Jake Long questionable, Chad Henne doubtful, Pisa Tinoisamoa out for Thursday night

As the Bears and Dolphins prepare to get together on Thursday night in Miami, the home team has a glimmer of good news.

Left tackle Jake Long is officially listed as questionable with a shoulder injury.

Quarterback Chad Henne is doubtful due to a knee injury suffered on Sunday, after new starter (for two plays) Chad Pennington exited with a shoulder injury.

Receiver Brandon Marshall has been added to the injury report as probable with a hamstring injury.

For Miami, center Joe Berger (knee) and safety Chris Clemons (hamstring) are out.

Also questionable are safety Tyrone Culver (ankle) and receiver Roberto Wallace (knee).  The other Dolphins probables include safety Yeremiah Bell (toe), tackle Vernon Carey (knee), linebacker Channing Crowder (ribs), linebacker Karlos Dansby (elbow), linebacker Tim Dobbins (ankle), and defensive end Kendall Langford (ankle).

For the Bears, linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa has been scratched with a knee injury that he apparently suffered in practice on Tuesday.  All other injured Bears players — cornerback Zackary Bowman (foot) and receivers Rashied Davis (quad), Devin Hester (shoulder), and Johnny Knox (ankle) — are probable.

12 responses to “Jake Long questionable, Chad Henne doubtful, Pisa Tinoisamoa out for Thursday night

  1. These players are out so in their stead the Dolphins will wheel out the ’72 team and as an added surprise Dan Marino will re-enact his final playoff game. What was that score again? Anybody? 63-7 maybe.

    Lets google it!

  2. Can you please just hurry up and make your weekly pick AGAINST the Bears, so they can continue to make you look even goofier than that haircut already does?


  3. Like the Dean previously pointed out, the Dolphins only get press when there’s an injury, an arrest, or a loss. Or a benching. Or a catfight on the sidelines.

    Dean Wormer
    Emeritus Faber College

  4. @deweyactswooned LOL Florio acts like the Bears aren’t even an NFL team. But we all know he lives his life in denial.

  5. LOL @ them trotting out their undefeated team when the Bears come to town. Pretty funny on the surface. Then you realize the that Chicago’s 85 team would beat Miami’s 72 team pretty badly.

  6. Right on the money, wouldn’t stand a chance in 9 out of 10 games, but you never know when that ONE will play…

  7. re: comeonnowguys

    As far as the 85 Bears beating the 72 Dolphins…mmmmm
    But wasn’t it the 85 Dolphins that gave the 85 Bears their ONLY DEFEAT???? lol Ruined a perfect season!!!
    And doesn’t Miami lead Chicago in their meeting???

    Something to think about..

    Dolphin fan since 1966!!!

  8. hahaha LMFAO comeonenowguys

    the ’85 dolphins beat the ’85 bears. we didnt need to go back to ’72 to do it, our decent ’85 team took care of them just fine. by 2 touchdowns–no luck involved. just an old fashioned W against a team that didnt deserve to go undefeated. Unlike our 72 team that won every game but 2 with our BACKUP QUARTERBACK.

    call out our 72 team all you want, the bears werent good enough to beat the dolphins of 85. so either way, the dolphins pretty much OWN em huh?

    o wait one more thing…31-13. score of a blowout? no. thats the dolphins-bears head to head. What have you done for me lately you ask? Oh only beat em by a combined 50+ points the last two times theyve played.

  9. deanvernonwormer is such a closet Dolphins fan. Why else would he be the first and most often poster for all Dolphin related articles on this site?

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