Matthew Stafford to see Dr. James Andrews on Monday

The Detroit Lions aren’t saying much about the status of quarterback Matthew Stafford’s separated right shoulder.  But coach Jim Schwartz said Friday that Stafford will be getting the shoulder looked at on Monday by the dean of NFL orthopedic specialists.

Stafford will fly to Alabama for a visit with Dr. James Andrews.

He’ll go there in the morning and come back in the afternoon,” Schwartz said, per Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press.  “It’s been a scheduled trip.  Dr. Andrews has been in communication with our [medical staff].  He has seen all his MRIs and his X-rays but wanted to physically evaluate him after his swelling and soreness went down.”
It’s a procedure that the Lions used after Stafford hurt his shoulder during a Week One loss to the Bears.
“He made these trips the first time he got hurt,” Schwartz said.  “It didn’t do a whole lot of good to get him down there to be examined when he was still sore and still swollen.  Matt’s coming along nicely, and he’s to that point that now we’re going to get a first-hand look from Dr. Andrews.
“But Dr. Andrews has already seen all the testing and everything else and evaluated him the first time, so he has good perspective of where he is the first time and now.  And then last year, too.  Different shoulder, but last year also.  I mean, [Stafford] could buy an apartment down there.”
(Good one.  Next time Schwartz should simply say he doesn’t need a hug like Brett Favre.)
If Stafford indeed has suffered a Grade 3 shoulder separation, season-ending surgery becomes more likely.  If the damage can be healed with rest and/or rehab, the Lions could try to get him ready to come back later in the year.
Sooner or later, however, it won’t make sense to expose Stafford to yet another injury during the portion of the 2010 regular season that essentially serves as early stages of the 2011 preseason.

9 responses to “Matthew Stafford to see Dr. James Andrews on Monday

  1. He’s done for the season. Shoulders don’t heal that fast.

    And by the way, this guy sure seems to prone to shoulder dislocations. Weak joints can be hereditary and dislocation problems are often chronic and recurring.

    The hits this guy has suffered these injuries on have been no worse than many players take multiple times per game.

    This guy is a very talented and very tough. But it is starting to look like his body is going to let him down and leave us all wondering what could have been.

  2. Why do they always go to Dr. James Andrews? Is he really that great of a surgeon? It’s sad that this guy has a bigger name in football than half of the head coaches.

  3. This guy has a glass body. He is as bad as Croyle from KC. He will never be a QB that plays a complete season. In fact I bet he doesn’t play over three years before he hangs it up.

  4. Mathew stafford will never be as good as Brett Favre He gets injured too much plus he plays for the lions who aren’t any good

  5. Maybe Dr. Andrews can transplant Greg Odem’s shoulder onto Stafford and put Stafford’s knee onto Odem.

    Who am I kidding, they are BOTH made of porcelain.

  6. Ok look- he never was injury prone at UGA. They didn’t take care of his shoulder the first time and because of the lack of offensive line, he re-injured it. I’m sorry but when Matt gets some more experience he will be better than Farve. He’s got to get people that will protect him because he doesn’t have a line. He’s good and he will be great. He’s determined to get better and out there. Don’t write him down, because you obviously don’t know anything about him or his determination.

  7. Give Stafford a break, he is only 22. Many great players were injuried early on and ended up having great careers. This is only his second year!

    Plus the Lions have played some great football this year. They’ve put up 20pts in every game and have been close enough to win at the end in all but one. They are playing better, which good to see for once, but they still new some more starters and a lot of depth.

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