Jeff Reed complains about turf, fans, media

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed, whose lengthy stay in Pittsburgh by all appearances is coming to an end, expressed displeasure after Sunday night’s 39-26 loss by complaining about the condition of the field, the fans who want to “bash” him, and those in the media who question him.

The folks at have the full audio of the press conference, to which Reed wore a T-shirt that contained the message “Haters Hate.”

Though he eventually explained that he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and hopes to retire as a member of the Steelers, Reed sounds like a guy who knows that the team will soon be moving on — especially as he struggles through the worst year of his career, with seven misses in 22 attempts.

On Sunday night, Reed shanked a 26-yarder.  He said that the turf moved as he planted his leg to attempt the kick.  Last week, his misfire late in Monday night’s game against the Bengals opened the door for a last-second drive that nearly resulted in defeat for the Steelers.

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  1. Pathetic! A kickers only job is to put foot to the ball and have it fly in the direction he is aiming for. And the occasional bluff tackle attempt. Sometimes they miss, it’s called football . I’m not surprised a Steelers player would go down this road after not being handed a win.


  2. Interestingly, PA does, in fact, have earthquakes. Unfortunately, in this case the sod simply let loose from the dirt as he planted and put weight on his plant leg.

  3. Jeff Reed is obviously done by the end of the year. With the offense the way it is they might want to start looking for a mid season change. Once the confidence is gone so goes the kicker. (See Kris Brown). That doke of a kicker Graham didn’t seen to have any issues…

    Let’s hope we can pull it together and get into the playoffs. Two conference losses already isn’t making it any easier trying to catch a home playoff game.

  4. Reed is flat-out mediocre as a kicker and a pathetic human being.

    But that turf is not “NFL” caliber – especially in November.

  5. Kickers are to be seen, and not heard.

    Twenty six freaking yards???? Come on, man! Oh well, it’s not like the three points really mattered in that game.

  6. The earth moved because he needs to drop about 50 pounds. My God, they must have to expand that uniform on a weekly basis. He was probably so out of breath from running out from the sidelines that he couldn’t swing the leg.

  7. That field is notoriously bad for kickers. As a New England fan, if you don’t want Jeff Reed… we’ll take him.

  8. The real problem here was having to attempt field goal, when the Steelers should have scored a touch down. As I recall, Randle-El dropped a catchable ball that would have been a touchdown and kept the score close.

  9. If any of you were watching the game, they showed his foot get caught in a clump of sod as he went to make the kick. For once, it appears the miss wasn’t his fault. For once. The Pats kicker missing an extra point speaks to the field conditions. It would be nice if the Steelers could remedy that situation–although that muddy mess with Miami remains one of my all-time favorie games 🙂

    But despite the reasonableness of last night’s excuse, I’m over Reed. His squawking about contract negotiations when the team stuck with him after his antics and misses last year was it for me. Time to go, Jeff. Bye.

  10. In the words of Bill Parcels when he coached for the Jets, “I don’t need him to play, I just need him to kick”.

    Reed has more excuses than Favre. (OK, well no one has that many)

  11. Reed needs to envision that the football is a Sheetz gas station bathroom paper towel dispenser before he kicks it. He could improve his range and accuracy dramatically

  12. Fats Reed can complain his way right down to the unemployment line. His schitck has been old for a couple of years now in my book. I have no idea why the Steelers organization has continued to put up with his antics, both on and off the field. He has cost us at least a couple of games each of the last two years leading up to this one. He’s already cost us one game this year. It’s onlyh a matter of time.

    He hits most of his kicks when there’s absolutely no pressure. As a result, his statistics look great. But, put him in the pressure cooker and he chokes.

    It was bad enough looking at that pitiful display of ineptitude on the field last night without having to see our fata$$ kicker, who’s making almost $2M per year gacking a 26-yarder.


  13. Is there ANY player on that team that ACTS like a man? Anyone who owns up to what they do wrong, personally or professionally? Anyone who is not a damned Drama Queen?

    No…I don’t think so. Get the twist out of your panties, Pittsburgh, and just play the damned game.

  14. LOVE to see the Steelers and their arrogant fans getting knocked down a peg or two. Pretty impressive performance last night night at home guys. How’s that Super Bowl looking now? You’re not even the best team in your division any more and with the injuries your offensive line is just offensive. That’s OK, don’t take my word for it….the truth will play out over the next few weeks. If not for a very tainted call to end the Dolphins game the record of the two teams would be reversed right now.

  15. @dolfan34 …

    Most of us have acknowledged being outplayed by a better ballclub. That would be the Patriots, not the Dolphins. Your team is the biggest bunch of whiners I’ve encountered in can’t remember when. That wasn’t a tainted call. The line judge couldn’t see the ball pop out from his vantage point and incorrectly blew the whistle. He made a simple mistake. Something tells me simple mistakes are a way of life for you. Pee Wee ballers know the play was dead the second the whistle blew, but apparently no one ever explained that to Dolphins fans. But even if the play had continued, the end zone camera shows Roethlisberger turn and scoop the fumble toward him just as the Dolphins piled on. Had the Steelers not been wrongly told they’d made a touchdown and been allowed to keep fighting for the ball it is just as likely it would have been a Steelers TD as a Dolphins touchback.

    But regardless, your team got the ball with two and a half minutes to play needing only a field goal to win. You went four and out. With less time and worse field position in a more stressful situation–the Super Bowl–and needing a touchdown, the Steelers managed to answer the call. Don’t blame us that your Dolphins couldn’t man up when they had to. That’s why they’ll be sitting third to the Pats and Jets at season’s end.

