49ers comeback victory comes with a price

First, the good news: The 49ers won 23-20 over the Rams in a game they absolutely needed to stay alive in the NFC West race.

It was a stirring victory.  With the game on the line, Troy Smith converted a fourth-and-19 pass to Frank Gore and then hit Michael Crabtree for a 16-yard score to briefly take the lead with under three minutes left.

The 49ers won on a Joe Nedney field goal in the extra session after the 49ers defense stopped the Rams on a three-and-out.  The 49ers are 3-6 and still two games behind the Seahawks.

Now, the bad news.  Joe Staley suffered a fracture in his leg during the game, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.   Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area says Staley will miss 4-6 weeks.

Smith’s protection was shaky on Sunday, as the Rams’ Chris Long almost won the game by himself.  But Smith’s improvisational skills helped him throw for 356 yards and a touchdown on only 28 attempts.

Alex Smith isn’t likely to start again anytime soon.

15 responses to “49ers comeback victory comes with a price

  1. I was skeptical about Troy Smith, but I’m coming around. At least he’s not making mistakes. Now I want to see how he does against a good team. Squeaking past the anemic Rams doesn’t get my blood pumping.

  2. I have always thought that Joe Staley is Over-rated…. I think staffond the rookie for the Rams is a better tackle. In another note, im glad that Alice smith is finally done with the niners.. half a decade of nonsense keeping this guy at the helm of this team was a waste of time and dumb. Not saying Troy is the answer for this team, but you can see the difference with you have a QB that gives you a chance to win. a lot of those close games we lost would’ve gone the other way if we hadnt had Alice at center.

  3. Joe who? He’s the least of their worries.
    Figuring out how to win instead of figuring out how to lose is their #1 concern and Troy Smith is helping that by not being a loser.

  4. Now that we have increased the attempts from “12” to “28”, I don’t think that “only” still fits. May I suggest the following:

    “, but Smith’s improvisational skills helped him throw for 356 yards.”

  5. My niners will win just enough games to miss out on the top 3-4 picks. P.S. Troy smith (all 5’8 of him) is not the answer

  6. How about on “only” 17 completions. That’s 20.9 yds per completed pass, and that’s pretty solid. He had 215 yds on his first 7 completions alone. The only reason his numbers fell off was because Singletary started running Gore up the middle every play until they were playing from behind again and the rams were anticipating the pass.

  7. The 49ers will win their division with an 8-8 record most likely. Arizona has a zero percent chance of taking it. The Rams have about a 25% chance and the Seahawks have maybe a 40% chance. But I still believe the 49ers will take it down.

    I’m very pleased that Troy Smith did well because Alex Smith was at least half the problem with this team.

  8. so thats where troy smith ended up glad to see he is able to get on the field prolly the only heisman winner to never really get a chance to be on the field

  9. cletusvandam says:
    Nov 14, 2010 11:21 PM
    My niners will win just enough games to miss out on the top 3-4 picks. P.S. Troy smith (all 5’8 of him) is not the answer

    He was the answer Sunday all 6 feet of him. I’m happy for Troy Smith. The kid is finally getting a chance to prove himself. Troy Smith has had to earn everything he’s accomplished. That type of discipline lends itself to a player that can think on his feet and make plays out of nothing.

  10. Troy Smith acquitted himself well, and if he keeps on playing like he has I wouldn’t mind him starting next year and giving him a season to prove he can lead the fanchise. Still the 9ers have problems starting with the offensive line. Troy Smith was still running for his life much more then he should have during the game, and while the run blocking has gotten better there still is a lot of room for improvement. And of course coaching is still a major concern. I’m curious to see how they will play against Green Bay and San Diego, that’s the big test.

    I’m a little concerned that Troy’s success may redeem Singletary, who has really proven himself since becoming HC to be inconsistent and out of his depth. Maybe with a decade or so working as an assistant and some medication he’ll make a good HC one day, but as it stands right now any success the 9ers experience right now is tempered by the fact that Singletary isn’t going to be able to coach this team into the playoffs.

    But congrats to Troy Smith on two banner games in a row. 11 yards per attempt is phenomenal and a rating across two games around 115 isn’t bad either. Here’s hoping he will only get better.

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