Todd Haley doesn’t appreciate the way the Broncos beat him

If nothing else, Chiefs coach Todd Haley’s postgame antics will distract folks from his team’s terrible performance Sunday.

Haley apparently was not pleased with how Josh McDaniels handled a big lead in Denver’s 49-29 victory over the Chiefs.  The Broncos were still throwing plenty, max protecting, and blitzing on defense with a comfortable fourth quarter lead.

Haley’s response?  Instead of shaking McDaniels hand after the game, the Chiefs coach pointed his finger at him and turned his back.  Haley called it a “private moment.”

Let’s examine this a little closer.  The Broncos have a terrible defense that gave up 59 points in their last home game.   The Chiefs outscored the Broncos 19-14 in the second half.   It’s ridiculous to think the Broncos should have to let up off the gas until the final couple of minutes of the game.  We’re sure the Raiders and Chargers agree.

We think Haley was just blowing off some misdirected steam after spending three miserable hours at Invesco Field.  His talented secondary gave up five touchdown passes and his team’s lead in the AFC West has evaporated far sooner than anyone could have anticipated.

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  1. What? The limited offensive scheme, running plays, and prevent defense weren’t enough?

    Haley was still keeping his starters in, throwing the ball around, and trying onside kicks until the end of the game. Why should the Broncos have let up?

  2. He cried all game long, non stop.

    The Chiefs have crash landed and guess who’s #1 in the division, the Oakland Raiders.

  3. Forget them passing that late in the game. Some are okay with it, some aren’t. But why wouldn’t his defense keep blitzing? Does Haley expect his entire team to lay down and let KC make the score more manageable so the loss looks better?

  4. Only his team should be playing when the game is over right? Onside kicking down by 20 and chucking the ball with 10 seconds left on the clock.

    LOL what a hypocrite.

  5. I missed the league wide memo that said that you were supposed to let up against teams that can’t stop your running game or passing attack.

    I get tired of this. The Chiefs are expected to stop the Broncos on defense and beat them up on offense. The same could be said about the Broncos three weeks ago during the Oakland debacle.

    Yes the Broncos may have run up the score but it wasn’t as if they were playing Indiana University. They were playing another NFL team. If Haley has a problem with it, the Broncos will be visiting Arrowhead soon, he can run up the score on them there (kind of like the Chargers did last year).

  6. Haley has been and always will be a first class Ahole.
    Considering the coaching tree that apple fell from it should be no

  7. “They ran up the score on us” is such a loser’s lament.

    If you don’t like them passing the ball, make some interceptions and knock the s*** out of their QB. Stop them and make them pay for their decision.

    Don’t act like a bitch after the game, not shaking hands and whining to the press.

  8. Smarter for Haley to shake McDaniels’s hand and make the point at their teams’ next meeting. The finger-pointing should go to his own secondary.

  9. It would seem that the only coach that appreciates a good butt whoopin would be Mike Singletary. The Chiefs are who many thought they were…on up and coming team that is still young. They overachieved the first half of the season and it is catching up to them…Haley overreacted; maybe his much heralded defense should have played better

  10. Whats the huge surprise here? McDaniels is hanging on to his job by a thread while Haley’s teams arrow is on the rise.
    Its gonna be real nasty for the Donkeys in Kansas City next month and the “ghost of ShannaRat” is going to be coaching as an assistant somewhere and not in Denver and no later than 2012.
    I’d look for Haley to take Tebow out at the knees as soon as possible just to spite “ShannaMcDaniel”. Word

  11. I believe Scott Pioli should calm Haley down by telling him how his Patriots did the same thing every game in their 18-1 season.

  12. IMO it’s poor sportsmanship to keep passing when down my multiple scores with less than a minute to go. It’s obvious at this point it’s impossible to win; the classy thing to do would be to run the clock out. If you’re going to frantically pass despite no way to possibly win, you have no right to whine about someone running up the score on you.

  13. Give me a break! Maybe Haley should have someone change his diaper. Hahaha! Couldnt have happened to a bigger baby. Haleys a joke. I hope your old team does the same thing to you!

  14. Youth precedes impetuous behavior and McDaniels still doesn’t get it. Respect is not earned by running up the score in a game that is well out of reach by the opposing team. I understand that it’s a divisional rival game, but things like this have a way of slapping you square in the face.

    McDaniels will learn what Hubris is all about.

  15. The Broncos had the ball three times in the final 17 minutes – let’s see what happened:

    7 runs, 3 passes on a TD drive starting at 2:22 left in the 3rd.

    2 runs and a third down incomplete pass on their next possession (starting at 6:54).

    3 runs and a 4th down pass for two yards (passing up a field goal opportunity, turning it over on downs) (starting at 3:30 left in the game).

    Oh yeah, and one final kneeldown.

    WTF is he upset about, again?

  16. Does switching to prevent really save the other coaches feeling in a blow out game? Did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?

  17. Gee, if Haley gets bent out of shape over something like this he’d slit his wrists if he were a college coach.

  18. Hey Todd. The best way to teach your team to play hard for 60 minutes is to have them play hard for 60 minutes.

    WTF is up with this “letting up on the gas pedal” thing? We pay good money to watch both teams play hard all the time.

    You’re team’s the only one missing from that party.

  19. [Todd Haley walks into PFT headquarters/Florio’s WV double-wide, points a finger at Florio ominously, and walks out]

  20. These guys get paid to play football. They don’t get played to take it easy just because the other team sucks.

    Talking about “class” is just an excuse to complain about the other team when yours doesn’t show up to play. Real class is being able to accept defeat without complaining.

