Jerry Jones wants Cowboys fans to know he’s not distracted

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight at Cowboys Stadium Saturday night turned into the kind of one-sided beatdown that the Cowboys themselves have been on the wrong side of the last couple weeks.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was front and center at the fight and mentioned several times during the pay-per-view broadcast, but he wants to make it clear that he’s putting all his attention on his football team, and not on boxing or the other events his stadium hosts. As a result, Jones didn’t make as many media appearances for this fight as he did for Paquiao’s last fight at Cowboys Stadium.

“I thought it was better for our club to have the perception that we had our mind on our primary business, and that’s the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones told Calvin Watkins of “As much as we’re excited about having Manny here with the Margarito fight and the stadium and boxing, I felt that a lower profile would serve that well.”

It only makes sense for Jones to want to find other big events, like Pacquiao vs. Margarito, to fill his billion-dollar stadium on the 350-plus days a year when it’s not hosting an NFL game. But it also makes sense for Jones to want the fans in Dallas to know that he’s focusing on reversing his team’s fortunes.

Then again, some Cowboys fans would be happy to see Jones focus his attention on outside activities like boxing matches, and hire a general manager to make the football decisions.

5 responses to “Jerry Jones wants Cowboys fans to know he’s not distracted

  1. Actually, I would imagine Cowgirl fans would hope for distraction. Look what has happened when he is focused on Dallas.
    I bet he still thinks Romo is a good QB.

  2. Translation:

    Ok, listen up all you schmucks in the great state of Dallas (Thanks,Emmitt). I know our season is in the toilet, I know I have put together a group of underacheiving, gutless, paycheck stealing, mailed it in all ready, group of people disguised as professional football players. But this damn building cost me alot of money, so, i need to you to come to out remaining home games and let me continue to fleece you out of your hard earned dollars. Don’t forget, we have standing room only tickets, where you actually get to watch the game from like a mile away. We call it a party. And to show you my total committment to the team, i have decided not to show up at the mega yard sale planned for next week at the stadium. And one more thing, the GM is doing one hell of a job, this season is all Wade’s fault.

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