Broncos give up on Jarvis Moss

Josh McDaniels continues to get rid of Mike Shanahan’s draft picks.

The Broncos dumped 2007 first-round pick Jarvis Moss on Wednesday, wrapping up four disappointing years with the team.  He’s one of many poor defensive draft picks Shanahan made towards the end of his run.  (Elvis Dumervil being one huge exception.)  D.J. Williams is now the only first-round pick drafted before 2008 still on the team’s roster.

Moss recorded only 3.5 sacks in four seasons and ultimately was too undersized to stay on the field all four downs.  McDaniels’ staff converted him from defensive end to linebacker.

UPDATE: The Broncos signed David Veikune, formerly of the Browns.

12 responses to “Broncos give up on Jarvis Moss

  1. I could see Miami grabbing him. Mike Nolan is Miami’s DC who coached him in Denver…so he should get up to speed quick. This would allow them to slide Starks back to DT…just a thought…

  2. He’s a rotational DE/OLB at best.

    Maybe a different scheme could show case his abilities but he was given every chance in the world and never showed enough.

  3. Knowing the Broncos recent history someone will pick him up and he’ll lead then league in sacks for the next five years.

  4. Rick how is your statement close to being accurate?? are u a fan?? do u not watch Bradley beast people all season??
    have you not seen SIMS flying around like a maniac??
    Fokou is the only weekspot and his presence at our SAM has turned our run defense around…

    if you think LB’s are the problem you need to get your football IQ up.. we need another DT like Dixon . . a beast that happens to be over 6’2 & 300lbs, , like those other turds we have. Bunkley is a beast but he gets swollowed up by 6’7 OL.. same with Patterson.. this whole small and fast thing aint workin when you have a RB like jacobs in you division..
    even in the win on monday the Foreskins ran the ball often and for good yardage..

    We need to beat NY to prove to me they can hang this year.. otherwise,, they are just messing up their draft status.

  5. Two words describe the brief success that Shanahan enjoyed, and continues to get way too much mileage from….Terrell Davis.

    Except for that, he underacheived with Elway, and completely fouled the futon with his draft picks and FA’s.

  6. @JSpicoli

    The only thing worse than Shanahan’s draft record was his FA record.

    He’s an elite offensive mind, but he would really benefit from a talented GM.

  7. Yeah, that Shanahan sure sucked his last three years.

    Whatever happened to Ryan Clady, Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis, Chris Kuper, Ryan Torain, Spenser Larsen, Ryan Harris, Marcus Thomas, Tony Scheffler and Elvis Dumervil. Shanahan only got 4 pro-bowlers and 10 NFL starters out of twenty picks.

  8. dcbronco,

    Are you kidding me? Don’t forget that Shanahan traded up to get Moss too. Let’s go over some of your list.

    Jay Cutler is an extreme underachiever for such a high pick.

    Eddie Royal has had one 900 yard season.

    Brandon Marshall was drafted to be a tight-end.

    Peyton Hillis was a lucky 7th round grab.

    Spenser Larsen has played 1 game at linebacker and has received a handful of catches and carries.

    Ryan Torian is has had more injures than games started.

    Marcus Thomas just registered his first sack in four seasons.

    Tony Scheffler never did anything but catch the occasional bomb and sit in the trainers office.

    Ryan Harris was god awful until Shanahan’s final season there, and he has still barely been on the field or performing at his one good season’s level.

    Elvis Dumervil was a big gamble of a pick who didn’t really show his true potential until McDaniels arrived.

    The only picks I will give credit to are Ryan Clady and Chris Kuper. Clady still was considered a reach at that position, and Denver was blasted for not taking Brandon Albert or Jonathan Stewart, who were still on the board.

    Please don’t try to defend Shanahan’s drafting techniques. Do you even remember Jeff Shoate? Greg Eslinger? Marcus Nash? Ashley Lelie? George Foster? Terry Pierce? Tim Crowder? Paul Toviessi? Willie Middlebrooks? Lennie Friedman? MAURICE CLARETT!?

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