You can run, but you can’t hide

We’ve completed the migration of the PFT operation to WordPress, which was a seamless transition for us, with the exception of my very real Rain Man tendencies.

And so, after the initially stressful adjustment, five or six more people now think I’m a real jerk.  That’s something like a 0.00000000000000001 percent increase.

Anyway, more of you will soon think I’m a real jerk once we use the new system to much more efficiently and permanently ban folks who post inappropriate comments.

As to the comments that are or aren’t approved, we retain full discretion over what we choose to post.  If we don’t believe a comment adds anything to the discussion, it’s very likely not getting through.

In this regard, the reality is that several different people moderate comments, and it’s an inherently subjective process.  So please do not send e-mails pointing out that a comment far more irrelevant or offensive than yours made it through.

That’s all for now; it’s four minutes to Wapner.

63 responses to “You can run, but you can’t hide

  1. What happened to the good old days where you could e-mail Florio at his AOL e-mail account and he would fire back directly with one of his smart *** remarks. He went for the cash at NBC. HA!

  2. I thought there was gonna be a better PFT today? I got an email saying there was gonna be like a new design and a better user experience or something. Please don’t ban me. I’m a good kid.

  3. So, this is the third time I’ve had to register for this site, and now I can’t even use my original name, “Slow Joe”, because it has a space in it. And somehow, “slowjoe” is already taken.

    Count me as one of those five or six people.

    P.S. I will never EVER understand why you guys feel you have to approve comments. Just let them through and ban people who post inappropriate ones! Do you realize how many more hits you’ll get when people can quickly respond to other’s comments? Every Packer-Vikes post will have 300 comments!

  4. Can you be a bit more specific on what would constitute a ban? I know I’ve had some comments not get approved due to use of a word that could theoretically extrapolate to the name of a Van Halen album, but hopefully that’s not ban-worthy.

  5. Hey! Did my comment go right through? Is it actually possible that you guys used some common sense? If comments are auto-approved, I take it all back! I’ll love it!

  6. How come some people can still use capital letters and spaces in their user names? What gives?

  7. @facebook …

    You can use names with spaces in them. Other people do it. In your public profile type Slow Joe on the line that says “Display name publicly as” and click update. See what happens.

    CFT switched over a couple of weeks ago. Instant posts! No more saving posts in case I have to submit them three or four time. Love it!!!

  8. Mike Florio says:

    …new system to much more efficiently and permanently ban folks who post inappropriate comments.

    Goodbye Pervy..

    I think this will be a good thing. Should make the comment sections much more civilized, if nothing else.

  9. It’s good to get paid to create a site where people go to fill their days while their employers think they are working, seriously congrats to you for getting paid. But censorship and telling everyone about it? Guess Costas won’t have to chat with Florio post game, since the daily traffic will slowly go to something else and profootball talk will go the way of Chad Henne.

  10. The only downside is that I bookmark the posts I’m following on the bar across the top of my screen and they’re all jumbled together. So I miss the separate PFT and CFT favicons. Now everything has a WordPress favicon. But they may change that after they’ve been up and running a while. I can live with that for instant posts!

  11. For God’s sakes people. This is how blogs work. You have to control responses. Get over it.
    Always cracks me up how the people who complain about Florio and the site are ALWAYS ON HERE. If you don’t like him or the site, go somewhere else instead of leaving ridiculous content. No one is forcing you to be here.

  12. It would be nice if you could organize the comments to allow a discussion, you know, replying to threads, hiding threads, rather than having to scroll down through every comment. *That* would allow comments to further the discussion.

  13. Amazing:

    People bitch about this site not reporting “hard news” with perfect journalism, but then they’ll bitch that they can’t post profanity and personal attacks.

  14. Bravo Florio!

    I can think of a few that will be banned soon enough.

    As to the other changes? Instant posting is great…follow up comment notificaton is great…site updates are great….the Patriots are great!


  15. So now borderline profanity, bad taste, wisecrackery, and ad hominems are going to be the exclusive purview of Florio and Co? that seems fair.

  16. Sweet! Now not only can I read all of the super-relevant comments that raiders fans make about 49er posts, but i can also respond with a comment of my own. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much when they have to think.

  17. Cheesehead Ken says:
    Nov 11, 2010 11:17 AM
    @ facebookdotcomslashjoesimmonscomic – you can change your display name by going here:, logging in, and clicking on profile. Change Display As to whatever you’d like.

    Not exactly intuitive, but I guess it works for people who couldn’t use their old PFT usernames to register at WordPress, so…thanks?

    But it means, what, anybody can post under any “display as” handle they want by temporarily modifying their profile?

    Isn’t that like the electronic version of Rex Ryan donning a wig and masquerading as Rob?

  18. I noticed that the mobile version of the site (which I use on my iPhone because there is STILL NO APP FOR PFT) now has clickable links and photos! Good going there. Now we just need mobile comments. Put top men on it.

  19. What amazes me is how people bitch about profanity and personal attacks. They’re just words, people. It turns out you CAN ignore the stuff that you don’t like to read.

  20. Mike:
    I think it would be very helpful to all who post here, if you set up a set of guidelines and rules for posting on your site. I’m as guilty as anyone on her of going over the line. I guess it would just be helpful to know hat is considered ban worthy.

