T.O. claims his brother posted the anti-Donovan Twitter message

On the last episode of As the T.O. Turns, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb responded to former teammate Terrell Owens’ Monday night Twitter message, which questioned McNabb’s $78 million contract in light of his three-interception performance.

As it turns out, T.O. claims that his brother posted the message in question.

Says Owens:  “LOL!! I c my brother got all yall riled up w/his question about McNabb’s contract! He’s entitled 2 his opinion!”

T.O. is right.  His brother is entitled to his opinion.  And his brother should express his opinion on his own Twitter page.  Any messages that appears on T.O.’s “Verified Account” are presumed to be T.O.’s words.

Under T.O.’s warped view of reality, anything appearing on his Twitter page can be brushed off as something posted by anyone who has access to his account.

Actually, it’s possible that T.O. posted the message about McNabb — and that T.O.’s brother was the one who posted the message about “my brother [getting] yall riled up.”

It’s also possible that T.O. and his “brother” are the same person.  It would explain some of his behavior over the past five years.

19 responses to “T.O. claims his brother posted the anti-Donovan Twitter message

  1. It’s also possible that T.O. and his “brother” are the same person. It would explain some of his behavior over the past five years.

    —-LOL. Kudos on that comment.

  2. Lol Florio sounds a little too upset over this little ordeal. Don’t take it personal Florio. Love the unnecessary reference regarding five years of behavior.

  3. His verified account. His responsibility.

    I wonder if any courtcase has used tweets in any way as evidence. It’s not a matter of if but when.

    Be careful what you tweet. Anything you say/tweet can and may be used against you in the court of law.

    Back to TO. I’m sure it was him. Jealousy is a beezy. I’m sure his people convinced him of the PR nightmare and how hard trying to catch on with a team next year will be.

  4. Is it at all coincidental that TO and Ocho just can’t shut up and…can’t seem to win a game? Think there’s any validity to what the talking heads have been saying for weeks now – that these guys’ heads just aren’t in football…

  5. T.O. is acting like an attention whore who is trying to get some publicity for his unwatched “reality” show. He is an unprofessional whining cancer if thisng do not go well. He an 85 should just quit football and go dance among themselves…er, “theyselves”

  6. I always assumed he was an only child.

    Of course he could have had a brother, but I would think TO would have killed him because his brother was getting more attention.

    TO’s full of crap, it’s his account, his words, gimme a break. Just like a punk that can’t take responsibility for anything he’s done… not surprising.

  7. It would also be an acceptable to say his “brother” is Chad. I always have wondered this season if Chad and T.O. are ya know (gay).

  8. @roxtar,

    Their heads are definitely in football, although whereas I think that Ochocinco is always trying his best regardless of the score, Owens seems to unravel as soon as he recognizes his team has no chance of winning. Terrell obviously packed it in and the end of that game. Then there is the Carson Palmer element. He’s totally banged up because he is not mobile and gets no protectio to boot. He’s still a great thrower when he has time and is healthy though.

  9. His brother from another mother, or maybe a sister from another mister…….

    either way, the account is TO’s responsibility, and therefore his words. The fact he is trying to place blame somewhere else only shows his current competency level!

  10. T.O.’s brother didn’t post that. MY brother posted that.

    I wanna see the Owens brothers get their own TV show. “Mom always did like you better.”

  11. It was his evil brother, Tyrell. You know, the twin with the mustache. Just like Epidode 5 of “Star Trek” when there was an evil Kirk, in “”The Enemy Within”. Own it today.

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