Bengals officially end Andre Smith’s season

Bengals tackle Andre Smith’s latest setback will indeed end his season.

Cincinnati placed the No. 6 pick in the 2009 draft on injured reserve Saturday with a broken foot, and activated cornerback Rico Murray off the team’s practice squad.

Smith has played only 13 games in two seasons, and essentially hasn’t practiced at all in the offseason because of injuries.   Smith is one problem that Marvin Lewis will probably be happy not to deal with at his next job.

8 responses to “Bengals officially end Andre Smith’s season

  1. The Bengals havent had a winning team in years and they have to recognize the correlation between bringing in low character guys and losing. Lewis is a good coach, there’s just too many inmates in the asylum for him to manage..

  2. the top dozen or so picks in the 2009 draft has maybe one or two winners… and that’d be the QBs. The rest are looking pretty lame right now. Andre’s just one in a crowd here.

    btw, Mike Brown used to shy away from drafting OLs early after getting burnt by a few picks in the 80s… the old fart’s probably saying I told you so, Marv.

  3. Ankle? We all know it was devastating injury to his right man-tit. I can’t believe anyone expected less from Poppin’ Fresh.

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