Sage Rosenfels denies saying that Brad Childress is “clueless”

[Editor’s note:  The prior version of this article was based on a column by Jim Miller of that attributed certain statements to former Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfels.  As explained below, both Miller and Rosenfels have since denied that Rosenfels made the comments, and the column at has been revised.]

Just when my Saturday night at the Motel 6 in Midtown Manhattan was starting to get boring, the evening took a turn for the interesting.

I awoke from a late-afternoon/early evening siesta (it sounds so much less lame than calling it a “nap”) to find an e-mail from Jeremy Lynn, the Web Producer of  Lynn was alerting me to the latest column from former NFL quarterback Jim Miller, a very nice guy and PFT supporter whom I’ve met during each of the past two Super Bowl weeks.  Lynn pointed out that, in the Miller column, “former Viking Sage Rosenfels said Childress is an ‘absolute idiot’ and ‘clueless.'”

I clicked the supplied link, and there the comments were.  Sure, they were buried more deeply than we would have buried them, but every editor is different when it comes to picking the icing for the cake.

I cobbled together an item based on the text of Miller’s column, copying and pasting (it’s one of our only real skills) the assertion from Miller that Rosenfels in an interview this week on Sirius NFL Radio called Vikings coach Brad Childress “clueless,” and that Rosenfels “thought Brad was an absolute idiot during his time in Minnesota.”

Then, while working on this week’s PFT mailbag, I received an eyebrow-raising e-mail from Jim Miller:  “Hey mike.  U have to retract that statement.  That is not the article I sent to comcast.  They have since changed after I teamed [sic] them that editor changed some things.”  (In a subsequent e-mail, Miller said, “What I sent was in know [sic] way what they posted.”)

Within literally 30 seconds after getting Miller’s e-mail, my phone rang.  It was Sage Rosenfels.  And though he was cordial and professional, Sage wasn’t happy.

In short, he strongly denies saying what the original version of Miller’s column said that Rosenfels said.

“I can’t tell you the last time I did an interview with Jim Miller or on Sirius NFL Radio,” Rosenfels said.   “I sure as hell would never as said anything about Brad on the air or off the air.  I don’t even know Jim Miller.  Why would I want to get myself wrapped up in that whole situation?”

Sage was very passionate and convincing.  Even if I hadn’t already heard from Miller, I would have believed Rosenfels.  “I never said that to Jim Miller nor anybody else in the media,” Rosenfels said.  “I wish the Vikings the best of luck.  We had a great year last year in Minnesota.  I’ve got a lot of respect for those players and coaches.  That’s not my personality.”

Rosenfels also denied that he was Jason Cole’s source for a Yahoo! Sports story in which an unnamed Vikings player said in August that “Brett [Favre] thinks Childress has no clue about offense.”

For now, Miller’s column has been revised to mention no names:  “One former Viking I spoke with on Sirius NFL radio this week told me he thought Brad was an absolute idiot during his time in Minnesota.  He could not believe Brad called plays as offensive coordinator for the Eagles prior to getting his head coaching job and said Brad was ‘clueless.'”  Though some may think that Miller merely yanked Rosenfels’ name because Rosenfels made the comments on an off-the-record basis, Rosenfels was clear — he never said anything like that to Miller or anyone else.

“I didn’t say that to him,” Rosenfels said.  “I don’t know him.”

So there you have it.  Just another boring Saturday night at the Motel 6 in Midtown Manhattan.

45 responses to “Sage Rosenfels denies saying that Brad Childress is “clueless”

  1. ” Brad was an absolute idiot during his time in Minnesota.”

    Ya, tell us something we don’t already know. Here is the best part, he got a contract extension so its not like he is going away anytime soon.

    Granted, the Vikings might win a few games because it unifies the team but sooner or later, the head coach will call the wrong plays (loss to the Dolphins with the ball on the 1 and 4 downs), or be required to pull out his challenge flag (GB game) or do something totally bone headed (like send 12 men into the huddle).

    So don’t try to convince that Col Clueless Klink is somehow good for the Vikings when the opposite is true.

  2. and now that Rosenfels has shown he is a security risk, I wonder how many NY Giants players/coaches will trust him. He should have kept his mouth shut, true or not, in house should stay in house, and amnesia should set in as soon as you walk out the door. Show a little class, Sage.

  3. There is no video evidence to tell me how much of an idiot Childress is, but I sure can watch a video clip to see how much of a clueless idiot you are, Sage. All I have to do is search for “Rosencopter” in Youtube. You are the architect and mastermind of the stupidest play I’ve ever seen.

