Brad Childress doesn’t watch ESPN

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Ed Werder has a much closer relationship with Brett Favre than Vikings coach Brad Childress.

Chilly said at his press conference on Monday that he was unaware of any new injury to Favre and expects him to practice Thursday.  Childress didn’t anticipate an MRI on Favre’s shoulder.

“I just talked with [head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman], who just had Brett in there,” Childress said via Tom Pelissero of “To paraphrase, [Favre]’s sore today. He was in the cold tub, but I think he anticipates practicing on Thursday and being ready to go against Green Bay.”

Ultimately, we fully expect Favre to play as well.  Of course.  It’s just amusing that Favre keeps the national media better informed of his health than Childress.  The Vikings coach seems almost chastened by recent events, not wanting to say too much in his media sessions that could get him in trouble.  Childress doesn’t think health is a major problem here.

“He’s got enough of his faculties and doing enough things playing in the system here to give us a chance to win,” Childress said. “Do you like the turnovers? I don’t. I know we fell down on one. I know a ball got tipped on one. I can’t remember the third one.”

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  1. He can’t remember?? Hmmmm, Childress, FYI, he has about 10 touchdown and 300 interceptions. Does that help?

  2. I do not watch ESPN either as it is not available in Canada. Based on the comments I have seen on web sites such as this, I have not not missed anything of value. ESPN just does not seem to be very good.

  3. “Brad Childress doesn’t watch ESPN”

    Can you blame him? I am still waiting for them to mention the Rooney Rule when it comes to hiring the next Cowboys head coach. I still haven’t heard it yet.

  4. What a sensationalist headline! Makes it sound like he’s never watched the channel. Frankly, as a head coach I would think he’d have better things to do. I watch it from time to time, but he’s not missing much. Granted, every edition of sportscenter has to have at least 3 minutes dedicated to a Brett Favre story (it’s in his contract), but the head coach shouldn’t have to rely on outside sources for the $20 million starter of his football team. Favre has texted multiple reporters from ESPN for years, as a way to get the most publicity for his ever inflating ego. Its worked, and quite well.

  5. Where are all the Vikings fans who were talking Super Bowl after Allen, Hutchinson and Longwell strapped on the knee pads and crawled to Mississippi to beg Lord Favre to come back? They were gonna show New Orleans who the “real champions” are. They were going to humiliate the Packers. Favre/Harvin/Moss/Rice/Peterson were gonna be UNSTOPPABLE! All I hear is crickets from Minnesota.

  6. Vikings are just a hot mess right now. I just can’t stop watching and enjoying myself! HA HA HA this is too good to be true. I wrote on this very site that Favre will be hated in MN territory by the end of the year. Last year was an aberration. I knew he would revert to his old gun slingin’ ways, albeit with a weaker arm and older body. He no longer has the arm strength that he thinks he does, thus the bevvy of turnovers. Its odd because I really don’t hear much Viking talk on here anymore. Its just more whining. Which is almost worse, because they think they are screwed and the victims. Silly Viking fans! The world, refs, and NFL are not against your team, they just aren’t that good! Period. And no one screwed you last year out of a SB appearance, the Saints beat you fair and square. So please stop whining about that on here too. Thanks!

  7. WOW I REALLY WISH MY WHOLE LIFE WAS ABOUT FOOTBALL-but in the real world outside greenbay-we have lives and family-some of u talk like it is the only thing you have or reason to live for-that is too bad-then you have the people that think they know everything about football —“i predicted this”-u had a 50-50 chance at getting it right-absloute brain surgens and the other half think they personally have something to do with there favorite team winning ball games-packer fans there is more than beer, football, and chesse that makes this world go around-FYI PRO FOOTBALL IS NOT A SPORT ANYMORE ITS A BUSSINESS…SAD BUT TRUE

  8. bbb82 says: Nov 15, 2010 2:53 PM

    I wouldn’t watch any network that employs Tony Kornheiser either.

    Well said!!!

  9. BrINT has to have his ducks in a row for the Packer game. If he has a good game, all the media suck ups will be saying, “Look at that Hall of Famer. The god of football can play even though he’s a veritable paraplegic.” If he plays the way he has been it will be his shoulder, his elbow, his ankle, the wind, the receivers, the phase of the moon, but not the mighty BrINT.

    Soon it will be over.

  10. Mark me down as another “doesn’t watch ESPN”. Sunday night has officially taken over as football night for me.

  11. 28purple4mvp – Spoken like someone whose team is 3-6. Oh, and I’m not from Green Bay. Never even been there.

  12. @ 28purple4mvp

    I agree with a lot of what you wrote, but just to give you a heads up…..packerrube 13 will mock you for your spelling and grammer. It’s what he does.

  13. packerrube 13 is a second string poster just like most of his worthless Packers….can’t wait to put the beatdown on you big mouths next Sunday….will be one of Favre’s great performances,remember I said it!

  14. packerrube13 saysAnd no one screwed you last year out of a SB appearance, the Saints beat you fair and square.
    And….Rosie ODonnel is hot, and Chris Johnson can speak, and Florio has real hair…..yah right

  15. Wow … some of these Packers fans are unbelievable … still choked about Favre leaving.
    Favre should get a medal for playing behind a BAD OL
    with BAD WRs
    and BAD Defence
    BAD coaches.
    Seriously do you watch any of the Vikings games.
    Favre had no time to throw … where on the other hand Culter who has the most sacks … had all the time in the world.

    I think I’m going to have alot of fun when ever the Packers lose.

  16. MY TEAM-like i own one or have anything to do with pro football-i dont have a team-i like the steelers of the past u know mean joe era-i just come on and read some of these posts and just say wow-if this people are my age or older they need to get a life-myself yesterday football sunday i was making a living plowing snow-my sign in name is a statment that i believe in-#28 purple is a great running back-loved him when he was a sooner-that running back will knock defenders silly

  17. I don’t think anyone watches ESPN anymore unless it’s the draft or a game.

    The NFL Network is what I watch.

    Chilly’s arrogance is amusing though. He thinks he’s so bright, even when he’s clueless.

  18. watch the draft they lost me when they switched it to thursday-me and my son would go to the draft party buy jerseys and collectibles-now they get notta from me-NFL IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES FAST-

  19. good. that’s a great trait to have.

    ESPN is absolutely terrible.

    And what I like about Childress is he treats the media like mushrooms: feed them sh** and keep them in the dark.

  20. nxt76 says:
    Nov 15, 2010 5:24 PM
    Two picks were from receivers falling down and the other was a tipped ball.
    Tipped ball, receivers falling, it all shows up the same in the stats for every quarterback. Favre has 16 INT’s this year, is 31st in QB rating, and the Vikings are 3-6. Deal with it.

  21. My guess is the Cartoon Network is more to Chilly’s liking. As for BrINT, he has a long history of mentioning his boo-boo’s whenever he is underperforming, he is as good at making excuses as any CryQueen fan.

  22. 28purple4mvp says:

    WOW I REALLY WISH MY WHOLE LIFE WAS ABOUT FOOTBALL-but in the real world outside greenbay-we have lives and family-some of u talk like it is the only thing you have or reason to live for-that is too bad… packer fans there is more than beer, football, and chesse that makes this world go around.

    So, being a loyal fan and not running away after a few losses is a BAD thing? Um.. Okay, whatever you need to say to justify yourself there buddy.

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