McNabb’s agent says reports of $3.5 million guarantee are “erroneous”

The uncertainty regarding the real value of Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb continues.  And with the initial report of $40 million in guaranteed money reported by ESPN and the follow-up report of $3.5 million in guaranteed money reported by ESPN, it’s fitting that McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, would tell ESPN 980 in D.C. that the report of only $3.5 million in guaranteed money is “erroneous.”

Meanwhile, ESPN seems to be attempting to harmonize the $36.5 million gap between its conflicting reports regarding the guaranteed money.  As explained in the most recent item, written by Adam Schefter (who reported the $3.5 million guarantee), the contract is “worded so that it has ‘$40 million in guarantees,'” even though the Redskins may cut McNabb after the 2010 season, which would leave him with only $3.5 million in guaranteed money.

Schefter also concedes that the deal currently contains $25 million in injury guarantees, which would be paid to McNabb if he were to suffer a career-ending injury during the balance of the 2010 season.

The irony here is that Schefter engaged in no such hair splitting when first reporting that Jets tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson received $34.8 million guaranteed, even though his deal had no money guaranteed for skill or injury at the time of signing, or when first reporting that Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall received $24 million guaranteed, even though he can be dumped after only one year with most of that money unpaid.

Then again, Schefter didn’t get the call from Fletcher Smith regarding the McNabb deal.  Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that the initial report from Schefter would have been that McNabb had signed a five-year deal, with $40 million guaranteed.

12 responses to “McNabb’s agent says reports of $3.5 million guarantee are “erroneous”

  1. living in the philly area being a redskins fan, i could never understand why the national media condsidered 5 a superstar QB. i watched this clown for 11 years here, and his accuracy stinks! he cant command a hudle or a 2min O. big red, covered and worked that O around his QB cause he stinks! the guy was so worried about about his #ers he would take sacks and not throw the ball away!! now that he is out there with no coach to cover for him you see he really isnt that good!!

  2. Obviously an agent’s definition of the word “guarantee” is much different than the rest of ours…

  3. the real question is not how much guaranteed money, but how many picks he’ll throw, I guarantee.

  4. why do so many people care what mcnabb is getting?

    he is on the redskins the raiders ghost.

    if anything worry about how much haynesworth is getting paid to stay down for the count

  5. At the end of the day, it was stupid to bring him to Washington in the 1st place. Could have kept Campbell for a year or two while they find someone, instead we gave up a HIGH draft pick to get McNabb for a year or two while we find someone.
    the results would not be much different, except that we could have gotten 2 new tackles instead of one. Or do we think Jamaal Brown is a good fit………with Heyer in half the time.

  6. ESPN is a joke, I think everyone here knows that. Just let it go. The real question is how can anyone harmonize paying McNabb the league minimum with how garbage he has been, let alone $3.5 or $40 mill or whatever the hell he will actually end up getting.

  7. The Redskins would be dumb enough to give him 40 mil gauranteed. I wouldn’t even give him 40 cents gauranteed. Dude is so obviously way past it. Vick made him look 100 years old out there on MNF.

  8. Hmmmm. $40MM or $3.5MM. How to know which is correct ?

    $3.5MM. Period. Given what has transpired here, it’s the only thing that makes any sense. It’s a PR “apology” from the Skins, and a face saving deal for McNabb … but only in the very short run. When he gets cut at year end, it’ll be even harder for him to get any kind of a big money deal anywhere. His best bet is that career ending injury in 2010.

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