Colts scratch only Bob Sanders

Every Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts publish an advance disclosure of the players who won’t be playing in the coming weekend.

This week, the only name on the list if safety Bob Sanders.

Barring further injuries or aggravations, it’s possible that Sanders is the only player who’ll be out for Sunday’s showdown with the Patriots.

Sanders suffered a torn biceps tendon in Week One.  He has not played since then, but he has not yet been placed on injured reserve.

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  1. Sanders is actually expected to return in a few weeks. Many already wrote him off for the year based on his recent injury history. Polian stated on his Radio Show that he could be back by the Dec. 5 Cowboys game and there was some speculation about the Chargers game the week before that, but that doesn’t look like the case.

    Collie & Brackett will likely be back. Addai, Hart, and Session will have to wait and see if they practice this week.

  2. Patriots torpedo bombers sighted off the port side! Sound General Quarters! All hands on deck!

    The only surprise here is that Bob Sanders may not play. The Colts have always taken an “all hands on deck” approach with the Pats, and vice versa.

  3. Sanders could be the only Colt out? I guess NE had better bring their A-game if Indy gets to have 52 actives.

  4. Polian is overdue for giving Sanders a raise; I mean this guy has played a game this season – what more could Polian ask for?

  5. There’s usually lots of paralells between the Patriots and Colts…

    … the endless debates about who’s better, Brady or Manning… or the Colts trying to catch up to the Patriots 3 Super Bowls….

    … about how the Patriots went for the “perfect season” and failed but the Colts just plain opted not to go for it at all, and still failed to win the Super Bowl…

    This year it’s about how both of these teams are injured and in many ways rebuilding, yet are among the best teams in the league…

    … both of them doing it with smoke, mirrors and a lot of heart – and I’d think there’s some universal respect for what both teams have accomplished thus far

  6. Here comes a week of posturing, misdirection and innuendo from Polian and Belichick. Just like the good ol’ days! Two of the best and most shrewd operators in the game, with no love lost between them.

    Its always a fun week, except for anyone who gets all bent out of shape when NFL teams don’t spill their guts about injuries to their personnel.

  7. i think i see a trend developing…

    Nov. 7, 2005 – Indianapolis Colts 40-21
    Nov. 5, 2006 – Indianapolis Colts 27-20
    Jan. 21, 2007 – Indianapolis Colts 38-34
    Nov. 2, 2008 – Indianapolis Colts 18-15
    Nov. 15, 2009 – Indianapolis Colts 35-34

    i thought this was supposed to be a rivalry?

  8. The only one of the Indy wins that hurt the Pats was teh AFC Championship game. The Colts went on to play a vastly overrated NFC team ‘Da Bears’ which most teams would have beaten.

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