Hines Ward exits with “neck” injury

The Patriots have come out hitting on Sunday night, jumping out to a 10-0 lead that has included a lot of big hits on Steelers receivers.  (And three sacks.)

One of those hits was on Hines Ward, who appeared to take a shot to the head before exiting.  He’s questionable to return to the game with a “neck” injury.  If they called his injury a concussion, he couldn’t return to the game.

To watch the game online with extra camera angles and chat with Florio, bang it right here.

48 responses to “Hines Ward exits with “neck” injury

  1. Was about to say Hines’s slo-mo moves after that hit seem to be a metaphor for our entire performance … but we’ve suddenly come to life.

    Hey, buckeyeo44!

  2. There was no penalty because he wasn’t a defenseless receiver. It’s not a hard rule to understand.

  3. “Shot to the head an no penalty. I guess they only call it when Steelers initiate the contact.”

    didnt james harrison not get penalized on his hits? how do steelers fan not realize that the refs give them every call? they get every break.

  4. He’ll be back. He needs to get a catch to continue the consecutive game streak. He is a few games behind T.O. to be 2nd of all time. As a Steeler fan, I believe they are calling it a “neck” injury so he is allowed to go back in and get his 1 catch. Just watch.

  5. It’s amazing how these corrupt and stupid refs manage to make every call simultaneously for and against both teams in every game.

    As a Pats fan I’m glad they still have a trailer full of old tapes from four years ago. How else can you explain the Steelers lifeless offense? Oh, right, it must be the officials.

  6. Defense is just bad tonight. They really miss Aaron and Kiesel.

    And I still don’t know how they ever win a game with that QB.

  7. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Nov 14, 2010 9:32 PM
    cant wait for the hypocrites to defend this one. i’ve got my popcorn ready

    No need to defend it, it wasn’t a penalty.

    Learn the rules!!

  8. @kevo126 …

    We probably don’t realize it because we’re adults who actually watch games and see the flags thrown against our players … as opposed to being clueless morons who just keep saying the same old thing on blogs even though there’s no truth to it.

  9. I think the more concerning thing here is clearly the Steelers attempt to label it a “neck injury” just so he might be able to get in the game again when it was clear to anybody watching that it was a concussion. He couldn’t even walk straight after the hit. “Neck injury” my ass.

  10. Hines wasn’t a defenseless receiver, but the defender deliberately bent to make that a helmet-to-helmet hit. Still photos show Harrison’s hit on Brees wasn’t illegal, so there was no reason for him to be fined … yet he was. So this hit may be fined. Then again, Tomlin had been critical of Goodell’s staff that week. Belichick hasn’t. And in Goodell’s world, the legality of the hit is secondary to those considerations.

    @buckeye044 …

    That QB has two Super Bowl rings and win stats just behind Brady’s. There are many areas where Ben needs improvement. But we’d never have made it to those two Super Bowls without Roethlisberger and wouldn’t have won XLIII without him leading that last-minute drive.

    Smith’s loss is always a disaster, but what’s hurting us more right now is losing Hines and half our o-line.

  11. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Nov 14, 2010 10:51 PM
    all the crying about the harrison-cribbs hit? whats the difference? waiting eagerly

    I thought that was a bad call, he should not have been fined.

  12. c’mon haters, you gotta think of better excuses for Pat’s beatdown. Ward wasn’t the only guy carried off the field on queer st. no cheating, no haircut,no overrated, no bs. you’all go back to your mother’s basement and come up w/something else. that was a blowout and Pats will be back on top of power rankings. looking forward to colts fans next week(Brady 14-4 postseason. Manning 9-10 )

  13. flash, i know the rules very well sir. i dont complain about a physical game being played physically. i was calling out to all the hypocrites who whine when we play the game that way, but rejoice when either their team does it or we are on the receiving end. its a tough game to be played by tough people.

    wouldnt say all good teams, but definitely the Pats. cheating or not.

    dude really? still crying about those games. MAN UP and PLEASE STOP CRYING!

  14. @jhorton83 …

    Amazing. You should get a job with a league. Can you imagine what kind of money you’d pull–being able to diagnose concussions by looking at a guy … on a television?? Neurologists have a tougher time when they’re examining someone!

    @buckeye044 …

    Aw, that’s a nice sentiment 😉

    You guys, Harrison wasn’t fined for the hit on Cribbs. He was fined for the hit on Massaquoi.

    @kevo126 …

    LOL Like I said, we’re adult fans. Yeah, there were some bad calls. Some went in our favor–and some when in their favor. The Steelers have been owned by the same people since 1933 and didn’t win a playoff game for their first 40 years. If the Rooneys were going to buy favors, they’d have started long before 2005. They’re among the least liquid owners in the league–which means they have less money to “buy” favors than other owners … Paul Allen. The Seahawks’ owner is one of the richest men in the world.

    The more you win, the more people whine that you did something wrong, kevo. If no one’s whining about your team … they must have an empty trophy case 🙂

  15. @tedmurph …

    ROFL … you must be hallucinating! No Steelers fans on here are making excuses. We’re well aware that our Steelers were sluggish and looked terrible all the way around. Meanwhile, the Patriots played a great game, and we congratulate them on a well-deserved win.

    Now, you can take your infantile attitude and your little rivalry with the Colts and go away, little boy. I’d rather congratulate the adult Pats fans.

  16. blackglass3 says:

    I don’t know who cries more, the Ravens players or Steelers fans.


    Probably the result of being victims of spygate when the Pats disgraced themselves and the NFL.

  17. Where are the tough, bigmouth, ALL-CAPS, Steeler posters from this week?
    Was that the “Smashmouth Football” you toothless losers like to babble about?
    Your defense sucks.
    You morons breathe too much smog in that bunghole of a city.
    Now that your team is exposed as a bunch of women-beating pansies, go back to being so proud of your long family history of manufacturing the best trash can lids in the country. That is what you do in Pittsburgh, isn’t it? Important stuff.

    Fear Brady. He whooped your asses again tonight. Should have hung 50 on you.

    At least Jets fans can be clever and funny every once in a while. You folks are simpletons.

  18. “They’re among the least liquid owners in the league–which means they have less money to “buy” favors than other owners … Paul Allen. The Seahawks’ owner is one of the richest men in the world.”

    @Deb first of all, having high or low liquidity doesnt say much about someones wealth…surprised an “adult” like you didnt know that (google liquidity, i dont think you know what it means)

    and i never accused anyone of paying refs…you made that up and put words in my mouth. i am just saying that the steelers always seem to get a lot of lucky calls. and if you try to argue that you are just dumb.

  19. Looked like helmet to helmet but anyone who thinks that wasn’t a concusion is fooling themselves. Sucks he didn’t continue the streak but they got stomped all night long. Jeff Reed shouldn’t kicking in the UFL next year, he’s complete garbage.

  20. @kevo126 …

    I’ve got another guy who’s always telling me the Steelers buy refs, so I just figured that’s where you were going, too. I know what liquidity means. My point is that the Rooneys don’t have the same resources to go around bribing people that some of the other owners have. If anyone were going to bribe officials to give him a Super Bowl, I’d expect it to be Dan Snyder.

    As a Steelers fan, I’m more conscious of big calls that have gone against us–just like every other football fan. And there have been many. Dallas scored in SBXXX when the officials failed to flag TE Jay Novacek for an illegal pick–and that score was a tad closer than the score in XL. You pay attention to calls that favor the Steelers because people have zeroed in on them since XL. It’s something to talk about–the way people still harp on Spygate with the Pats. But favorable calls don’t have anymore to do with our success than I believe Spygate has to do with New England’s.

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