League slaps Ochocinco with $20,000 fine for wearing gold cleats

Earlier this week, Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian said that he’d been fined $5,000 for wearing yellow cleats during Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.  We pointed out at the time that Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, a chronic offender of the uniform rules, should be expecting an even bigger fine for wearing gold cleats on Monday night.

AFC information manager Corry Rush tells us that the league has fined Ochocinco $20,000 for violating the uniform policy.

Earlier this year, Ochocinco was fined $25,000 for violating the league’s social media policy by posting a Twitter message during a preseason game.

He has yet to be fined for any post-touchdown celebrations this year, in large part because he has had only two touchdowns to celebrate.

14 responses to “League slaps Ochocinco with $20,000 fine for wearing gold cleats

  1. Those cleats weren’t gold, they were piss-colored. He was just trying to be welcoming to the away team.

  2. Every other story about the NFL this year is about a fine. It’s really annoying that they can’t just let these guys play, not restrict them and nitpick about every little thing they do. “You wore the wrong gloves? $10k please.” “You tapped his helmet?! $25k” “You hit a guy hard like you’ve always been taught to in this game?! $50k” What a joke.

  3. Does anybody know what the total amount in fines that Chad Ochocinco has received throughout his career? I would love to know how much money this guy has wasted…

  4. “In other breaking news, Chad Johnson has been fined $50,000 by the Bengals for impersonating a young, good, productive NFL WR.”

  5. @boccardo428 …

    I could understand your complaint if he’d been fined for some incidental contact or something else that has to do with, you know, playing. But he’s being fined for showboating, which has nothing to do with playing a team sport.

    Sorry to be trite but there’s no I in team. And if all the players just showed up wearing what they want, you wouldn’t be able to tell which team they were on–plus they might be wearing gear that wasn’t safe.

    #85 gets paid MILLIONS of dollars to be part of a TEAM. If he wants to set himself apart, he can do that by being the best at what he does instead of trying to draw camera time by wearing fake Hall of Fame jackets and planning bizarre post-touchdown rituals. That’s got nothing to do with playing and everything to do with making himself the center of attention.

    And he should have been fined another $20,000 for the gag factor of whatever he had stuck in his teeth.

  6. @FoozieGrooler – I love the idea. He hasn’t done anything since he brought out the HOF jacket 3 years ago as part of a ridiculous TD celebration…

  7. I have absolutely no idea why Chad Johnson thinks he should be the center of attention. He was never the best WR on the field. I would rather watch good football any day of the week than watch this goofball. Then again, I don’t watch Jersey Shore either.

  8. He’s inching closer and closer to having more fines than catches this year

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