T.O. takes on Donovan McNabb, again

When receiver Terrell Owens didn’t have a job, he was mending fences with his former Philly quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

Now that T.O. is gainfully employed, he’s back to bashing Donovan.

The first blow came two weeks ago, during the tree-falling-in-the-woods-doesn’t-make-much-of-a-sound T.Ocho Show, when Owens chided McNabb’s sluggishness in the final moments of Super Bowl XXXIX.

Now, as Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline.com points out, T.O. has called out McNabb following Monday night’s 59-28 loss to their mutual former team.

“How do you justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?” Owens said.

(Of course, the same thing could have been said about Owens’ $2 million contract, given his alligators-playing-two-hand-touch performance on Sunday.)

With Owens trying to extend his career by piecing together one-year deals from a series of teams he has yet to poison, statements like this won’t persuade franchises who have yet to experience T.O. to take a chance on an aging player who by all appearances is far more concerned about everyone’s play but his own.

42 responses to “T.O. takes on Donovan McNabb, again

  1. I can’t wait till we play T.O. this sunday!! McGee, McKelvin, Florence, Byrd and Whitner can’t wait either. They were making T.O. look O-L-D last year in training camp. But you never know what can happen… Owens has had some good games… He may be getting up there in age but can still exploit any team at any time.

  2. I realize that I’m stating the obvious, but some people just don’t know when it’s time to shut-up.

    When did Wide Receiver Syndrome start? Strange phenomenon.
    Did it start showing up with Irvin, or Fryar?
    Before that?
    Studies need to be done.
    Moss, Ocho Cinco and Owens certainly take it to the next level.

  3. Isn’t a bit of a reach to try and bash Owens’ performance this season, given that he’s 3rd in the NFL in receiving yards and receptions, and T5 in receiving TDs?

    I’d say he’s earned his money a lot more than McNabb has this year. Going 17/31 with 3 INTs isn’t the way to show everyone that you’re worth $78M. Neither is being T4 for most INTs, T24 for most TDs for the season, and 29th in overall QB rating.

    Face it, TO has a valid point.

  4. Hey T.O., until you put 100% effort through the ENTIRE game then you have no room to talk. You walked your punk ass back to the line of scrimage when we could have had some kind of prayer of a shot to come up with something big. Yet you were too busy whining so you didn’t help us at all. You and Ocho can go have a circle jerk with Randy Moss and Deshean Wynn as the pivot man. Can’t wait till next year when you and Ocho are gone.

  5. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean he’s not correct. Signing Donnie Mac after the last two performances is a huge risk.

  6. Soooooo tired of this guy, his mouth and ME attitude. Can’t wait ’til this loser leaves the game!

  7. As long as Daniel Snyder is throwing away money, I wish I could convince him to blow some on me. I’ll throw completions to the other team for 10% of what he’s paying McNabb.

  8. Owens does well when playing for teams that don’t win many games. Buffalo last year and this year – the 2-7 Bengals -He gets his stats and money; in return, the teams he plays for get (fill in the blank).

  9. Seriously, Owens is saying what most everyone outside of Dan Snyder’s office is thinking. It doesn’t matter if its 3 years/40 million or 5 years 78 million. McNabb is never going to be great for a Redskins team that doesn’t have the pieces around him. Hence he can’t win games by himself! So to take that money away from improving the team and giving it to a QB with only a few decent years left. And yes, I would take T.O. and his antics for 2 million over a mid thirties QB making 70 plus million anyday. Unless his name was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

  10. get over it dude. you didnt win/get to a SB before Donovan, with Donovan, nor will you AFTER him. you will retire without a ring sir. Maybe KG was talking to you when he said you’re cancerous to your team and the league

  11. I was slowly leaning towards respecting Owens…until he showed his true colors again this week. His performance and attitude were horrible this week…and now he is flapping his gums again. He needs to just shut up and actually play instead of walking through the game like he did on Sunday

  12. I’ve never been more anxious to get rid of these two guys. This sounds silly but having these two clowns off of our team will vastly improve the morale and excitement of the team. We have young guys who can play ball but can’t get a chance b/c our organization is stuck on these two clowns. Get rid of the egos so we can get back to basics. I’m tired of me, me, me.

