Banged-up Browns try to get healthy for Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns played nearly 1.25 games on Sunday, losing to the Jets in the final seconds of overtime.  And as the Browns try to move on from what might have been, they have to face a Jaguars team riding a wave of euphoria after being one of the few teams to have a football prayer answered.

The Browns started their preparations without safety Mike Adams (abdomen), linebacker Eric Barton (thigh), linebacker Marcus Benard (illness), cornerback Sheldon Brown (shoulder), receiver Joshua Cribbs (foot), linebacker Scott Fujita (knee), defensive tackle Shaun Rogers (ankle), guard Eric Steinbach (calf), and guard Floyd Womack (knee).

Quarterback Jake Delhomme (ankle) and defensive end Kenyon Coleman (knee) practiced on a limited basis.

For the Jaguars, receiver Mike Sims-Walker missed Wednesday practice with an ankle injury.  Defensive tackle Tyson Alualu (knee), linebacker Justin Durant (shin), and defensive end Jeremy Mincey (hand) practiced on a limited basis.

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  1. Jags would really get an advantage if Rogers can’t go. Meester will really have to bring his A game if 92 does play, which I am sure he will. Cribbs can’t play can he? 4 dislocated toes, eesh. Should be a good game but we will see how tough the Browns are coming off that 5 quarter battle.

  2. Poor Browns. Only they could go from being World Beaters to losing to a one legged wide receive. Very certain Betty White could replace Eric Wright and the defense would be better.

  3. Don’t believe everything you see reported from the Browns, when it comes to listing injuries. It really doesn’t matter much. The Jags just can’t hang with this team, regardless.

    @nflperson: In order to be a smartass, you have to, first of all, be smart. Nice try, though.

  4. Browns will be fine. This team is composed of grit, determination and a lot of pride. They arent about to be losers anymore. No playoffs this year but still can finish showing a lot of improvement.

    Rogers is a beast, that is for sure, but Atybha Rubin has actually won the Nose Tackle job from him…and Rogers is playing a lot of defensive end.

    We will feel the absense of those who end up not playing…but we will be just fine.


  5. Doubt this one will be on the tube anyway, smell the first blackout coming so Florio can start on how the Jags are moving to L.A. Guess I’ll have to spend some quality time with the Mrs.

  6. I’ve been watching the Browns since 1962. They’re FINALLY starting to play like a legit team again. If Eric Wright can extricate his head from his rear end, they might have a shot at a few wins in a row during the second half after playing a hellacious schedule the last 4 games. These guys can hang with the best of them. If the young RB Hardesty can come back healthy next year and if McCoy keeps progressing, these guys should be a legit shot for the playoffs next year, especially since the Steeler and Raven defenses are headed for an old folks home and the Bungles are still the Bungles.

  7. @oldbrowndawg – well said.

    Just think how much better they could be with some good WR’s and a better secondary.

  8. Will someone give Eric Wright a Snickers PLEASE!!!! I have made every excuse for him this year and quite frankly, THERE ARE NO MORE TO GIVE! The “you aren’t you when you’re hungry” excuse was my last one.

  9. I’m not worried about Eric Wright nearly as much as I am the LB corps. Not having Scott Fujita means Mercedes Lewis could potentially have a career day against the Browns, unless Rob Ryan has some brilliant scheme up his butt to stop him – he’s going to have to send in blitz packages that keep Lewis in pass protection mode, but then you gotta worry about him taking the dump-off passes when he releases from protection. Watch for him to be a BIG part of the Jags offense, especially in the red zone. He’s already got 7 TDs this season. As banged up as the Browns LBs are, Lewis could be a HUGE problem for the Browns.

    I guarantee you, if the Jags win this game, it will be because of the TE vs. LB battle.

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