Dungy not interested in Cowboys job

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Former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy retired after the 2008 season.  He has made it clear that he has no interest in coaching again.

And he says that he’s not interested in the current opening in Dallas.

“I kind of expect to be contacted by everybody who has an opening now, just to see if you’re interested,” Dungy told The Dan Patrick Show.  “And I guess I probably would do the same thing if I was in that situation.  I’m not interested.  But you never know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna call.”

He said he has not yet been contacted by the Cowboys, and he said that he would advise owner Jerry Jones to hire someone who’s “like” Dungy.

Patrick then tried twice to coax a name or two out of Dungy as to who is “like” him, but Dungy ultimately didn’t name names.  “There’s a couple of people that probably aren’t going to be high profile enough for Jerry,” Dungy said, explaining that Jones needs someone like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Mike Holmgren.

Dungy is right.  Jones needs to hold a fickle fan base together, and to fill up a cavernous stadium.  He needs to restore faith in the franchise.  And he needs to do it with the kind of big-name hire that will sell enough hope to in the hopes of selling tickets and jerseys and plenty of other things carry the blue star.

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  1. Wow. Somebody loves themselves.

    “I expect every team to call me. I would call me too if I were in their situation. I don’t want to coach the Cowboys but I think they should hire somebody just like me because just like me is the next best thing to me.”

  2. The Dungy myth (that he’s some great loving benign humble deity) continues:
    If Rex Ryan says a team “needs to hire a coach like him” it would likelly be noted by some media that he is a bragging douche.
    Same for Bill Belichick.
    In fact probably the same for most other NFL coaches past or present.
    Mr. Faultless says it and of course he’s right, he’s practically freaking Gandhi!
    He makes me want to puke almost as much as Favruh.

  3. oneandonlykaz –

    I don’t think there would be any issue with Dungy “co-existing” with Jones. Bottom line is Jones wants someone who wins. The distinctive thing about Dungy is that everywhere he went he built pride in the team, and connected the community and fans to the team. A coach like Dungy would restore some sense of positive, ethical “good guys” image to the Cowboys that has been missing frankly since Tom Landry, IMHO.

    All they have been about since Jones took them over is “win at all costs” and “were bigger and badder and louder and tougher and sexier” than anyone else – cuz we’re the Cowboys, and we’re from Texas……

  4. Screw Dungy. He better plan on taking Peyton Manning with him the next place he goes if he wants to have any success with his milk toast coaching style. This dude is WAY over rated and I am sick of hearing about his lame opinions on everything.

  5. I have never, not once, heard Dungy’s name mentioned as a candidate in Dallas until this. I’ve heard dozens of reports of who they may be interested in and Patrick is the first and only person who has broached the subject.

    This is all just part of the happy NBC talking head circle j***. Patrick asks, Dungy denies, Florio reports. Instant news.

    A little of clique of self-important employees of the same company creating, shaping, and distributing news for the sole purpose of pumping up their profile in the marketplace.

    I beg the rest of the national media not to enable this type of behavior by running with this story.

  6. The problem is, all of those guys Dungy mentioned would want complete control, which Jerry Jones isn’t going to let them have. It will be interesting to see who they finally wind up with.

  7. keyspirate says:
    Nov 12, 2010 10:01 AM
    Dungy wants to coach the Vikings. Or is that my wishful thinking?

    Packers fan?

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want Tony Dungy to coach their team. He couldn’t get it done in Tampa (took John Gruden to come in and make it happen) and he barely got through once in Indy, barely beating a sick and tired Pats team with no receivers at home, with high heat and fake noise and then getting to play Rex effing Grossman to get his only title. Of course, what the Cowboys need is someone who can win in the regular season first, then worry about the postseason…so maybe they do need someone like Dungy.

  8. Last time the Cowboys were good, there was a friendlier salary cap, allowing the wealthier owners to offer huge bonus money paid out over a lengthy period, such as 10 years. Jerry Jones and Eddie DeBartolo from San Francisco took advantage of the rules to bring in (and keep) high-priced superstar free agents such as Charles Hailey and Deion Sanders to fill out their rosters and turn them from routine playoff contenders to Super Bowl champs.