  13. Meanwhile, an hour later, Florio and PFT will post an article titled “How do you justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?” ….and yet it will be perfectly fine. In fact, the more I think about it, T.O. is right and I am sure every Redskins fan is wondering the exact same thing right now!

  14. It would be really funny if the Bills beat them this week and they hold TO to no catches. Actually, as bad as Buffalo has been (Def), their offense is better this year without TO. Stevie Johnson has more than enough held his own in taking TO’s place.

  15. frankly, i dont see why this is a story. MNF was trending big time last night and tons of people were commenting on McNabs new contract and making fun of it considering the Skins were getting stomped. Just because TO used to play with him, that doesnt preclude him from being able to comment. 75% of the people watching MNF were thinking the same thing. aren’t we getting a little too sensitive? Who are the drama queens now? he made a comment, move on.

  16. The bottom line is this:

    Both Owens and McNabb will be in the Hall of Fame. Most likely, both players won’t have a Championship ring in their possession. The only difference, one will be remembered for all his on the field accomplishments and “take the high road” personality.
    And Owens will just be remembered as a total dick & team cancer….a la Barry Bonds.

    Plus Donanvan just pocketed 40mil guaranteed…more power to him. Let’s see it would take Owens another 20 years to make that kind of cash. Ha ha ha!

  17. If TO insists on talking about contract value, why doesn’t he tackle BrINT Farve’s $1 mil plus per game while leading the league in both INT’s (surprise, surprise) and fumbles lost.

  18. McNabb going to the HOF would be a joke. Owens is completely right. McNabb hasn’t done a thing recently.

    @steelerdynasty2010 I must have forgotten all those rings that McNabb won without Owens. Hmmm, wait a minute, McNabb choked every time he got close. Hell, if it wasn’t for McNabb being so out of shape and collapsing in the SB, Owens probably would have a ring.

  19. What’s TO talking about? McNabb wasn’t on defense. McNabb didn’t play great, but he did well all things considered. When you’re down 35 30 seconds into the 2nd quarter, the problem isn’t the offense. The problem is the fact that the corners got burned at every turn. When you have no defense, you’re going to have to take on more duties and have worse looking numbers.

  20. McNabb is an average QB, but the skins have no help around him, the line can’t pass block and his WR suck and his TE is old…..give him some weapons and he’s better than Carson Palmer……

  21. T.O. has been reduced to biding time until the end of his career in small markets like Buffalo and Cincy that don’t get a lot of run in the national press. He needs to generate attention so he starts bashing McNabb again. Pathetic, T.O., but I guess your true colors are shining brightly. Your kegacy will include your pettiness, but will it overshadow your talent?

  22. Drew Brees is cool. You know Drew Brees is cool when he’s the only white guy on blacksportsonline.com’s banner heading.

    As for the TO comment, everyone fails to mention that he is right and it’s what everyone on this website is thinking and commenting. TO said something negative about something! So what. He’s Terrell Owens not Barack Ofrickenbama.

  23. mcnabb has no chance to be hof’er. in this generation alone you have manning, brady, (sure things) roethlisberger, rivers, warner, brees, e.manning, favre, who are all better or will have better numbers than mcnabb. the hof comittee wil have a difficult time putting all of those guys in, and certainly will not waste a spot on a marginal qb, when you have only so many players going in each year, and many other deserving players at other positions

  24. T.O., overrated? Really? Second all-time in receiving yards, third all-time in touchdown receptions. Love him or hate him, this man is a future Hall of Famer. Maybe he likes to run his mouth, but he gets the job done, he’s entertaining, and let’s face it, he’s made many, many reporters many, many dollars with his antics that everyone loves to exaggerate and cover exhaustively year after year.

    So what if he had a bad game this past week? He’s playing for a crappy team whose coach and quarterback will probably be gone by the end of the season. All the guy wants to do is win. Is that really so bad? At least he hasn’t played for 3 different teams within 2 months of each other like Randy Moss.

