Al Davis enjoys best Raiders win of the season

The sun is certainly smiling on Raider Nation these days.  They are in first place after Kansas City’s meltdown on Sunday, and that wasn’t even the best news to come during Oakland’s bye week.

Bill Williamson of reports that an NFL arbitrator has denied a grievance filed by Lane Kiffin against the Raiders organization.  Kiffin felt he was owed $2.6 million by the team after Al Davis fired him for cause back in 2008.   The Raiders’ countergrievance for lawyer and arbitration fees was also reportedly denied.

Kiffin’s anti-Raider statements and actions ultimately cost him some money.   Coaching contracts are guaranteed, but it must have been determined Kiffin violated the terms of his deal in addition to being a lousy head coach.

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  1. Like I said the day of Kiffin’s firing, when 99% of the talk was how AD had his head up the wazoo, and how he is wrong in what he did….Kiffin will get nothing, there was just cause, and the punk got what he had coming to him.

    I told you so.

  2. Kiffin violated his contract by airing his grievances, after he knew what he had signed up for, in the public forum with lies and subterfuge about his own organization, the one he was hired to improve and build. He deserves nothing, and for once a court got it right.

    So I guess the old overhead still has a thing or two on the ball, eh legal experts? Tell me again how the world has passed Davis by?

  3. Al Davis enjoys best Raiders win of the season
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on November 15, 2010, 1:38 PM EST

    Thats PFt trying to dis credit this raider team by saying none of the beat downs the raiders have done counted.
    Plus PFT is still upset that the steelers got killed and They knowSUNDAY IS COMING AND raiders are ready to destroy the steelers again.
    Anf Florio has to shut down the site and give it to me for a day if raiders win…
    Take the bet florio

  4. I have to give Lil’ Lane some credit, he knew what he was talking about when he highly recommended Al Davis NOT draft JaMarcus #1 overall in the 2007 NFL Draft. Al still has mud on his face for that one.

  5. When people sue Al Davis and the Raiders they generally lose. The NFL brought suit against Al Davis and Al Davis then filled a counter suit. I get tired of reading Mr. Davis is sue happy when most of his cases he wins were brought by others against him. With him winning them and costing the NFL tens of millions of dollars in that case.

    Kiffin brought the case against Al Davis and lost and will not be collecting a few million. Last Shanahan was told by an Attorney he did not have a chance to win if he went after money he claimed Al Davis owed him so he did not file suit and just walked away a bitter man.

    I notice I do not see all the stories as I did when Kiffin brought the case. Did these clowns ever really think Kiffin had a shot? lol

    Next up is Russell, now that one the Raiders brought and if they win they will be batting a 1000. Fool with Big Al and you pay the price.

  6. “Al Davis enjoys best Raiders win of the season”

    Now if he can only remember where he put his “Members Only” jacket.

  7. Al Davis has sued money people than any owner in history. He is a senile turd and it is time for him to go.

  8. Al “Overhead Projector” Davis spends so much time dicking around with off-field crap like this, it’s the main reason the team has been the dregs for so long.

    Good thing they slipped him a roofie and locked him in a broom closet during the draft this year; the best Raiders draft class in a decade or more….

  9. Did Lame actually think he was going to bad mouth the organization and still get paid? God (AKA Al Davis) clearly outlined for all the media idiots exactly how Lame violated his contract and that Lame was being canned for violating the terms of his contract. As a result the whining scumbag was put in his place and denied his grievance. Looks good on him and proves that God (AKA Al Davis) still knows what he’s doing.

  10. Support Davis all you want but the truth is that he has turned the Raiders head coaching job into the worst head coaching job in the NFL. What reputable coach would ever take this job?

  11. rcali…is Jim Fassel reputable? Probably not, but thought I would ask. He’s the only one I could come up with.

  12. It is such a bad job that Gruden and Kiffin really have had a hard time since they were here. Quiet with your worthless hate.

    Worst Coaching job in the NFL is still better than most other jobs, and we are first place. Sit and spin on that one.

    “Good thing they slipped him a roofie and locked him in a broom closet during the draft this year; the best Raiders draft class in a decade or more….” ??? There have been a lot of good draft choices over the past 10 years and a lot of decent drafts. You don’t know jack, as you get your info from Florio and ESPN cliff’s notes. Try pulling your head out once a decade and paying attention to something other than the media company line. And whenever something good happens for hte Raiders it is because Al is “slipped a roofie”? Hardly, and don’t confuse your dating practices with how to succeed in the NFL.

  13. I love how some of you fool’s can bash old Al when you are’nt as meaningful as a pimple on his old white ass. He’s as sharp as he has always been. I’m sure he gets a good laugh out of you morons and your insignificant live’s. Just keep hating you lowly loosers.

  14. I’m acutely aware of every Raiders draft going back to 1968.

    There is a direct correlation between the team’s “seven years of slapdickness” (since 2002) and the type of player Davis has targeted in drafts. No question seven straight years of 11+ losses had plenty to do with Al’s penchant for drafting guys with combine measurables as opposed to “football players.”

    Don’t get me wrong; Davis is a HOFer who used to have a great eye for talent, but he’s clearly lost his mojo. This season, Davis was obviously locked in a broom closet because the team drafted almost all hard-working character guys (McClain, Houston, Veldheer, B. Campbell, Ford) + some great, late-round DB’s. The roofie thing was a joke, but obviously you have no sense of humor. Seven straight 11+ loss seasons will do that to a person.

  15. In fact, Spicoli, go back and look at Oakland’s drafts from 1999-2006. Simply atrocious year after year after year (except for Asomugha in 2003) and the primary reason the team fell off to the degree that it did. You can’t have terrible drafts for 7 consecutive years and not have it devastate the team the way that it did.

    In 2007, Davis landed a few players, but he started off that draft with the bust of all busts, JaMarcus Russell. 2008 and 2009 drafts were a definite improvement, and 2010’s was outstanding in my view.

    One roofie and a broom closet did the trick. Way to go, fellas.

  16. I’m not sold on McClain, and I’m not convinced the invisible Hayward-Bey is going to turn it around, but some of Al’s picks after the first round have been pretty solid the last couple of years. You can blame him for living long enough to get old, and he certainly deserves criticism for drafting guys like Russell, but the season is half over and his team is still in contention, so you have to blame him for that, too.

  17. Al was right about lane. Hilarious. Especially when everybody thought al was off his rocker. I don’t know why Tennessee fans are so angry. They are much better off without him. Lane kiffen=loser. Nothing but a boy with an important dad.

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