The Albert Haynesworth era in Washington, distilled

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In one unforgettable image, Albert Haynesworth neatly distilled everything wrong with his tenure in Washington.

On a third quarter play, Haynesworth fell down and didn’t bother to get back up.  Michael Vick wound up finding Jason Avant for a touchdown after getting a ton of time to throw.

If you missed it, check out this GIF courtesy of Jon Bois of SB Nation.

Jon Gruden said it was a moment you don’t want to put on film for other coaches to see, much less national highlight reels.  Haynesworth’s lethargy — perhaps due to a lack of cardiovascular endurance — directly impacted the play.  If Haynesworth got up, Andre Carter would have got a clear shot at Vick instead of being blocked.

We would suggest the Redskins put the image on the front of their pricey tickets next season, but football’s most expensive backup defensive tackle surely won’t be on the team.

33 responses to “The Albert Haynesworth era in Washington, distilled

  1. Just plain Wow. I saw that last night. When you talk about this play and that of Jerricho Cottchery and you note the difference in their salaries it is just…wow. One tore his groin and STILL beat his man (it was Eric Wright, but still it counts as a man…kind of) and sold out completely, diving for a pass and he caught it for a first down. The other totally quit on the play and his team and the result was a TD.


  2. whats funny to me is they think the are going to get something for him. they should have cut him the week before the first regular season game.

  3. WOW , show this and then show the J.Cotchery catch again ,and that would be called Night & Day !!!! How do they continue on with this F’n clown.

  4. I have seen his girlfriend around the Reston TownCenter and if you saw what she looked like you would be tired on game too…LMAO.

    I would cut his tail now but again total dysfunction in this org…shanarats look totally lost.

  5. That’s awesome! Todd Herremans reaction is great. He’s like, ‘well I guess I’ll just go hit someone else then…’

  6. What is the difference between what he did on that play, what T.O. did several plays this week, and what Moss does at least twice a game? These are the kind of guys that deserve to be benched as publicly as Vernon Davis was a couple years ago…blast it on the loud speaker. Fine him for obvious lack of effort. What is his excuse going to be? “I though I pulled an ab muscle? Worthless excuse of a player.

  7. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! How long, O Lord? Do we have to wait 40 years to be delivered? Well, we’re half way there, so Super Bowl in 20 years. Go, ‘Skins!

  8. Collier gets a let shot off and paralyzed, but he did stay down that long. I cannot wait for Haynesworth to be out of football. I don’t want my kids to see anyone play like that. He has no heart.

  9. Scenes of players quitting are happening all the time now, it’s a major cause for concern.

    The NFL has to step in and do something about this, they can’t let this go on.

  10. #
    elmoron says: Nov 16, 2010 12:15 PM

    Flash: Doesn’t seem like he wants to play in DC and/or for Mike.

    more like the guy doesn’t want to play at all.

    you’re on the field playing football and you just lay there?

    most despicable, lazy thing i’ve seen. Moss runs 2nd to that joker.

  11. Just when I was starting to like his play again….he pops this PR fart.

    When this guys puts it out there he is flat amazing. But as last night proved, he only puts it out there when he feels like it.

  12. whether you like it or not, somebody is going to get a REALLY GOOD DT for pretty much nothing next year.

  13. Between this turd’s fat contract, and McNabb’s unbelievable $30 million guaranteed (I STILL can’t F-ing believe they paid THAT much money to THAT piece of crap QB!!!), Daniel Snyder has really proven himself mentally incompetent to own an NFL team.

  14. I’d say he is smarter than most of the football players. Try hard for a couple of years, get a big payday (with as much guaranteed money as you can get) an then just go through the motions until you are fired. Then, with the pockets full of money, go do something less hazardous for the rest of your life.

  15. The Redskins just laid down to the Eagles in the first half of that game. Of course, one did not expect Haynesworth to do it literally. Vick had an unheard of 8 seconds to throw on that play.

  16. 4sacroc says:
    Nov 16, 2010 12:50 PM
    6-10 here we come.

    I dont know about that ,after last night im not sure there are 2 more wins on that schedule..

  17. Not in defense of fat albert, but we had a good to very good defense the last 5 years running, and the first thing we do with all the 4-3 players we have is tell them to switch to a 3-4. If the defense sucked every year, ok, but this wasn’t the case. Haslett has done both and shouldn’t have switched.

    that being said, clearly fatass quit on the play and the team. He doesn’t want to be there, and like someone else said, he’ll be gone next year playing cheap for someone and probably be back doing great. Damn shame is what it is for us fans. Stupid on the part of the Redskins. And classless and character-less by Haynesworth.

  18. Talk about taking a dive. The league needs to look into this and see if Albert is betting against team, lol.

  19. Does Albert think this is the NBA? Players have millions of guaranteed reasons to take plays off and the people that pay for the PSL’s, purchase tickets, and buy the jerseys, make it all happen.

  20. So…Big Al is basically paid for every step he takes while on the field???? He does nothing else to contribute to the team so that is all I could come up with on how he is paid his millions! 1 step=$100, 2-step=$200……LOL

  21. Skins could have got a pick for him even up to the trade deadline but didnt think it was enough – now they get nothing. This was such a no-brainer to cut your losses and add a draft pick(ANY DRAFT PICK BRUCE) but the Redskins are special like that.

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