    Since the rules for the salary cap changed in the late 90’s, neither Dallas nor San Francisco has been a contender. Dan Snyder, who has tried to follow the Jones formula of chasing big free agents, has been a bust in Washington.

    Jerry’s biggest hope will be that the salary cap rules can be relaxed under the new collective bargaining agreement, allowing him to flex his financial muscle on the free agent market again.

    Under the current salary cap rules, the only teams who excel are those who put in a long-term personnel plan, and stack their rosters with guys who have specific skills geared toward their long-term offensive and defensive schemes. Coaching stays consistent, the schemes stay consistent, and they draft or sign free agents who have specific skills to fit in those schemes. You need multiple players with the same specific skills, because injuries deplete a roster over the course of a season.

    Jerry, by changing coaches and schemes so frequently since 1995, has violated this basic premise, and his teams have suffered from the fact that their talent is not geared toward their specific offensive and defensive scheme.

  9. I’d take him with the Bears. At least he’s shown he can run a defense AND develop a quarterback at the same time- something Chicago has been unable to to since Sid Luckman.

  10. When, exactly, did we anoint Tony Dungy to Sainthood??
    I mean seriously, who is this Dr. Phil of the NFL??
    Just go away already!

  11. Wow…Dungy has a high opinion of himself. And Jerry is not counting on the relaxing of the salary cap to pull him out of this mess. Dan Snyder proved that money cannot buy you Superbowls (or good coaches for that matter). When Dallas won their 3 Superbowls in the 90’s, it was with young players. They built that team through the draft (and a special thanks to the Vikings), not free agency.

  12. rickah8888 –

    Who on this thread (besides YOU) said ANYTHING about “sainthood” or anything like it?

    Get off your anti-Christian rant.

  13. First off all, that is the opinion of any sane coaching candidate.

    Second, he is not right for Texas, they are way too in your face and upfront for a passive aggressive dude who sticks his nose where it should not, and offers opinions that no one should care about as if he is some sort of pope of football.

  14. I wish anther network would contact Tony about a job. I’m tired of watching Mr. Holier-Than-Thou-With-No-Personality every week on Sunday Night Football.

  15. @andyprough:

    Please refrain from posting comments on this blog.

    You make too much sense. And your lack of grammatical errors is embarassing to Mr. Florio and his minions.

  16. This is the first I have heard his name and the Dallas job in the same sentence. Hey Tony , Get over yourself!!

  17. Tony Dungy + Peyton Manning= Great Coach
    Tony Dungy – Peyton Manning= Good Coach
    Tony Dungy + Jerry Jones= DISASTER

  18. Dungy said . . . that Jones needs someone like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Mike Holmgren . . . Jones needs to hold a fickle fan base together, and to fill up a cavernous stadium. He needs to restore faith in the franchise. And he needs to do it with the kind of big-name hire that will sell . . . hope

    True enough, except . . . which of those coaches would take that job?

    • Whether your feelings as a fan are, Cowher undoubtedly believes that he coached for one of the all-time great ownerships — there’s no chance he’d put his (somewhat overrated) reputation on the line to work for Jerry’s dog-and-pony show.

    • Gruden worked under the specter of Al Davis ownership. He’s kind of the flipside of Cowher’s situation, but I can’t see him signing on for a tour of duty under another myopic control freak.

    • Holmgren is just getting settled in Cleveland, and evidently is starting to make a difference. This is his chance to absolutely cement his legacy as a guy who turns around perpetually bad franchises; if he can return the Browns to a semblance of their former glory, it would be the crowning touch to his career. I can’t see what kind of incentive Jerry Jones could use to make him jump ship.

    So, who’s left out there that fits the bill?

  19. NoHomeTeam says:
    Nov 12, 2010 2:22 PM

    So, who’s left out there that fits the bill?

    John Fox.

    He is going to get fired. He is still respected by his peers, most people blame Carolina’s problems on the GM Marty Hurney, and he is supposedly close to Jerry Jones.

    For God’s sake, he went to two NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl with Jake Freakin Delhomme as his QB.

    And he wouldn’t insist on full control.

    Seems kind of like a no brainer to me.

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