told of trade to Jets, Braylon wanted to dance in Mangini’s office

How happy was Braylon Edwards to be traded from the Browns to the Jets? So happy he could barely contain himself when Browns coach Eric Mangini informed him of the trade.

“I go in there and he told me that he traded me to the New York Jets and I couldn’t show how excited I was at the time, because I thought it would be unprofessional to do a dance in his office,” Edwards told the New York Post. “When he told me that, I couldn’t get out of Berea [Ohio, where the Browns train] fast enough.”

Edwards has been talking this week about the scores he wants to settle with Cleveland, where he was the third overall pick in the 2005 draft and played until he was traded in October of 2009. But he also says he’s not going to allow his feelings to distract him this week as the Jets prepare to play in Cleveland on Sunday.

“My personal war with Cleveland, that’s secondary,” Edwards said.

Jets coach Rex Ryan, however, said he can tell Edwards is extra motivated because of that “personal war” with Cleveland.

“Watching him on the practice field,” Ryan said, “I’d say he’s pretty amped up.”

23 responses to “When told of trade to Jets, Braylon wanted to dance in Mangini’s office

  1. Typical Braylon… He is in a “personal war” with Cleveland, and Cleveland fans couldn’t care any less about him.

    Oh, and Braylon, if it wasn’t professional to do it at the time, it isn’t professional to talk about it now. Not surprised you dropped the ball on this one, you always do.

  2. Much like the city of Cleveland was dancing when he was traded. This clown continues to show how little class he has. I hope T.J. Ward welcomes him back early and often Sunday.

  3. We…Cleveland…embraced Braylon Edwards wholeheartedly and completely. We continued to during the first couple years when his production occasionally flashed signs of brilliance but most often was just average. We knew he was our first round pick for a reason.

    Then 2007 came and he lit the world up. Of course so did Derek Anderson. But Braylon was a hometown hero. His jersey as a best seller, he was the pride of Cleveland. He was doing local commercials, he was right up there with LeBron in popularity.

    Then came 2008 and Braylon became completely self absorbed, asking other diva types for advice on acting asistance and modeling tips between plays. Football was of secondary importance to him and it showed. His hands turned back to stone and he dropped more balls than the dweeb in gymclass everyone pelted with dodgeballs when the teacher wasnt looking.

    He routinely commented on various things he despised about Cleveland and the fans, and yet we continued to embrace him…we knew he would return to form and lead us onwards.

    Eventually it became overwhelming. He obviously felt he was too good for us, and we knew he wasnt good enough. Not consistantly. He can be devestatingly good. But he can let you down, and does routinely when he doesnt really care.

    We are without star power here right now…especially at Wide Reciever. But we are growing our own stars. Peyton Hillis is making us forget all about Braylon…heck, we are forgetting LeBron because of Hillis and Colt McCoy. We love our football and we appreciate players who truly care and give their all.

    Too bad Braylon didn’t

  4. Awesome. It’s always great news when a head-case player who already lacks the focus and concentration to play his position properly gets even more “amped up”.

    Trainwreck alert.

  5. I’m surprised he didn’t drop to to the floor, he’s obviously got no issues being a problem.

  6. Browns fans, do me a favor this Sunday. Please don’t do Braylon the courtesy of booing him. He is desperate for attention and seriously thinks he is the LeBron of football (just one more in a long line of delusional beliefs about his own skill and importance), and the Browns are playing legit ball with players who are humble and work hard and give 100%. If you boo Braylon, you’re giving that drunk-driving, pass-dropping, New York essence-having jackass exactly what he wants.

    But, when he drops easy passes from Sanchez, go ahead and cheer. Loudly.

  7. Its true, we here in Cleveland really did him wrong. Picked him third overall over many other needs, paid him a zillion bucks, set him up to have great stats in 2007 so teams would actually think he was good, asked him to still catch balls the next year, requested that he wear shoes in practice, appreciated if he didnt punch small people at night clubs, I could go on but they’re such unreasonable demands I can’t stand to.

  8. B Edwards is a mediocre receiver at best.

    Hope he enjoys his dancing while he sits out w/o a contract next season.

    I hope the fans in Cleveland give him a Bronx cheer when he drops his first of several passes on Sunday.

    I can’t believe it but I like all Pats fans will be rooting for Ratgini and the Browns to trounce the Jets.

  9. Money can’t buy class. This guy is a butt muscle of the first order. His mother should be proud of how well she taught him to make excuses and blame others for his mistakes.

  10. This guy is a joke. He was great in college, and was the only reason that team up north had a team. He drops balls more often then Dwanye Bowe!!! Why is this even on here, who cares about this guy……washout.

  11. When I heard about his trade to the Jets, I wanted to dance in Mangini’s offense! Our WRs may not catch a lot of balls this season, but it’s not because they lead the league in drops.

  12. For a guy with 28 catches this season, Braylon sure likes to talk like he’s Jerry Rice. You’d think the Browns violated his wife, butchered his children and and plundered the state of Michigan.

    Braylon had one great season with the Browns and his mediocre play and diva ways overshadowed the good things he did with school kids in Cleveland. He’d be better off if he just shut up and played the game.

  13. I’m not even a Browns fan and I hate the Jests but Edwards is a major league douchenugget so he does have THAT in common with LeBron.
    I would bet on his doing nothing much vs Cleveland.
    If they let Eric Wright cover him that will tell you everything you need to know (And I like the Browns defense, it’s much better than my team’s (Pats).

  14. Braylon Edwards always has been and always will be a turd. He’s a UM product and couldn’t catch the clap in Tiajuana. Amazing how much a player who has one 1,000 yard season and has accomplished next to nothing in is career can run his mouth the way he does. He’s almost as bad as Freddie Mitchell when it comes to his opinion of his own skills.

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