Albert Haynesworth sometimes wishes he was still in Tennessee

If Albert Haynesworth was ranking schemes that he enjoyed playing in, Tennessee’s system clearly ranks first.  It surprised me to hear Haynesworth is enjoying this season in Washington more than last year under Jim Zorn and Greg Blache, though.

Haynesworth said he doesn’t feel “deprived, like last year,” he said via Jason Reid of the Washington Post. “I felt like I wasn’t doing what I could do. But now, I’m getting back to it. It’s still a different role, but still a little more similar to what I did at Tennessee.”  (Lying on the ground is part of his new role.)

With Haynesworth visiting the Titans this week, he admits he wonders what could have been if he stayed with the team.

“Do they wish they still had me? Yeah,” Haynesworth told Reid.  “[Sometimes] I wish I was still back there, because I feel like I could still be dominant.  I think people still think that I’m not playing as good as I can or whatever.”

The Titans were very interested in keeping Haynesworth, but couldn’t match Washington’s offer.  Perhaps they will sign him at a reduced rate next year if the Redskins don’t want to keep him.

Before Haynesworth left via free agency, he was quoted saying, “I want to show I’m better than I was in Tennessee. It’s not about the money, it’s about being great.”

When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money. And money doesn’t always equal happiness, especially in Washington.

15 responses to “Albert Haynesworth sometimes wishes he was still in Tennessee

  1. Tell that crybaby to shut up and enjoy the milk money. I can’t stand that guy. I like guys like T.O. but can’t stand guys like Haynesworth. And yeah, sure T.O. takes time off too as has been repeatedly referenced as “alligator-armed-flag-football” here, but the fact is T.O keeps himself in amazing shape and despite that one play he has produced some great games. Haynesworth has yet to earn a penny of his money while T.O will likely out play his contract.

  2. Haynesworth needs to first get his fat, lazy a$$ off the turf after he’s been knocked down, before he starts thinking about any team wanting him.

    Hey Fat Albert, try living up to THIS contract first, will you?

  3. He will play for someone next year i guess but would anyone really want him on the team you root for? It would be sweet tho if every GM turned his back on this guy and ended this disgraceful man’s career.

  4. I would trade one million Albert Haynesworths for one Dave Butz. Dexter had lots of problems but still would be a considered a man of “high character” compared to Albert. Albert couldn’t wash Charles Mann’s jock strap.

  5. ALbert should be concerned about the tire around his mid section if he wants to return to form. Personally this fat pig who has pocketed 100mil doesn’t need the redskins.
    I think he would prefer to just sit on a sofa and eat chicken and ribs

  6. he is where he belongs….a LOSER ORG!!!! worst franchise in the NFL.

    That performance by the whole team Mon night was the worst performance I think we have ever seen in quite sometime. How many historical records were set? LMAO.

  7. boysroll:

    I’m assuming you missed your team’s last game under Wade. Let’s be careful with that “worst performance’ thing. Yes, Albert is a lazy turf muncher, but, c’mon, man!

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