Brett Favre reiterates he’s not playing in 2011

The man who simply can’t bring himself to walk away from the NFL says he really is done after this year.

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was asked in an NFL Network interview whether he will return to play in 2011, and he offered a one-word answer.

“No,” Favre said.

That’s what Favre has said throughout this season, starting on the day he returned to the Vikings in August. He’s been adamant that his 20th season will be his last.

Of course, Favre has said he’s done playing plenty of times before, and yet he’s still out there, playing at age 41. Who’s to say he won’t come back and play at age 42?

And Favre himself acknowledges that he really isn’t thinking that far in advance, and he’s really just thinking about trying to get the Vikings to the playoffs this year.

“That’s my goal,” Favre said. “But I am thinking we have to win this game and that gives us hope for the next one.”

So Favre is focusing all his attention on next week, not next year.

53 responses to “Brett Favre reiterates he’s not playing in 2011

  1. How many times has Favre made a statement regarding his future that turned out to be something other than the truth? I get the point he has a right to change his mind but we also have the right not to believe anything that comes out of his mouth, especially the denials that it wasn’t his junk on Jenn’s cell phone or the Vikings never tampered with him after his first so called retirement.

    The one factor that might make this is last season is that Col Clueless Klink is far less likely to don his dress and knee pads to get BrINT to come back. And its our collective prayer that Klink survives to next year if only to see him live with the charade that T Jack Off is a real NFL QB.

  2. If being physical was all that mattered then, I might say he would be back next year… But he is done mentally, was done at the end of 2009. You need both tools to make in in the NFL.

  3. Well, what a surprise! Brett’s going to hang them up after this season. I’ll believe it when he signs his retirement papers and collect his first pension check

  4. erp, it appears we have to change our usernames now that you’re on WordPress. That’s gonna cause some confusion re the regulars.

  5. Also, Bill Clinton reiterated that he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Both equally believable…

  6. Most of the reasons people don’t like Favre is because he has beaten you and your team badly at some point. Who cares if he comes back. He will retire after this year, bank on it.

  7. BS, he’s not done, when they carry him off the field in a body bag he’ll be done

    on a different note if he has decided to retire that means he’s already quit on the season, Great move Chilly to bring him back!!

  8. Good think there are no good looking girls in Minnesota for Brett to get in trouble with. That might keep him playing another year.

  9. The annual Brett Favre “Will-he-or-won’t-he” Traveling Sideshow has begun again.

    Fortunately, it’s getting to the point where what Favre says is irrelevant; thirty two NFL teams will make that decision for him when they all decide he’s got nothing left. Favre should have retired at the end of last season, now he’s going to be remembered for a horrible season and some cell phone pics.

    Personally, I’m glad that he didn’t retire last year!

  10. Y’know, when the media stops giving this attention hungry boob what he wants he’ll go away. Maybe he can find something important to do with his life.

  11. Favre is done-he cant stand all the packerbackers crying that he is still playing-and jimmy you sure are positive those pics are his junk-but we all know how you know its his junk so no need to explain-U been helping chilly get his pants on the ground-the same bs from jimmy on every post-

  12. brett favre is like an addiction. He will never go away. After football, he will be on some pre-game show or color commentary…. maybe he will stalk Ted Thompson and seek his revenge.

    You never scorn a southern boy… they don’t forget.

  13. @mikeflorio: There are a ton of good-looking girls in Minnesota. Predominantly Norwegian and Scandinavian blood out there, lots of nice blondes. You obviously have never been there.

  14. What did you do? Grab a copy of this story last year and change the date on it?

    Come on. Give us some new news that is actually relevant.

  15. If no one ever believes Favre’s answer to the question; just stop asking it. It’s pointless to ask a question when you already don’t believe the answer before it’s given.

    Like everyone else; I’ll believe it when a season starts and he’s not on a roster … no matter how he answers.

  16. zappa69 says:
    Nov 12, 2010 8:13 AM
    Most of the reasons people don’t like Favre is because he has beaten you and your team badly at some point.

    No. I lost respect for Favre when he decided to purposefully leave his teammates behind in Green Bay while trying to get management to give him his outright release (so he could play with a team of his personal choosing….because he was running out of time to leave in a manner similar to Elway.) I continue to hope that he never wins anything significant. Someday I can probably applaud what he meant to Green Bay…way back when. Maybe.

  17. I wouldn’t be so worried about next year–he’s still got to get through his year. He’s tough, no doubt about it, but all it takes is one hit too many–he is 41.

  18. raiderfankirk says:
    Nov 12, 2010 8:26 AM
    Blanda played till 49….why not?
    Yeah, but from age 41-49 he completed just over 100 passes. He was primarily a kicker.

  19. He may be 41 but the guy can still play…it’s obvious…on one foot. and i’m no pack or vikes fan…

  20. @ stellarperformance..

    C’mon….are you serious?? He wanted to come back to Green Bay and they didn’t want him. He didn’t leave anybody, they drove him away. If the organization didn’t think he had anything left they should have GRANTED him that outright release and let him do what he wanted. They were done with him. That’s what they do in Green Bay, once a player is of no use to them anymore, they’re garbage on the Lambeau field curb. They ran CurleyLambeau out of town, they ran Lombardi out of town, they ran Favre out of town………who’s next?

  21. The Packers “ran Lombardi out of town” ??!? There is so much garbage non-information included in some of these boards… buyer beware.

  22. @ scottwil…

    Where is the misinformation?? Did Lombardi end his career in Green Bay?? No. Did Curley Lambeau have a messy divorce from Green Bay, including his desire to not even be associated with the team??? Yes. Was Favre the hero of all things Packers?? How about now? There is no loyalty in Green Bay. When you’re done there, you mean nothing to those people.

  23. No SCottwil–there acrually were issues with Lambeau & Lombardi on their departures. Here’s a good article about it.

    @ rgledz–come on man. There’s no loyalty in football period. Montana, Emmit Smith, Rice, Moss,etc. etc. As far as Favre the whole thing could have been handled better but the Packers handled it with more class. They didn’t go on national TV and whine about the issues.

    I’m a little disappointed that Kampman, Harris, & now probably Tauscher are no longer Packers but the game goes on.

  24. @regledz,

    Are you one of those Viking fans that claim to know everything that happened between Favre and the Packers when actually you don’t know $hit about what happened? because based on what you said, it seems that you are.

    The Packers didn’t run Favre out of town. Favre ran himself out of town. It was his decision to retire. A few weeks after annoucing his retirement, the Packers gave him every chance to come back but Favre declined. The Packers then just said screw it and moved on with Rodgers. Then Favre changed his mind again and wanted to come back but the Packers said no so they kicked him to the curb.

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