  25. I’d take TO over McFlop any day of the week.

    He can play on my team any time… no really, I coach peewee league, and his emotional maturity is about on the same level as my kids, so he’ll fit in very nicely.

  26. I think the better question is “how does a guy as stupid as Dan Snyder make enough money to piss it away like he does on average players”?

    McNabb for a season made sense since no one else was out there, but 4 years/$78M. Come on, he is obviously not a quick study and did not learn a thing from the Haynesworth (or not worth) signing.

    It just proves that you don’t need to be smart to be rich in America.

  27. I don’t like Owens, but you can’t say he isn’t producing this year. His numbers are great. Also, the content of what T.O. said is true. That contract is out of whack with McNabbs play and age.

    Should he be the one saying it? No, but its true!

  28. For all those commenting on Mcnabb’s game last night…. not one of those INT’s was his fault. The first was tipped by a WR, the 2nd and third were just great plays made by the CB and no effort what so ever by the WR. T.O. is Jealous of Mcnabb and always will be. People love Mcnabb no one but T.O. loves him.

    As for the HOF I think you detractors might want to look at Mcnabb’s #’s compared to other HOF’s then make those statements with a straight face. As For Brees, E.manning, Rivers, Rothlisberger and Warner… they all had something Mcnabb never had….WEAPONS. Warner played with 2 HOF in St Louis and 2 perennial pro bowlers in Arizona but, did nothing in NEW YORK getting benched for a rookie. Rothlisberger is nothing without the Steeler Defense and running game. Brees has had weapons his whole career. Eli is garbage 3rd in the league in INT’s this season he is the new Favre. Had Mcnabb had a Plaxico, Ochocinco, Gates, Ward, or Fitzgerald his entire career like some of these guys the Eagles would have had a couple of rings and trophies. Thus cementing Mcnabb as a 1st ballot HOF’er.

  29. Thank you, eaglelover 1! Defense was NOT in the building, but I thought McMoney was mostly good…even though I had to stop watching…so awful for lifelong ‘Skins fan to admit. Let’s improve the pieces around him and hope for the best. ‘Skins are still more fun to watch this year than last 2. I will also admit…I ROOTED FOR DALLAS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! I hope Garrett does a great job and things turn around.

    Wet, soggy HAIL!

  30. ineptguy:
    totally missed my point. my point is why is he still griping about a guy who got him closer than anyone had ever gotten him to a SB win? There are PLENTY of people getting salaries they dont deserve, but yet, he brings up Donovan ONCE AGAIN. why? is it going to help his negotiations as he looks for his next one year deal? he’s obviously jealous of McNabb for whatever reason, why else does he seem to want to throw this guy under the bus everytime he gets a chance? and BTW, i think he happens to be right. Its just not his place to say so. He doesnt play with him, employ him, or have anything to do with his team (they arent even in the same conference!!!)
    I’m a steeler fan buddy and couldnt care less that the other PA team didnt win the trophy. All i’m saying is that the bitterness and childishness is misdirected. No, McNabb is not the greatest QB to ever play the game, but he’s probably going to the HOF just the same (whether you like it or not. he was the face of a franchise for 10+ years and appeared in 5 conference championships, he’s getting in) You cant put the entire game on McNabb’s performance on the final drive, game is 60 minutes folks. gotta make more plays…period…and that is and always will be a major flaw in the “if the refs didnt screw us (cheat)/ if this one guy had done better we would have won” argument. Not saying those things do not contribute significantly to the game’s outcome, but they are not singular causes for wins/losses.

  31. One other thing maybe just maybe, T.O. should worry about that dude under center on his own team. Not only does he have a better team around him (as he has for his entire career) he is being paid more and has played far worse than Mcnabb has this year.

  32. since when does leading ur team to playoffs almost every yr, making it to nfc championship 5 times and superbowl 1 not considered h.o.f material… are u guys kiddin me, mcnabb is def hof material. along w owens

    but owens just stfu already noone cares about u/mcnabb, its over u look lik an idiot everytime u talk about mcnabb.. u might not b jealous but u seem it

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