Source: UFL plans to enforce $150,000 “transfer fee” after season ends

We pointed out earlier this year that the standard UFL contract now permits a player to be released prematurely, with the consent of Commissioner Michael Huyghue and payment of a $150,000 fee.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that procedure applies not through the end of the UFL season, but through February 2011.  The source also explained that UFL coaches and General Managers assured players and agents that, after the UFL season ends, players will be permitted to leave for the NFL.

The UFL has now had a change of heart.

According to the source, Huyghue has decided that the fledgling league could use the cash, and that the $150,000 payment will be sought for any player whom the NFL wants to sign.  In turn, the NFL has advised all teams that the UFL players remain under contract after the UFL season ends, and that NFL teams should not contact nor discuss any UFL players.

Said the source, “UFL coaches and G.M.’s are pissed.   If Huyghue follows through on this, the [UFL] is over.  No one will send a player there.”

Most players with NFL pedigrees are willing to take roughly $50,000 to play in the UFL in the hopes of being “called up” to the NFL after the UFL season ends.  If that option is removed from the table, the thinking is that fewer UFL players will join the UFL.

Whether Huyghue reverses course remains to be seen.  However, a decision needs to come soon.  The UFL season ends next week.

16 responses to “Source: UFL plans to enforce $150,000 “transfer fee” after season ends

  1. 150K is peanuts in NFL money if there is a player they want. Antonio Bryant got 7 mill this year and didn’t play a down.

  2. Now this move has stones. It is smart? I dunno. But for many players, it’s play in the UFL or not at all.

    But I kind of get it. The UFL is essentially a minor league for the NFL. If players go there and either get “reconditioned” or “recognized”. There should be some compensation.

    I would, at some point, actually like to see the games broadcast on a network I have…or can find.

  3. 8man says:
    Nov 16, 2010 7:41 PM
    But I kind of get it. The UFL is essentially a minor league for the NFL. If players go there and either get “reconditioned” or “recognized”. There should be some compensation.


    Yeah…. the compensation is “play nice with us and we won’t crush your league”. The UFL should be bending over backward to forge as friendly and strong a relationship with the NFL as they can.

    Making demands of the NFL that hamper player movement is stupid, shortsighted and suicidal to the UFL.

    Ask the USFL what trying to “compete” with the NFL will get you.

  4. 8man Its on Versus… Everybody gets that channel. its a big channel not to mention they have all the best college games on that channel too, Like last week they had the oregon game.
    I love the UFL I think they should play in the summer though whens theirs no football on at all.
    Culpepper looks amazing this year in the UFL and He could be a starter in the NFL.
    Bills should of took him, miami should call him back right now or the lions…
    I think 70% of the starters could start in the NFL.
    I for one support it and watch every game

  5. I think the UFL Coaches being “pissed” is hilarious. Name one team lining up to hire any of them. Name one team looking to sign Jeff Garcia or Daunte Culpepper, the only major NFL talent. Don’t get me wrong, the GM’s, especially Omaha’s, are doing the best with what they have, but come on. The UFL is a nice league, the games are fun, depending on the market.

    I have no issue with this, like one person said, 150K is peanuts for ANY NFL team.

    and no Raidersteve, 70% is WAY high, that’s why those guys are in the UFL. 5% maybe. I too have watched, in person/tv, UFL games, the talent is not close to the league. It’s mostly a remember me tour or a chance for guys who never made it to get back on the field and not in Canada. Remember how Jeff Garcia (arguably the biggest NFL name in the UFL) was rumored to be going to Philly? They remembered why Jeff Garcia lives in a high end condos with short leases for several years. (he’s not very good, and he’s old). Jeff Garcia and Daunte Culpepper are perfect for the UFL, you know who they are, can still play at a decent level, but no NFL team is really all that worried about bringing them in. Miami might have interest in Garcia, as a backup, but even that’s pretty far fetched.

  6. If you want to know why I say 5%, ask the 32 NFL GM’s who don’t call players in the UFL, other than maybe a couple last season.

    I trust 32 GM’s with work experience in the top league over any random person on the street.

    But of course, I enjoy the UFL, but people need to be realistic. It’s NFL Lite. It’s great for what it is, but no where near what the NFL is.

  7. The NFL won’t be viable if they don’t stop making a million rules to make players safe and ruin the game.

    I never thought I would say this, but college football is faster paced and harder hitting these days. They are allowed to hit in college.

    This pansy-wussy b.s. is getting old real fast.

    And just kill instant replay. I am shocked to have taken all these years to realize the game was better without it.

  8. @raidersteve…

    Coming from a Bills fan…why don’t you guys take Culpepper? We don’t want him. He is absolutely terrible and has been ever since he stopped flinging footballs at Moss. I don’t know what he’s been doing in the UFL because I don’t watch it.

    To comment on the article….150K isn’t too much to ask for from the NFL. League minimum is right around 300K, so most players should be willing to foot the bill…..something would need to be done contractually so the players don’t get screwed by taxes. Perhaps, word it so that the fine is directed towards the team that signs the free agent, and the the team reduces the salary by 150k. Something to discuss in the new CBA perhaps.

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