Rex Ryan, Mangini trade barbs about weight

Sunday’s game between the Browns and the Jets has plenty of plot lines.  Cleveland coach Eric Mangini has injected into the discussion a pretty big one.


Regarding Rex’s recent weight loss efforts, Mangini had this to say on Thursday:  “I think everyone in New York is happy about that, except maybe Macy’s losing one of their floats.”

“He took a shot at me and it wobbled me,” Ryan said Friday in response.  “There is no question about it, it staggered me.

“So I’ve got one message to say to Eric Mangini:  You’ve just made the list buddy.”

Despite the fact that Rex Ryan now has the job from which Mangini was fired after the 2008 season, Mangini and Ryan have a very good relationship.  Mangini has spoken on multiple occasions regarding his relationship with Rex and his twin brother, Rob, who currently works for Mangini in Cleveland.

Mangini has gotten noticeably thinner himself this year, but Rex Ryan encourages more displays of humor that would be characteristic of someone who has the body type that connotes “jolly.”

“That’s the Mangini I know,” Rex Ryan said of Mangini’s rare public display of humor.

5 responses to “Rex Ryan, Mangini trade barbs about weight

  1. I hated Ryan’s dad – but Rex Ryan is friggin hilarious. I wish he coached for Dallas – it’d be a scream to hear how he’d handle Jones.

  2. @ footballhistorian… hahahhah that’d be hilarious… “we’re the f*ckin cowboys and we’re gonna lasso us up a f*ckin super bowl!”

    I’m a big Rex fan though, I’m a huge Jets fan and I think Rex is hilarious. Could call that defense a bit better sometimes, but he’s a funny dude. If you’re not from New York, you just don’t/can’t get it… He fits in with us, I feel like everyone in New York likes to talk and use profanity more than the average person elsewhere. Even if Rex were considered one of the most hated coaches in the NFL, he’s still a loved celebrity in New York (except for some of those stupid Giants fans who don’t want to see two successful football teams in NY… I cheer for the Giants anytime they don’t play the Jets).

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