Todd Haley says he’s sorry

Let’s give Chiefs coach Todd Haley some credit for not making a silly situation any worse on Monday.

Given the opportunity to address his finger shaking snub towards Josh McDaniels, Haley apologized for the situation.

“I want to touch on a post-game situation that I know, or it sounds like, has become a big deal and I do want to apologize for me not shaking Josh’s hand after the game,” Haley said on Monday via Arrowhead Pride.   “I do believe in doing what’s right and that was not right. I probably let emotions of the situation get me too much. I apologize and I apologize to the fans and to Denver and to Josh.”

McDaniels seemed somewhat befuddled when asked about it on Sunday, and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.   Haley didn’t want to go into the details of why he was so mad.  He doesn’t plan on contacting McDaniels directly, but the public apology will do.

“I felt like, again, communicating it to the majority, or anyone that was watching it, to let them know how I felt and that’s important,” Haley said.

16 responses to “Todd Haley says he’s sorry

  1. On the rare occasions when Denver actually wins games, McDaniels turns into a mouthy punk who taunts from the sideline and runs his mouth at opposing players.

    Haley should have punched him.

  2. weird deal, but classy move to apologize, at least now he doesn’t look like an a-hole…still better just to shake his hand in the first place

  3. McDaniels only has a job because of Belichick, and it is hard not to hate the guy, but anybody who has been humiliated on the field like his Broncos have lately surely wanted to turn the tables on somebody, anybody to take the heat off, and that just happened to be the chiefs

  4. I think Haley was pissed that a lot of McDaniels players were disrespectful on the sidelines…but face it, they had their a$%es handed to them 2 weeks in a row, so it was time for a little payback. Dont worry…Broncos going to Arrowhead, and its nice to see a little spice in this rivalry.

  5. Instead of acting like a poor sport (yes, kids, professional coaches are NOT to be emulated) just store up the perceived slight for the rematch in 3 weeks. Trouncing McD in KC would be the smart revenge.

    Ironically, the whole thing probably went over Josh’s hooded head.

  6. Last week Haley said the Chiefs were sloppy against the Raiders because the Raiders lacked discipline, and it affected his team. Yesterday he didn’t have his team ready to go. I don’t know, coach. Maybe it’s you.

  7. K Moreno wasn’t even the happiest horsie at the track for his great Day yesterday.
    You know l’il Joshie-boy just felt an enormous load of pressure slide off his shoulders as “his” back finally played!
    And Played Well!
    Even outplayed the Steamroller Most Shockingly improved player of the year candidate in Cleveland, affectionately known in Denver as “the one that got away, but shouldn’t have if our coach knew spit about talent in this league.”

    1 day down, many many, more necessary to go

  8. Broncos fans should be upset that they didn’t beat this horrible team by MORE.

    Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993…read that again

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