    Suck it up.

  16. Jeff Reed was a great kicker. I think he is just having some bad luck this year. Pittsburgh would be stupid to let this guy go. Bench him on FG’s and use him solely for kick-offs. Bring in a cheap, fairly accurate kicker for now and make Reed practice until he gets it right. No sense dropping someone who will likely find a job right away. Pittsburgh’s luck would be Reed landing on a team from their division, where he lands a kick in the play-offs to send the Steelers packing. Don’t let Reed go!

  17. ejtowne …

    If he’s having bad luck this year, it’s the same luck he had last year when his chip-shot misses cost us games. We had the same record as the Ravens and missed the playoffs on the tiebreaker. If Reed had made those FGs, we’d have made the playoffs. And they already tried benching him on kickoffs and just using him on field goals because of his poor performance on kickoffs. The operative word in your opening sentence is was. He gained a lot of weight in the offseason that seems to be affecting his play. I’d love him to be the kicker he was, but the only thing we seem able to rely on now is him missing at least one field goal a game. The one he missed in this year’s Ravens game was the difference in the final score.

  18. That’s OK Deb, based on what I’ve seen from your team the last couple of games versus the Saints and Patriots, the Steelers won’t be winning anything this season either. The difference Deb is we don’t live in the past and we don’t go on about our team like we were the greatest thing since sliced bread. You guys will be going the same way as your baseball team before you know it.

    Great home performance last night Steelers!

  19. Christ, does this guppy fan have penis envy raging here or what? Come back when you’ve won something small fry, like EVER!!!!

    Last night’s game was a nightmare. Brady has our number and guy’s that couldn’t catch a cold last week in Cleveland looked like All-Pro’s this week. It happens and they slaughtered the Steelers.

    That being said, not many NFL teams would have any sort of chance in overcoming starting a game without 3/5s of their starting offensive line, both starting defensive ends, as well as losing their starting possession receiver very early in the game.

    The defense looked REALLY bad last night however! If the Steelers don’t draft the best corner available in next year’s draft there should be an investigation!!

  20. @dolfan34- Lay off Deb, dude.
    “How’s that superbowl lookin now?”
    Um. Better than 1-15 probably.
    The fact that the fins had to change starting qb’s suggests that more than just calls were at the heart of that record. Also Tuna’s getting restless and without him your fins are back at the bottom of the AFC. So you may be looking to the past soon.

  21. Thanks, belicheckyoself 🙂

    dolfan34, yeah, we look far back to 2008. Your champagne-poppers are harkening back almost four decades. Bit of a stretch for that insult lol

  22. 3/5s of our O/L was out, the turf sucks, the refs hate us, our kicker ate too many pizzas. More excuses than G. Bush. Suck it up girls, every team has injuries, the other teams play on the same field, the refs don’t hate you, and your kicker just plain sucks. Can’t wait to see you in the playoffs when the going gets tough for real.

  23. @st1llerz1
    They drafted 2 CB’s that have yet to see the field. I’d rather see them take a O-Lineman in the first 3 rounds.

  24. I think it’s funny, even with the Steelers getting SLAUGHTERED at home, Steelers fans still flap their gums. Looks like the only time we can shut them up will be when the season is over for them, which should be in 7 weeks time. Looks like Big Ben’s going to have an even longer off-season to get into trouble. Probably means old man Batch should hold off moving to that retirement villa one more season, so that they can call on him again next year. Nice team!!

  25. @patriotsworld …

    I’ve congratulated the Pats for outplaying and outcoaching us on about five threads, and made no excuses. Reed can pack his hobo sack and hit the road because … wait for it … other kickers manage to come onto our crappy field and do their jobs. If you were hoping for confetti as well, you’ll have to wait until January. Maybe Rex will share 😉

    @dolfan34 …

    Yes, we talk on our threads. You’re just pissed because I’m congratulating the Pats but haven’t forgotten the Fish went four and out when they had two and a half minutes and needed only enough yardage to kick a field goal to win. No, you can’t shut us up because you couldn’t beat us. Suck it up.

    @jackburtonsspawn and st1llers1 …

    We drafted an o-lineman in the first round last season and that’s worked out well. We need another … and we’re desperate at corner. But there is a thing called free agency. I know we rarely play in that box but it did give us Jerome Bettis and it’s got to be good for more than Flozell. I’d like to see us draft for the line and try to bring in a proven corner.

    You guys can get your old screen names. Just click My Accounts at top left of page. Click Edit my profile. Then got down to the line that says “Display name as” and put anything you want. You can separate words and use caps.

  26. @deb…

    I’ll hand it to you deb, you try to keep the level of discussion above the waistline. A lot of your fellow Steeler fans don’t. Same can be said of a lot of posters. I’ve gotta tell you tho, I hear a lot of excuses flying around Pittsburgh every time they lose.
    I’ll take the confetti any time I can get it, goes well with the Mich Ultra.

  27. @patriotsworld …

    Thanks 🙂 Seriously, with the way they looked against us, wouldn’t be surprised to see you in contention for that confetti. But the Eagles looked a lil scary last night. First time I’ve seen them with Vick at QB. If he can stay healthy, look out.

  28. I’ll buy that. Vick looked fab, but they can’t seem to keep him in there … and Washington isn’t a real test. Unfortunately, the Pats always manage to look their best against us … and our defense never reciprocates against him.

    The first time I saw him in preseason, I didn’t think it was him LOL Then I thought it was a weave or something. Now I’m starting to get used to it. At least with the scruffy beard, he looks a little more manly LOL

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