Sanchez should be fine; Cotchery may miss time

The Jets survived their second straight overtime road game, but it will come with a price.

Jerricho Cotchery hurt his groin in overtime, moments before making one of the absolute best diving catches you will ever see.

Rex Ryan called Cotchery “the gutsiest player I’ve seen in a long time.”

The Jets’ third wideout couldn’t finish the game, indicating it’s probably a serious problem.  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News guesses Cotchery could be out a couple of games.

Early indications are much better for Mark Sanchez, who limped through much of the end of the Jets’ win because of a calf injury.  Rich Cimini of says he’s hearing Sanchez will be ready to go against Houston.  The second-year quarterback has gone a long way the last two weeks to show he’s a weapon at the end of games.

There is a debate in New York whether the Jets are lucky or good, but they shouldn’t apologize for Sunday’s effort.  They held the ball over 47 minutes against a very good Cleveland team.  (The Browns held it 27 minutes.)  They out-gained the Browns 456-303 and survived three missed field goals.

Perhaps they were lucky in Detroit, but Sunday was one of the Jets’ better efforts of the season.

12 responses to “Sanchez should be fine; Cotchery may miss time

  1. I cant stand this ridicule of the Jets that there not good. In the NFL with all the parity a win is truly a win for the most part and it usually does come down to winning the close games with the exception of a dominant 18-1 team i.e patriots, so the Jets are good!

  2. the jets have been lucky the whole year. yesterday the int that was dropped in the endzone or the fumble in OT. This has been happening with the jets all year. They should enjoy it because it never lasts

  3. Very solid performance. Browns are an underrated team. Cudos to the Jets for pulling this one out. I can’t help but notice that this and last week’s games are the type of games the Jets used to lose.

  4. I’m not entirely convinced that Sanchez wasn’t playing up the calf thing a little to try and draw the blitz. It sure didn’t seem to slow him down any when it counted.

  5. “Perhaps they were lucky in Detroit, but Sunday was one of the Jets’ better efforts of the season.”

    So glad you approve. Your lack of approval was keeping me up nights.

  6. who hasn’t had some luck?

    The Jets had Detroit, the Pats had San Diego, the Falcons had Garrett Hartley, the Ravens had Revis injury,..

    The only teams that have had deck truly stacked against them are Indy, the Packers and now the Dolphins

  7. Great catch by Cotchery. Minus one game against Detroit he has always been Mr. Reliable. Kind of reminds me of Wayne Chrebet on third downs. We got lucky yesterday but all teams do. The difference is that now adays we actually winning close games. In the past we’d lose them all. Finally feels good to be a Jets fan.

  8. gangreen1226 – there’s no reason to pay any mind to the haters of the Jets. The Jets and the Patriots are the NFL’s elite teams right now. 7-2 speaks volumes. December 6th will be a great game. for now, I’m content. Bring on the Texans and Bengals.

  9. Wow…the Texans and the Bengals up next. 2 overtimes against the Lions and the Browns. The Jets are really beating up on the powerhouses of the NFL. LOL. They will get rolled in the playoffs. Colt Mccoy made that defense look silly when it counted.

  10. promin1, made the defense look silly?
    The Jets used to roll over when games got close, and now they are pulling it out and winning them. Sounds like that’s hard for you to take. So sad that it upsets you, and hope you get over it soon. Maybe when the Jets beat YOUR team you can share more lame excuses why it happened. We can all use a laugh and an eyeroll now and then.
    I like what I am seeing from the Jets. From Sanchez breaking away from sack attempts, to incomplete passes due to the Jets D’s coverage, to our receivers making those catches…good stuff!

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