    Not only did you try to helicopter three Colts. Not only did you fumble. Not only did the Colts run it back for a TD. You did it all while leading by 10 points with less than 4 minutes left, allowing the Colts back into a game that they ended up winning.

    You know you are a gigantic fool when David Carr is on the sidelines rolling his eyes at your stupidity.

  4. Disgruntled. Axe to grind.
    Fran Tarkenton once said that Bud Grant couldn’t draw an offensive play if he had to, but that he was the best coach he ever played for. Childress isn’t in Bud’s league, but the point is that there is more to being a head coach than doing the job of the assistant coaches. For once, Florio may be on to something. Instead of tearing each other apart, at least some of the players are united in their feelings about Childress. Childress may not be as clueless as Rosenfels thinks.



  7. I’m a Vikings fan, but I tell it like it is. Unbiased. That said, Childress is an idiot. But, believe it or not, his play-calling is pretty good. I’ve had no problems with it. The previous coach, Mike Tice, was an idiot too, and his play-calling absolutely sucked. At least Childress mixes the run and pass fairly well, unlike Tice – who was “smash-mouth” even though we had Randy Moss and no good running back. But where Childress is clueless is personnel. Overall it’s ok…but he makes the HUGE blunder that ruins everything. Sticking with T-Jack and costing us 3 seasons. Getting rid of Moss for no reason. We also tend to have too many or not enough players on the field at the most inopportune times. However I will say his challenge flags are way better than Tice.

  8. @onemanhighlight

    I was thinking the same thing. You hear all this stuff all the time (on PFT at least, I don’t read other sites) that Childress is so terrible but I’ve never heard Florio or Rosenthal explain why he’s so bad. I don’t doubt it. But I’d be interested to see some legit proof that Brad Childress is an idiot when it comes to football.

  9. I have watched every second of every game in the Childress era. It is not a coincidence that numerous people are bashing Childress. Sage was clearly, and I mean clear to even the casual fan, better than Tarvaris Jackson. Yet, Childress shipped out Sage. And some of you think Sage shouldn’t tell the truth?

    But, there is no room for the truth in Minnesota. Anybody who tells the truth gets traded or cut. There has been ample opportunity for players to step up and say they have Childress’ back. So, what do they say? “We won one for us.” Enough said.

  10. of course Childress was “clueless” he didnt start your sorry a$%, Rosenfels. An NFC Championship is an NFC Championship, period, and they shouldve gotten the Super Bowl , had they not had all those turnovers.

    Now, the window is closed, but that doesnt give axe-grinders a chance to pile on while the team is struggling.

  11. There is no video evidence to tell me how much of an idiot Childress is, but I sure can watch a video clip to see how much of a clueless idiot you are, Sage. All I have to do is search for “Rosencopter” in Youtube. You are the architect and mastermind of the stupidest play I’ve ever seen.

    Not only did you try to helicopter three Colts. Not only did you fumble. Not only did the Colts run it back for a TD. You did it all while leading by 10 points with less than 4 minutes left, allowing the Colts back into a game that they ended up winning.

    You know you are a gigantic fool when David Carr is on the sidelines rolling his eyes at your stupidity.
    HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said, andyprough!

  12. Brad Childress is no genius but Rosenfels is simply an idiot. Nothing else needs to be said apart from that play where he was thrown around like a rag doll to lose that game for Houston against the colts. He was cut from MN for two reasons… he was the leak in the preseason last year about the “schism,” and I bet the unnamed source this year about how Chilly is not respected, and the second reason is that he sucks. I hope Chilly is fired after this year but Rosenfels doesn’t deserve to even be a backup QB in the UFL.

  13. I was wrong about how stupid Rosencopter is. He is even more of a clueless idiot than I previously thought. His “helicopter”-fumble-TD was the key play in the Colts registering biggest come-from-behind victory with 5 minutes left in regulation in NFL history.

    Congrats – your cluelessness is in the record books Sage

  14. After Rosenfels was traded from the Texans to the Vikings, he blasted Gary Kubiak for ‘yelling to much.’

    The pattern in this case is with Sage.

    Sitting on the bench can make you bitter I guess…

  15. Ppl continue to ask for the proof that Childress is “clueless”.
    Sigh… really? You clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    1. Mishandled the Moss situation. Either don’t acquire Moss, or tolerate his awful behavior for two more months and then part ways. But sacrificing 3rd round picks is inexcusable. You can’t blame anyone else for this, because Childress has final say on the 53-man roster. He needed to object before the trade if he wasn’t ready to handle a self-centered, immature WR.

    2. Since becoming head coach in MN, has had personal conflicts with Sage, Brad Johnson, Gus Frerotte and now Favre. Those are all the QBs he’s used except for Jackson. You probably haven’t heard of his conflicts with Johnson or Frerotte, but you may have if you read the local beat writers.

