Fins kicked tires on five quarterbacks

The Dolphins have announced that quarterback Patrick Ramsey has been signed to replace Chad Pennington on the roster, whose season and possibly career has ended due to a shoulder injury.

Per a league source, Ramsey won a five-way beauty contest for the job.

The other candidates?  Tom Brandstater, Tommy Grady, J.T. O’Sullivan, and JaMarcus Russell.

One of the other four could end up getting a job, if/when Chad Henne lands on injured reserve, too.  Henne suffered a knee injury on Sunday.

21 responses to “Fins kicked tires on five quarterbacks

  1. Not a bad job by the Fins, having Thigpen on the roster and signing Ramsey.

    It could be allot worse.

  2. It’s can only be a matter of time before Ryan Leaf and Jeff George are asked to “take their talents to South Beach”.

  3. That’s OK. The Dolphins weren’t going anywhere anyway.

    So now you Dolphin fans have a built in excuse regarding your teams continued and repeated failure.

    Dean Wormer

    PS Bring out Marino so he can have another shot to get his ring! LOL LOL LOL.

  4. I can’t believe Fins picked the JaMarcus Russell. They are better of letting Ronnie Brown make the throw than signing Russell.

  5. wray1313 says: Nov 15, 2010 8:17 PM

    Patrick Ramsey has not played since 08….you got to be kidding?Should of picked up Brian St. Pierre……
    Ramsey isn’t starting, Thigpen is. Ramsey has to learn the Playbook.

  6. Dean Wormer. We have a winning record without a starting QB and having a game stolen from us. I would guess your a jet fan based on your bitterness towards Marino. How sad, we’ve moved on without him, cant you?

  7. I would also like to thank the baby jesus for not JaMarcus’ing us down as stupid. Russell is a POS, that is all.

  8. If Pennington retires I hope the Jets give him a job as a Quarterbacks coach or something along those lines. I think he would make a real good O-Coordinator some day too.

  9. Dolphinatic — You had a starting quarterback. Chad Henne. He was ok. Soprano threw him under the bus over his own failures.

    As for moving on since Marino, it looks like the Dolphins are in the same place they were in when they had him. No place.

    By the way, it’s “you’re”.

  10. tommy grady? talk about pulling one out of your ass. one of the biggest douches i’ve ever met or played against.

  11. Like I said dean “you’re” a jet fan. Move on. Oh and people only play English teacher on here when they have no other come back… and no jets isn’t spelled with a capitol, not by anyone who knows there history anyways haha.

  12. Hey deanvernonwormer – Are you STILL pissed off about the fake spike????? Do you really want to talk about a team that goes nowhere? Here’s a hint J E T S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rotten luck for Fins Fans! As a Pats’ fan I can feel your pain losing the Qback. Maybe we can help you since we know you love trading with us (aka Wes Welker). How about a proven backup in Brian Hoyer for say, Jake Long?? OK, we’ll throw in another second round pick.

  14. HAHAHA Ramsey? I suppose he is the lesser of the five evils, so choosing him is understandable. Not sure if he will take Miami anywhere this year, but I doubt he was signed to a long-term contract.
    Whatever happened to Jake Plummer?

  15. how is it possible that the most retarded people on Earth regularly post on here?

    capitol? congrats on failing 2nd grade

    Jake Plummer? if that was a joke, then it wasn’t funny. if you were for real, then you’re the joke.

    @Dean Wormer
    the Dolphins weren’t going anywhere? last I checked they have a winning record with a little less than half a season left. we’ve all seen that anything can happen in this league! of course, down to their 3rd string this do not look as good, but before the injuries they still had a good shot.

    3 LOL back-to-back-to-back? what does that mean? did you laugh out loud in three separate instances consecutively? how much time lapsed between each LOL? and what great QBs have the Jets put on the field? Namath? Esiason? Testaverde? which one was your favorite?

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