  21. This story has it all backwards. Todd Haley will explain why he didn’t shake hands in time.

    Perhaps because Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki suffered a concussion late in the Broncos game.

    Immediately following the onside try, you can see Moeaki stand up, then fall down and then helped to his feet. It was scary looking and it won’t be much of a surprise if he does indeed have a concussion.

    The Broncos player should have gotten suspended for the helmet-to-helmet blow that hurt Moeaki.

    Moreover, who was in charge of the instant reply machine with it broke…the home team!

    Coach Haley had to be pissed about the call that robbed his team of the onsides kick, when he had a clear printout of his team lining up properly with four guys outside the hash mark.

    Both Denver and the Raiders will get their turn…at Arrowhead bitches!

  22. steelers6pack says:
    Nov 14, 2010 11:37 PM
    Haley better worry about this old boss beating him next week!

    LOL- I’m sure he is terrified of his old boss’s team that is 3-6 and just got their doors blown off at home by the Seattle Trojans.

  23. Just give Haley a trophy that says “participant” and tell him “Everyone’s a winner!”
    What a whining baby. I think the NFL should end games when one team is up by 15 or more. That way no feelings get hurt.

  24. Maybe Haley should hang out with Keith Brooking, they seem to have similar philosophy of how to handle a huge lead in a game.

    My philosophy: If you don’t like what someone is doing on the field, stop them.

  25. I hate this new “You should have stopped” mentality of the NFL lately. I say when you have a team down, jam your foot on their throat for good measure. Make certain that they are not coming back. Beat the ever-living hell out of them. Whats next, we are going to begin imposing a “mercy rule”, everyones going to get a Lombardi trophy or are we just going to stop keeping score altogether.

    Welcome to the NFL Todd, this ain’t PeeWee football anymore, deal with it…

  26. He was angry as he should have been after that game. I don’t like McDaniels. If it were me, I’d had given McDaniels a punch in the nose. Let someone else help him off the field.

  27. Last time I checked, there was no mercy rule in the NFL. I think all teams should run up the score on weaker teams. It’s fun to watch a team get humiliated.

    Like in the Wisconsin game on Saturday.

  28. What if that isnt really why Haley was pissed off? And PFT is just assuming thats why.. Who knows why Haley wouldnt shake his hand. It could go all the way back to last year or there could have be some other reason he didnt shake his hand. Just because PFT says he didnt shake his hand because the score was ugly doesnt mean thats why he didnt shake his hand.

  29. Gee Todd I wasn’t aware this was a peewee league game.
    Oh it’s the NFL???
    Embarrassing for him to cry like that.

  30. The Chiefs are overrated. Cassel is a terrible QB.

    As a Raiders fan, I hate to think this but that’s the same reason I think the Raiders will falter down the road – Jason Campbell???? the horror. the horror.

    Don’t look now. The Chargers are a game out now.

    Seven games to go. The Chefs have won five games – FIVE.

    And everyone is anointing them? Really?

  31. The Broncos should have thrown more and scored more and stomped the CHiefs by an even broader margin. You can talk about running the ball and eating clock, but that only works if your running game is decent and you can pick up first downs. This is professional football. If You can beat someone by 100 points you do. To hell with class and all that whining about running up the score. You kill the opposition and get in their heads for the next game. You make them want to quit and become factory workers. This is your goal. If it’s not then you don’t belong in professional football and you should go coach your local huigh school or college team.

  32. Payback has a way of rearing its ugly head…Brady also better mind his manners with that spike in Three Rivers….Blitzburgh will be seeing them again in the playoffs, and Denver will see them again at Arrowhead. It might have been childish, but some people have long memories…

  33. One thing to remember is that last year the Chiefs were blowing out the Broncos in the last game of the season and Haley pulled Jamaal Charles (as well as most of the starters) even though he was only 37 yards shy of Peterson’s single game rushing record.

    Agree or disagree with the philosophy, the guy is consistent in his convictions.

  34. Way to lead by example. Last I checked you play to win for 60 minutes. If you can’t handle the high scores go coach baseball or soccer.

  35. Not exactly like Haley waved the white flag, he left all his guys in and kept his foot on the gas…the Broncos should have just ran three times and punted on offense, and played prevent on every play on defense? Gimme a break Haley, you want people to take your team seriously and then not only do you get completely embarrassed, but then you whine about it? Haley should save his anger for his own team, it’s their fault they got smashed…not Denver’s

  36. As long as the team that is loosing continues to throw the ball on first and 2nd down, the defense has every right to blitz. If you’re gonna concede the game and want the mercy rule, then stop throwing the ball on offense. otherwise, stop crying.

  37. last time I checked Chiefs still have 2 game lead over donkees with Arrowhead rematch in 3 weeks… I like Haleys future better than McDaniels

  38. hey warmnorth,,, lickem raiders will SMASH you in january,, just like we beat you there to knock you out of the playoffs in jan of 2000 i was at game,,, and could have turned everyone of you queef fans out with your dropped jaws after that one,,, we’ll be in the playoffs and you WONT

  39. There is no comparison between this game and the last game of last season. That was a meaningless game for both teams – this game has playoff implications. Haley, tell your guys to tackle, run faster, execute better, and quitcher bithcin.

  40. Here are the facts:

    Chiefs are 5-4, but the combined record of their opponents is 33-48.

    The Chiefs have won ONE game against a team with a winning record….the 5-4 Jax Jaguars…and that’s when the Jags started they’re #3QB that they signed on the Tuesday prior to the game.

    The Broncos combined record of opponents is 47-34…..they’ve played ONE team WITHOUT a winning record.

    That’s why the outcome last Sunday wasn’t so surprising….

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