Randy Moss talks after disappointing Titans debut

There were times when the acquisition of Randy Moss by the Titans looked to be paying off on Sunday.

For the most part, though, Moss’ debut was a disappointment.  He caught one pass for 26 yards.  That’s his only catch in eight quarters against Vontae Davis and the Dolphins this year.

“My debut, man, it was actually a bad game for me,” Moss said via Chris Harry of Fanhouse.com. “I think I just tried to be as much help to them as I could, just to play within the offense. So I felt comfortable out there, but I don’t think that I had a very good game overall.”

Initially Moss told reporters he wasn’t going to talk.

“Bro, I ain’t doing no interviews today! No. Nothing!” he said.  “Conversation over.”

A few minutes later, he showed up at a postgame podium after likely getting a friendly reminder from the Titans P.R. staff.  It was a depressing day for Moss, only made better by the knowledge he doesn’t have to play in Miami again this year.

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7 responses to “Randy Moss talks after disappointing Titans debut

  1. Unless, of course, the turd shoots his way out of Nashville. If he does it quickly, maybe he could get claimed in time to play for the Bears on Thursday…

  2. What makes it even funnier is that his 1 catch he got came off soft coverage in the 4th. Miami was in their prevent D kicking back & Vontae was covering someone else.

  3. He’ll be back in New England, and for alot cheaper of a price than it would have cost to resign him this past offseason. He craves the discipline of Belichick and Brady.

  4. “I think I just tried to be as much help to THEM as I could, just to play within the offense.”

    Doesn’t this sum up Moss’ piss poor attitude? He has no concept of team. HE is a part of THEM [US].

  5. ..Oh yeah–but the talking heads still think he’s the second coming of Randy Moss……Who’s he with next week??

  6. Would’ve been great to see what his expression was like when he was reminded to get his ass out there and talk to the media!

    There is a lesson in here for all the children about grass always looking greener. lol

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