Devin Hester wins NFC special teams player of the week award


In case you missed it, the old Devin Hester is back on returns for the Bears.

He returned two kickoffs against the Vikings for 100 yards.  He had a 42-yard punt return.  He even threw in four catches and a 19-yard touchdown.  Hester’s work on returns earned him the NFC special teams player of the week.

“Devin has it going right now,” said coach Lovie Smith. “Guys are doing a great job blocking for him and he’s feeling it as far as thinking he can go the distance each time.”

Hester returns home to Miami Thursday, where he’ll try to set the all-time record for most career return touchdowns.

4 responses to “Devin Hester wins NFC special teams player of the week award

  1. It is a mystery they ever took him off the return teams. Yes, I know. They wanted him to be a pass receiver. You don’t put your best weapon in the holster because you want to try the bullets in a different gun. I’m not a Bears fan but I love to watch him return kicks (OK, I wasn’t crazy about the opening kickoff in SB 41 against my beloved Colts).

  2. Rarely can you say a player is the best at his position in the history of the game so early in a career. Rarely, if never. This may be the only case.

    Hester was the best ever at this position when he was 24-25.

  3. I’d rather have an elite, record-breaking returner, someone who the entire league fears/respects, and who can change the momentum of an entire game in a single play, than have a mediocre-to-decent WR.

    Ideally, we get BOTH (like last week), but I’d much rather have the returner.

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