Haynesworth already looking forward to return to Tennessee

Monday night’s meltdown wasn’t very fun for the Redskins, so Albert Haynesworth is already looking ahead to his return to Tennessee to face the Titans this week.

“Good to go home. But [I] want to get a victory there.  I’ve got a lot of friends on that team, coaches I still talk to and stuff like that,” Haynesworth told Rick Maese of the Washington Post after the Eagles loss.  “It’ll be even better to come out of there with a W.”

Haynesworth’s performance against Philly showed what’s wrong with his situation in Washington.  Haynesworth mentioned how the team was already down 21-0 before he even entered the game in his usual nickel package.  Yet he’s the highest paid defensive player in football.

“I think it stings any time you literally get your ass whupped like that,” Haynesworth said.  “It was embarrassing. I couldn’t wait for the game to be over.”

That would be an understatement.

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  1. Right, so he just laid down on the field closed his eyes and counted his money that he wasn’t earning. You can bet his name is brought up by the owners when the two sides meet to discuss the new CBA. Worse thing to happen to the players union.

  2. I think before this week is over, more and more information will spill forth about how dysfunctional the Redskins truly are. It’s a collection of incongruous parts that separately aren’t enough to win and together just flat out stink!

  3. Haynesworth is a lazy bum… HOWEVER, I can’t help but think how ridiculous it is that Washington spent this kind of money on a guy to play in a scheme that doesn’t even fit his talents. He can, and has been, a guy who can anchor your entire defense. You don’t make him adapt to your defensive scheme. You adapt your defensive scheme around him. Washington is just as much at fault in this epic fail as Albert is.

  4. NO, NO, NO. You do not adapt an entire defensive scheme around a player simply because he does not want to play. He is an interior defensive lineman and is equally suited for the 3-4 or 4-3. He doesn’t want to play in the 3-4 because it would reduce his sack total and “look at me” plays. He is lazy and selfish. He could play NT very well…he CHOOSES not to…that is all on him. He is no different than Moss doggin plays or T.O. purposely causing trouble in order to promote himself.

  5. The Redskins showed some great promise early this season, but their defense has been exposed for the garbage it is. They have no chance whatsoever to beat the Titans this weekend.

  6. sterilizecromartie @ Nov 16, 2010 9:14 PM

    Good stuff.

    It seems Shanny already forgot how his ride ended in Denver.

    Denver 2008
    Points-allowed: 30th (28/g)
    Yards-allowed: 29th (374/g)

    Washington 2010
    Points-allowed: 26th (25/g)
    Yards-allowed: 32nd (415/g)

  7. people sure looked at his fat ass on the ground.

    pants on the ground! pants on the ground!

    but, i suspect fat albert may actually show up to play this weekend.

  8. Things could only get worse in Washington if………………………………… Hmmm.,,,,,,,,Maybe it can’t.

  9. @finfan

    He plays his best and causes the most destruction in the 4-3. That’s what they got him for, right? Did they really spend $100 million just so he can eat up a center and a guard? I doubt it. I’m sure they wanted him so he can cause the same kind of havoc he caused in Tennessee. And he can only do that in the 4-3. Like you said, nose tackles in the 3-4 don’t make too many big plays. They take on some blockers and make room for the LBs. If that’s all they needed (a nose tackle to eat up a couple blockers) they could have gotten someone a lot cheaper and someone a lot more suited for that role than Albert.

    This is like having Peyton Manning and telling him he can’t play in the shotgun formation. It’s like having Randy Moss but not running any deep routes. They are not putting their best defensive player (maybe best player overall) in a position where he can be the most effective.

  10. “I can’t wait to get back to Tennessee. The grass is so soft and comfy there. A hammock, that would be nice, yeah, just a nice hammock on that soft green grass.”

  11. I wish this guy had just taken normal money and stayed in TN. He was SO damn good at his job there, and Washington’s a disaster and will be.
    I hate to say it, but I think he’s flopping to get cut and has been for awhile. No way anyone picks up that contract if it happens. Then he can play in TN at minimum, which I think is the point of his press conference.

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