Donovan fires back at T.O.

Last night, Bengals receiver Terrell Owens called out Redskins quarterback (and former Eagles teammate) Donovan McNabb.

“How do you justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?” Owens said via Twitter, after McNabb threw three interceptions in a 59-28 loss to the Eagles.  (In T.O.’s defense, he didn’t realize that it was only a $3.5 million contract at the time.)

On Tuesday, McNabb responded.

“It’s unbelievable how they can comment on what I’m doing over here?” McNabb said, per Chris Russell of ESPN 980.  McNabb also pointed out that the Bengals are 2-7, and that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer makes more money than McNabb.

Coincidentally, The T.Ocho Show airs tonight.  Look for Owens to offer up a reply, especially since the alternative is to spend time talking about how he alligator-armed and two-hand-touched his way through Sunday’s lost to the Colts.

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  1. Two over the hill players jawing back and forth. They were teammates years ago! BORING. I want to hear Manning and Brady get into a jawing match, you know, relevant players.

    This would be like hearing Favre and Charles Tillman going back and forth…

  2. God I hope he rips you one tonight for that comment…but since no one watches it, I guess no one will here it.

  3. This is great. With this going on and the whimpering comments from Todd Haley, I really feel like I’m in high school again….

  4. hahahah how can mcnabb say anything??? he hasnt had one good game this season. and last night was just pathetic. t.o. is going to the hall of fame…mcnabb hall of choke/mediocrity/not good/overpaid…

    hail…more like FAIL!

  5. I hate both these players. But its clear that T.O. has some ridiculous vendetta against McNabb. I’m siding with McNabb on this one.

  6. T.O is trying to get viewership up for their show. It’s nothing but hype. How can it be? 2-7? What else are you going to do but create controversy when you can’t create wins.
    McNabb is buying in to retain relevence because he isn’t getting 78 mil, he is getting 3 and a quarter and the door in 7 weeks, so he needs the pub as well. They probably set it all up before hand. Cynical today, must be the weather.

  7. That’s firing back? What, was McPukey puking? Only had time for one sentence?

    This is a non-starter this contract. It’s been on someone’s desk, signed recently but I’m pretty sure Shanny has no intention of benching a starting QB one week — for whatever reason(s) — and sticking with her long-term.

    She’s McPukey. Jay Cutler will win a Super Bowl before McPukey. Which is to say, neither will win a Super Bowl.

  8. I agree with TO….maybe if they would have paid him more, he’d have played better…….just look at TO’s performance….he’s living proof of the notion.

  9. I can’t stand Owens, but using last week’s game is as feeble attempt to marginalize somebody by Florio as when he tried to marginalize Aaron Rodgers after a bad Family Night performance by repeatedly calling him “2 for 17 Rodger”. Owens looked a world beater against Pittsburgh the week before.

    And Owens is right in this case. McNabb sucks and is in no way deserving of that contract. This season has thoroughly proven that Philly got rid of the right QB.

  10. T.O., if your team was 7-2 instead of 2-7 your words might have a little more credibility. The way they throw money around in professional sports these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if Rex Grossman were making $78 million. Its all relative anyway. McNabb will be lucky to ever see 1/4 of that money.

  11. Yeah, but did you hear about what Lisa said to Cherie about Tom at the water cooler?

  12. knightringonow says:
    Nov 16, 2010 1:43 PM

    That’s firing back? What, was McPukey puking? Only had time for one sentence?


    awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  13. Why can’t Owens ever act like an adult? My 9-year old has more maturity. Probably no father at home when he was a kid to teach him how to act like a man.

  14. Why do you keep hawking this clown’s show? I’d rather spend the afternoon with Fineas and Ferb. He’s mouthing off about Donovan because he’s JEALOUS, and for some bizarre reason, Donovan is every loudmouth’s favorite target. They’re like the yin and yang of football. Donovan is class … and T.O. is classless.

  15. Owens did what he intended – he created a bigger audience for his show. It is, however, very funny for a Eagles fan.

  16. If T.O. replies on his show, will anyone hear it? It’s kinda like if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

    I’m so glad that neither of these guys are in PHI anymore.

  17. “If I were McNabb, I’d fly out there and beat his ass on the spot.”

    Better not go more than 1 round … remember … lack of “cardiovascular endurance”!

    Oh my! We are SO far from 2004/2005 guys! I can see these two in like 2034 wackin’ each other with canes at some NFL Films convention!

  18. “It’s unbelievable how they can comment on what I’m doing over here?” McNabb said, per Chris Russell of ESPN 980. McNabb also pointed out that the Bengals are 2-7, and that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer makes more money than McNabb.
    Haha, Donovan is awesome. Too bad alot of his passes hit the ground. The guy is still awesome none the less.

  19. Actually, easyeddie, T.O. didn’t have a father at home. It isn’t something to ridicule someone about, it’s something to be pitied. And this man came from nothing and he is STILL a future Hall of Famer. So what if he likes to talk? I’d rather hear T.O. anyday than Moss complain about the food they’re serving in catering.

  20. Well at least he has 78 million reasons not to kill himself. Should keep him around longer than T.O.

  21. No joke on the alligator-arms.

    That play was ridiculous. Reminded me of how T.O. played in his first meeting with Sean Taylor (in Taylor’s rookie year, against the Eagles).

    After the first hit laid on him, every time T.O. saw Taylor…he flinched. I even remembered the play when TO had about 12 yards to go between him and Taylor on one play…and he ducked out of bounds to avoid the contact more than 10 yards early.

    When the 2nd DB in Sunday’s game came near T.O. on that particular pass…he flinched and it was a very catchable ball that he let fall to the ground.

    T.O. is a great player when he wants to be…but he just needs to let this McNabb obsession go.

  22. @dallasbaby …

    A lot of people grow up in difficult circumstances–including a lot of players in the NFL. It’s not a license to make an ass of yourself or to be obnoxious, abusive, and unprofessional toward your colleagues. Both Donovan and T.O. will likely go into the Hall of Fame. I believe players should get in based solely on their play with no morals or behavioral exclusions. T.O.’s lucky the league agrees with me because if he were a baseball player, he’d probably never get in.

  23. T.O. needs to stop “cherry picking” his passes and take a hit. Then shut his mouth.
    Who Dey

  24. You know damn well that TO said this to grab attention, knowing full well the TMZ like moron’s who cover the NFL would pounce on it. He’s playing on a 2-7 garbage team, with a head coach who might end up as one the word’s greatest mysteries as to why he is still employed, and an owner who is a complete idiot. He’s not getting the attention he thinks the prom queen deserves. But that being said, TO has never been wrong is his assessment of McNabb, he was right about him when he was in Philly, and he is right about him now…..

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