Bernard Berrian vents on Twitter after loss

Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian sat out today’s loss to the Bears with a groin injury, and afterward he vented about the situation on Twitter, apparently upset with the way that injury had been characterized.

“U know I was upset bout it,” Berrian wrote after the game on his verified Twitter account. “4 the record don’t ever question my heart or toughness.Played plenty games injured. U just don’t hear bout it. N warmup had nothin 2 do w/it.”

It’s not clear who Berrian thought was questioning his heart or toughness. Vikings quarterback Brett Favre said he thought Berrian strained his groin during pregame warmups, and Vikings coach Brad Childress said he had expected to have Berrian ready to play but that Berrian said he couldn’t go.

After those tweets, Berrian unleashed about 40 tweets in the next two hours, responding to fans who were questioning why he couldn’t play. Although he insisted that he was “smiling” and “laughing” while he did so, he seemed to be in a foul mood — which is about what you’d expect for everyone in the Vikings organization today.

16 responses to “Bernard Berrian vents on Twitter after loss

  1. Berrian is a POS….you have a 41 year old QB who gets hit all day and you cry about your little groin,laughing on the sideline at the end of the game. Go to hell Berrian with Chilly,time to clean some house in MN

  2. This team has quit. Berrian won’t play even by all accounts he’s fine. Rice doesn’t play even though he was cleared and the team needed him. Percy is the heart and soul of the receiving corps now and he played through what looked like some immense pain. Favre’s toughness is of course never questioned.

    And the thing anchoring it all down in the dumps? Childress’ lack of giddy up and motivation. How the hell can you rally around an emotionless automaton like him? We need someone with spunk, with energy, with some in your face enthusiasm that’s positively contagious! His play calling, along with Bevell’s, was atrocious once again, and it’s looking like Frazier is not the answer either, because that defense had the same lack of motivation.

    What I don’t get is why Minnesota pro sports teams keep trotting out all of these coaches with little to no emotion and personality. Think about it… Childress, Brewster, Gardenhire… robots. Let’s get some personality in here, a person players can identify with and rally around. I know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t think coaches should be the player’s friends, and I agree with that – what I’m talking about is something more visceral, more from the gut inspirational for the players. Wilf needs to take this in another direction, it’s time.

  3. I don’t question his heart or toughness, I just question his ability to get open and, you know, actually catch the ball.

    Mostly I question the Vikings for signing him to a huge contract. He sucked, he still sucks and will likely to continue to suck until the end of his contract.

  4. Berrian didn’t fool the Bears when he opted for free agency but he sure as hell fooled the Vikings. Talk about stealing……BB has no heart, no courage and no talent. He would sit out a game with a hangnail. The Vikes should cut him and let a young guy who wants to play……play.

  5. Pervy glad to see you stand by your…man.

    Hey what about the ass whoopin you said you and the vikings were gonna be delivering to the Saints at the beginning of the season? Can’t give it up, nope.

  6. Bears fans told Vikes fans they way overpaid for Berrian, who really has only one route, no hands, little heart, a brittle body, and minimal ability to block.

    Berrian hasn’t been the same since he was separated from Sexy Rexy.

    How’s that 46 mil look now?

    And with the Bears making the Vikes sit down to pee today–does that make for too many “I told you so’s” in one day?


  7. cusoman-

    No way is Gardy a robot. That guy may have a little too much personality, and it would be nice if he didn’t get booted out of so many games. But I agree with the rest, especially Brewster.

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