Brian Billick says he hasn’t talked with Jerry Jones

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick says he hasn’t called Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once, much less two times.

“I have not talked to Jerry Jones,” Billick said via Pat McManamon of  “I have not talked to anybody in Dallas.”

Billick hasn’t talked to many NFL owners about a job since he was fired in Baltimore, an interesting issue that McManamon looks at in depth to find out why.

It’s true that Billick’s credentials — a Super Bowl win and four playoff appearances — merit him another look.  Far less distinguished coaches have received second chances.  Billick’s reputation as an arrogant coach is often brought up as a reason why he doesn’t get many opportunities.

“I am arrogant; I am egotistical,” Billick said. “You know a coach who isn’t? What some people arrogance, I call convictions.  What some call ego, I call passion. Within a certain context, I don’t know a coach who isn’t arrogant. You better believe you have the answer, or at least know the questions.”

Billick’s personality may be off-putting to some general managers, but we think there is another big factor that works against him.  He came to Baltimore as an offensive coach known for his work with the passing game.  His offenses in Baltimore ranked in the 35th percentile in yards for his nine years in Baltimore.  There were also below average in points scored.  Offensive should be his calling card as a head coach.

It wouldn’t be a total shock to see Billick get another shot.  But it could take another turn as a successful coordinator to make it happen, and that doesn’t sound like something Billick wants to do at this stage of his life with a flourishing broadcast career.  He said he doesn’t need to be a head coach again to validate his career.

“My ego has long since passed that,” he said. “I know what my credentials are.”

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  1. No coach in NFL history has ever won a Super Bowl with two seperate teams, and only one (Weeb Ewbank) has won a championship with two seperate teams,a handful have taken seperate teams, but none have won it…. it amazes me owners and fans forget this history…Who the hell wants to go to the super bowl and lose?

  2. Pat McManamon can look at a MUCH more simple reason why he hasn’t exactly been mentioned for coaching jobs is that he hasn’t inquired teams about their coaching vacancies. He’s still getting a ton of money from the Ravens from his buy-out.

    Generally when you hear that a coach is rumored for a team, or in the running for a team, the coach has been in contact.

    There’s no reason for him to uproot his family from the area where he has made his home, especially when he’s still being paid handsomely by Baltimore.

    He’s also working with FOX as an analyst, so he’s getting money there.

    Frankly, he’s probably not interested in coaching right now. In the time period when he was a head coach in the AFC North at the same time as Bill Cowher (1999-2006), they similar win-loss records (Cowher slightly better), and Billick has as many Super Bowl rings. He’ll get another shot when he feels like it.

  3. Good thing for the Cowboys they aren’t interested. Billick doesn’t know basic football rules. Watched him announce a game last week and he said that the QB couldn’t throw the ball away because there was no receiver to that side of the field.
    Unfortunately for Billick, the QB was almost at the sideline and all he had to do was throw the ball past the line of scrimmage to avoid a penalty.
    And when they showed the replay, Billick repeated his ignorant statement, stating clearly that the QB could NOT throw the ball away at all.
    Wouldn’t want a coach who doesn’t know the basic rules.
    Seems to be a problem with announcers all over the place these days – complete ignorance of the rules.

  4. maximus929 –
    You are hilarious. That’s what I love about the internet. Guys like you. Truly entertaining.

    You SINCERELY think you know more about pro football than a guy who was a player, an offensive coordinator, and a superbowl winning coach.

    So, he’d be a bad coach cuz (according to you and your astute observations) he “doesn’t know basic rules”.

    Too funny.

  5. 1. Billick is a liar. You know darn well he has courted Jerruh.

    2. Nobody wants the “offensive genius” Billick, because after he left being an offensive coordinator and moved to being a head coach….. his offense, was…….. offensive.

    3. He really IS an arrogant jack#$$%. GMs don’t want to deal with him.

    4. Fact. Some stupid team will offer him big bucks this offseason to be their head coach next year. I feel sorry for them. Big money is WAY better spent on “The Chin.”

  6. What you forgot to mention is that he’s STILL being paid 5.5 Million per year for 3 more years from Baltimore…………and yes, it GUARANTEED!

  7. Billick would be the perfect coach for the Cowboys. He doesn’t mind a strong GM so Jerrah could still play with his toys. His strengths are motivation and organization which is the antithesis of Wade. He’d have that team winning and with an attitude quickly.

    the point that bodybaggame brings up is fascinating. i have been harping on it for years but owners are creatures of habit. it is absolutely true. No modern football coach has won championships with two different teams. Only two coaches (Parcells and Holmgren) have taken two different teams to the SB both losing in their second effort. I don’t really count Weeb Ewbank because his BALTIMORE Colts championship was pre Superbowl while his ring came with the 69 Jets.

    Just on history alone, I would not hire a former SB winner if I were an owner. Stats don’t lie. But Billick in general I think would be a very good hire for the Cowboys. Even though he was not the offensive genius everyone tried to make him, you can not deny that he was a very very successful coach. And for those that want to give Marvin all the props, remember the Ravens went to multiple playoffs with multiple different DC’s. The only similarities were Billick and Ray Lewis.

  8. @TrueFan2,
    “Guys like you”… I’m not sure what horse you have in this race, didn’t mean to get your panties in a twist.

    I’m assuming you also don’t know the basic rules and agreed with Billick. Billick was wrong and doesn’t know it. Someone that stupid doesn’t belong on a sideline on Sunday.

    Was my argument that I know more than Billick? No. Only that he doesn’t know the rules of the game he wants a job in!

    Although clearly I know the rules better than Billick so you can say that. Now go back smoking that pipe and sticking your self-righteous nose in other people’s business!

  9. ppdoc13, depending on how you define “modern”, I’m pretty sure Dick Vermeil took the Eagles to a Super Bowl (lost), and I know he later took the Rams (won)… admittedly, with an almost 20-year gap between, but still.

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