Report: Fins want to work out JaMarcus Russell

As the reader who pointed this one out to us aptly put it, former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell may be taking his talents (and his appetite) to South Beach.

Josina Anderson of FOX 31 and Showtime’s Inside the NFL reports that the first overall pick in the 2007 draft has been contacted by the Dolphins in the wake of Miami’s multiple quarterback injuries from Sunday’s win over the Titans.

With the Dolphins having a short week before their Thursday night game against the Bears, the Dolphins need to have enough healthy bodies to fill out the depth chart.

The Fins lost new starter Chad Pennington after only two plays, with his latest shoulder injury.  Chad Henne was injured late in the third quarter.  The only other quarterback is Tyler Thigpen.

29 responses to “Report: Fins want to work out JaMarcus Russell

  1. Plus Miami plays Oakland in two weeks so maybe they want to *chuckle* pick Jamarcus Russell’s brain *giggle* about the Raiders playb…

    I can’t even type that sentence out. They probably just want to find the best spot for purple drank and pizza in Oaktown.

  2. Unbelievable.

    Why would ANY team give this quitter/bandit a look?

    There are much better options out there than this loser.

  3. Say it ain’t so, Russell is terrible…. Also this new sign in bs from wordpress is lame.. just what I need another toolbar on my screen. I not sure if your selling out or being cheap, either way its not good. Had to reset my password and everything. Redirect to there page for hits,etc etc.. I remember when this site was just cool, not so much anymore.

  4. “The Fins lost new starter Chad Henne after only two plays, with his latest shoulder injury”

    You mean Chad Pennington.

    I’m praying the Fins dont sign the garbage disposal

  5. “Workout”???? The Dolphins really think Jamarcus Russell knows how to “workout”?

    As a Patriots fan, I am thrilled by this move, but as a fan of the game, I’d sooner take my chances with …. um, Jeff George or somebody.

  6. If I didn’t have to go through this stupid wordpress crap I would have posted this before the correction “The Fins lost new starter Chad Henne after only two plays, with his latest shoulder injury. Chad Henne was injured late in the third quarter. “

  7. It is unbelievably difficult to believe that JaMarass is the best unemployed QB the Fins can think to workout or possibly bring in as their 3rd.

  8. Hmm…. I thought they needed quarterbacks, not a tackling dummy or an OL…

    Anyway, better put a padlock on both the team fridge and the cough syrup medicine cabinet, you know, just in case…

  9. I thought the article was talking about the Dolphins QB roster being somewhat thin. They don’t really need to bring in another guard or tackle.

  10. hahahahahaha… I hope he starts against the raiders in 2 weeks. Raiders will destroy him.
    Cable knows all his weak spots…
    Well theres really one BLITZ!’
    Russell is a great deep ball passer but he cant handle pressure.
    He is a good guy though I had dinner with him several times in cali.
    He is very polite and always picked up the tab.
    I wish he could of got things going in oakland he maybe can have a future in miami with brandon marshall.

  11. Even if they were stupid enough to sign JaMarcus, he’ll only last a week. Next week the UFL season finishs and they can sign Josh McCown or Jeff Garcia or possibly Daunte Culpepper, all huge upgrades over Russell.

  12. blackglass3 says:
    Nov 14, 2010 7:01 PM
    “Hell, they even be better snagging Phyllis George, Curious George, George of the Jungle, George Plympton, Georghe Muresan, George Bush (41 or 43) or George Jesell.”

    I’d add George Jefferson to that list. At least he had the walk….

  13. Tooo funny. Whatever the Dolphin (NO)brain trust are smokeing give some of it to us…..

    Two things that should never be ued in the same sentence. “Workout” & Off-the-Marcus. Working out is like kryptonite to the JaRobitussin……

  14. Dolphins fans just need to hope/pray that thigpen stays healthy…he is scrappy and did spark the entire team. Potentially losing Long will not help keep Thigpen upright. Call Dan and have him hobble his old ass into the huddle…much better option than Jawalrus Russell. He weighed in at 265+ last week for the skins. He seems like he is dumb, lazy and a wannabe gangsta…not something we need on the team. He has a huge potential upside though because, really, it is tough to get much lower. Call Kurt and offer him $10M if AZ dropped his rights…he is no longer dancing

  15. Does Pennington’s 2.5 million salary bump still take effect with him only being the “starter” for 2 plays? That’s a very expensive golden parachute they gave him. I can’t imagine Pennington playing after another shoulder surgery.

  16. JaLardus will be mistaken for a manatee if he goes to Florida. He moves almost as well as a manatee on the field.

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