    3. No proof to back this, but it sure seems like he makes terrible choices when challenging and seems to mismanage the clock in key situations.

    4. He continues to roster something called “Tahi” at the FB position. Tahi is a poor FB to begin with, and AP has shown to be a better back from a one-back set. He needs to stop running Tahi out there and showing a two-back set in every short-yardage situation.

    5. He may have recently alienated Percy Harvin, and if you read up on Sid Rice, he’s not on the same page as Chilly either.

    Do I need to keep going?

    If ur gona take a guy take a Oline coach to be head coach
    Get ready PFT ur about to see a REAL dynasty

  17. Rosenfels, per Miller, also “could not believe Brad called plays as offensive coordinator for the Eagles.” (Actually, Childress didn’t call the plays; coach Andy Reid did.)
    That’s because Andy Reid didn’t like Chilly’s playcalling at all. Chilly has an ego so big, he really does believe he does a good job. It’s horrible..

  18. Give me a break. The Vikings are a handful of plays and calls away from being 5-3….(possibly 6-3 after tomorrow.) If that were the case, the Vikings players would be going nuts over how great Childress is/was. I still say Childress did the right thing by letting Moss go. And if there is friction between Favre and Childress, it’s because Childress is holding his ground and not allowing Favre to do whatever he damn well pleases whenever he damn well wants to. Favre feeds the players his line-of-crap of may of them buy it. It helps his image in the long run when he fails miserably this year. He’ll help make it all look like it was Childress’ fault. Favre is the schism…don’t let anybody tell you differently.

  19. Has anyone ever been quoted as saying, ‘Brad Childress has a clue and is a great football coach!’ On or off the record, has anyone ever said anything like that?

    On a somewhat related note, he looks like the kind of guy who smells like piss.

  20. Two comments on your new version:
    1. Judging by Miller’s emails, I guessing that an editor would have to make wholesale changes to anything he writes. But what do I no.
    2. Sounds like a whole lot of CYA.

  21. Correction: The sky is blue, Rosenfels denies saying the sky is blue.

    And Chilly is still clueless that his team wins in spite of him.

  22. OK, then Florio, I take it back – Rosencopter is not the most clueless qb of all time. Certainly Bradshaw and Roethlisberger, the “great” qb’s from my beloved Steelers, have both done worse. Roethlisberger tried to play helicopter with a car windshield and a motorcycle, while Bradshaw thought it would be fun to play World Wrestling Federation with Turkey Jones.

    However – let this be a warning, in case Rosenfels really did say those things and is simply trying desperately to backtrack in order to save his job – “He who lives in glass helicopter houses should not throw stones”

  23. @ jimmy1smith

    I actually think you love the Vikings. You post on every single Vikings post. You’re even the first one in many cases. No too mention you clearly know a ton about the team. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest Vikings fan in the world…..jimmy1smith!!!

  24. Since Miller still claims that a former Vikings players said that Chilly is clueless, there are only a few possibilities:

    1) Miller or his editor made the whole thing up
    2) Another player actually said it but they falsely implicated The Experience
    3) Rosencopter is a liar

    Either of these creates more questions than answers. Lucky for Florio!

  25. Sage – I used to know this caddie. He had giant teeth like a horse. We used to call him “CHOPPER”. But after watching that play on youtube you have become the new “CHOPPER”. Or “JERK OFF” whichever you prefer.

  26. Sage speaks the truth, Childress is a clueless idiot. A coach that has that much talent on a team and can’t seem to get the best out of each player is clueless. Chilly has totally worn out his welcome and Vikes will bring someone new or give it to Frazier by year end. Just bring back Denny “the bears are who we thought they were, you want to crown them, then crown them, but they are who we thought they are” lol

  27. WTF! Am I missing something here? This was an interview on Sirius earlier this week?

    Can’t anyone (Florio) get a copy of the interview? Too easy? Too simple?

    – Z

  28. ctgiant: What’s with the constant caps?

    Chill out, it’s not cool and you come off like a 12 year old.

    Oh wait….

  29. I’m sure Rosey would be quick to deny this when he realized the actual statements about Chilly sounded like they were coming from someone very disgruntled with the way Chilly ran the offense. Thus, eliminating the defensive team members. (half the team)

    Just how many people on offense would have been disgruntled? Sage would have been tops on that list having spent three years waisting on the bench behing TJack.

    It wasn’t Favre because he was always openly vocal about the offense. He hid nothing.

    In my opinion Sage is the only one who would have made those remarks. The statement basically allude to the fact that someone screwed up not recognizing someone elses talents.

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