    I mean, earlier, I had a post with the word shit in it, it stayed. I don’t want to be banned and not know why. This way, everyone has fair warning and knows the rules. Thanks!

  21. I have nothing to say really except rip former pft.

    This site is a good source for football talk and I will continue to browse it, but I will go on record as saying I am disgusted by the corporate feel of it now…it used to be a little renegade, but now it is no better than…which ppl may complain about espn, but they will still go to to read a story now and then.

    I still never have and never will watch any pftv video or watch florio on NBC…just give me the nfl headlines…i don’t need to listen to you talk.

    It’s not like florio or any media outlet makes anything happen really, they just report on what the ppl are doing. It’s sad really that the lives of the media revolve around telling ppl what other ppl are doing…oh well…just give me my football news and leave the hard stuff to others.

  22. Hope this alleviates all the trolls. Still the most entertaining site about the NFL. Great work FLORIO!

  23. if it’s funny post it. please. I’m always telling people sports bloggers are the funniest. don’t take that away from me.

  24. Profanity can be a word, expression, gesture, or other social behavior which is socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude or vulgar, desecrating or showing disrespect toward an object of religious veneration.

    Or anyone bashin the Who Dat Nation!!!!

  25. Just seenin’ how fast this goes up. I, too, love the humor here…and profanity never hurt anyone! Racial, sexual identity, etc., slurs, that’s another thing and those should be censured. There are probably plenty of sites for the sheet-wearing folk unfortunately

  26. I feel the need to chime in with my own two cents, but somehow I doubt this post will be approved, and could end up with my being banned.

    In years gone by, there was a man named Hitler who decided he knew what was best for his country. He tried to manage the population of his country, actually the population of most of Europe. He did this by killing the mentally infirm, the socially undesirable and unacceptable and those whose religion’s he did not like.

    How is what Florio and crew doing any different. If he or others decide you are cheering for the wrong team, poof, your comment is gone. If you point out the error in something they post, poof, you’re IP is banned.

    Most here would not disagree with deleting a comment due to language. On the NFL site, they rely on reports made by the users themselves in regards to what comments are out of context, attacks on people, etc. You also agree to the terms and conditions before you get your account. The terms and conditions you agree to in getting a WordPress account say nothing in regards to what can or cannot be said on a blog.

    What the site needs is rules and regulations that people must agree to when they make an account. When/if someone is banned, an email is sent with the reason why, including the comment made, the rule broken, etc.

    Florio/PFT/NBC needs to be accountable for the actions they take. In the United States, there is a little something called the Constitution which allows freedom of speech. That freedom can be limited by rules, regulations and such set forth before comments are made. Beyond that, it comes out to be censorship.

  27. Ugh. More accounts to create? Not a complaint against PFT, there must be clear benefits or you wouldn’t have burdened yourselves with another changeover…

    But with the very small ratio of commenters to bloggers, I’m rather perplexed that WordPress requires everyone to set up their own blog–it wouldn’t let me just register an account to comment.

    Oh well, let’s test this out…

  28. “…five or six more people now think I’m a real jerk. That’s something like a 0.00000000000000001 percent increase.”

    Don’t push it Florio – 5 or 6 people would probably account for about 40 to 50% of us biological entities who troll your site LOL…

  29. Thank you to those who explained how to change the display name. I was under the impression our old usernames and logins would transfer over but that wasn’t the case.

  30. “Anyway, more of you will soon think I’m a real jerk once we use the new system to much more efficiently and permanently ban folks who post inappropriate comments.”

    Told ya..
    -George Orwell

  31. And to echo what some others have said…

    Let’s get the PFT favicon back, no?

  32. These pretzels are making me thirsty! says:
    Nov 11, 2010 12:34 PM

    –it wouldn’t let me just register an account to comment.

    It will. There’s a very small link that said something like “register as user only” which will not require you to specify a blog name. I did it that way.

  33. In case you guys with the red names haven’t noticed, WordPress doesn’t actually require you to create a blog. When you signed up, there was a link to the right that said “just create an account”. That’s why a lot of us have black names.

    And sorry, but if you get offended by certain sequences of sounds or letters (ie “profanity”), then you need to grow up. The only reason those words even carry any weight is because idiots like you let them.

  34. Now, bring back comment ratings and PFT will finally make its commenters happy.

  35. @NFLJunkie:
    Thanks, clearly I missed that. 🙂 Went the roundabout way and deleted the blog after the fact.

    With so many offering tips around here, I have another question: I can’t find a setting to disable the annoying toolbar that floats across the top of the page now (with My Account, My Blog, Blog Info, Subscribe, *Like dropdown buttons.) Does anybody know of a way to disable this?

    Widescreen monitors are bad enough for reading/surfing without having unwanted toolbars eating up scarce screen real estate.


  36. @These pretzels are making me thirsty! I haven’t found anything yet. You can always logout if you wish, you would just have to login every time you make a comment.

  37. dc49erfan says: Nov 11, 2010 11:32 AM

    Sweet! Now not only can I read all of the super-relevant comments that raiders fans make about 49er posts, but i can also respond with a comment of my own. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much when they have to think.
    I see that antagonizing posts that mimic the actions of a 10 year old are still fine here.


  38. There’s an option under “My Account” that’s really cool, it’s called “Track my comments”.

    Have a look.

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