McNabb’s option bonus doesn’t come due until Week One of 2011 season

Though the Redskins have the ability to trade or cut quarterback Donovan McNabb before he earns a $10 million option bonus in 2011, the precise deadline for exercising the option bonus was not previously known.

It now is.

Like many other option bonuses to be paid out in 2011, the window for exercising the bonus opens on the first day of the next league year (which will be March 1, if there’s a new labor deal by then) and closes on the day after the first regular-season game.  While the device as applied to other players was aimed at ensuring that the option bonuses will be paid once the labor situation is resolved, the device as applied to McNabb gives the Redskins the ability to squat on McNabb’s rights for the entire offseason, exploring their options via free agency, trade, or the draft before trading or cutting McNabb.

As a practical matter, a final decision likely will be made on or before the Friday before Week One of the 2011 season, due to the rules regarding termination pay.  As one league source observed, “They can really stick it to him.”  The source also pointed out that it’s hard to believe such a deal ever would be contained in a quarterback contract, especially in a contract for an older quarterback.

For those of you who have made it this far, here’s another interesting tidbit.  If McNabb ever wakes up and realizes that the Redskins have now blocked him from the open market and placed him in a position where they can trade him wherever they choose, he has an option for taking matters back into his own hands.  For the modest sum of $30 million, McNabb can buy out the final five years of the contract.

We’ve got a feeling that the Redskins call this “the Haynesworth Clause.”

20 responses to “McNabb’s option bonus doesn’t come due until Week One of 2011 season

  1. Did anyone in the McNabb camp actually read the contract or did they just see the ‘guaranteed money’ section and sign? To quote Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live, “Really? Really McNabb? Really?”

  2. So if the Skins trade McNadd they would be trading the contract right? So maybe they did him a favor with the big numbers in that deal -and Skins get draft picks someone gets a serviceable QB so everyone wins.

  3. Wow, why would he sign the contract? Almost impossible to get a starting job if cut before the first week of the season. Bogus deal for McNabb. He was better off going the free agent route.

  4. By the way, if I were so unlucky as to be a Redskins’ fan, I would be wondering:

    – Can I stand five more years of McNabb?

    – Will Daniel Snyder ever step away from $$ decisions? — including two of the worst in recent memory: the Haynesworth signing and, yes, the McNabb trade/re-signing.

    – Can I justify spending top $$ to watch a mediocre team?

    How this team beat Chicago and Green Bay is beyond me.

  5. People have to realize the Redskins are terrible. McNabb is not as good as he was, but he doesn’t just 180 in an offseason. The way this will probably work out is the Skins will finish weak, McNabb will look bad, Shahahan will blame him (like he already has) and McNabb will be on a new team next year. Seeing how this organization was run, McNabb would have been better off traded to the Raiders.

  6. Who in their right mind (this allows some wiggle room for Al Davis and Childress) would trade for McNabb and THAT contract?

    If the Skins can upgrade via FA or the draft Donovan is done. Then he’ll get signed by some QB-starved franchise for a reasonable salary with incentive bonuses.

  7. McNabb should fire his agent. The timing isn’t so that they can trade him away, it’s so they can cut him outright and not pay a dime on the $10M or the huge base salaries of the future years. He already plays for the Skins, so none of the other NFL owners are stupid enough to pick up the contract. Besides, contract aside, he isn’t worth anything more than a late round pick or two at this point.

  8. If this is as you say, it could be the first time Dan Snyder ever got a free agent to sign a contract that made sense for the Redskins……..

  9. Skins are paying McNabb $17.5MM this season (incl. the $3.5MM of “new” money). Think they’re getting their money’s worth ?

    What’s the point in paying him $12.5MM next year, if he has no line and no receivers ? Eagles thought he was already in decline, and it will be over by the time Skins are competitive again.

    Best thing for # 5 would be to go elsewhere in 2011, but he’ll lose the negotiating leverage he would have had by getting cut, and potentially at the end of 2011 camp. Agent should be shot, and Donovan should stop letting his feelings get in the way of business, as he was looking for some “face saving” after the benching.

  10. Haha, more predictions from the “warriorking” that you can take to the bank. “Bounce back with rage” you say? The only emotion coming out of DC is from the fanbase, and its disgust.

  11. As ‘Skins fan in CA Sierras, my team only costs me NFL Sunday Ticket…awesome for watching all the other great games. Still love seeing the burgandy and gold on my big screen after so many years of just watching the play by play #’s on the computer. However..we need some HELP! That said, if it weren’t for McNabb and McNap (Snoozy Albert) you all would have to keep saying Hello to Farve’s “leetle friend”.


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