Shawn Andrews suffers a setback

The impressive comeback of Shawn Andrews has hit a familiar setback.

The Giants’ nominal starting left tackle missed practice Wednesday because of a back injury.  Andrews, who has one of the more entertaining Twitter Feeds around, posted the following around 7AM:  “This can’t be happening.”

Eagles fans will of course say that it happened plenty when Andrews was playing in Philadelphia, so the Giants shouldn’t be surprised.  Still, Andrews was playing well for the Giants, who have a number of injuries on the offensive line.  Will Beatty would likely step in at left tackle if Andrews can’t play.

Eagles coach Andy Reid lauded Andrews’ comeback earlier Wednesday.

“I’m proud of him,” Reid said via the New York Daily News.  “And to come back from what he had, what a tribute to hard work right there. I said this often when he was with us, that I had never seen an offensive lineman that was as talented as Shawn Andrews – – and I’ve seen a few offensive linemen, I’ve played the position, I’ve coached it, and I’m very familiar with the guys that have come through the league.”

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  1. There’s no way he sits out on Sunday if he’s really serious about making a comeback. Prepare for the worst otherwise.

  2. The Giants don’t seem to worried about this injury but that won’t stop the Eagles fans laughing and criticizing the Giants for bringing him in.

  3. MikeGarafolo Team saying it’s a “sore” back for Andrews. Again, I don’t sense great concern on their part right now. #nyg

    MikeGarafolo Andrews was out there for the start of practice + walkthru. Did nothing w team. Indications are it’s nothing serious right now. #nyg

  4. It’s not that Eagles fans will say anything. They DID say it already. That it would only be a matter of time, a short one at that, before Andrews would be out again. Some guys bodies just can’t take the stress of playing NFL football. Andrews has all the talent in the world, but not nearly the requisite durability.

    I was kinda hoping for the guy to come back (preferably NOT for the giants), but realistically… never gonna happen.


    NY Giants fan, get used to this type of story now that you’re the proud employers of one Shawn “fragile emotions” Andrews.

    And the list of Ex-Eagles the fade into obscurity continues to grow!

  6. floriosphillfan,
    “I hope he plays. I’d love to see him get beaten down by Dixon, Patterson, Parker, and Cole all day long.” Like how Chris Clemons and Demarcus Ware had 0 sacks against Andrews?

  7. Andrews is a beast on the OL.. fact of the matter is he was cleared to play football two years ago. Doctors couldnt tell why he was in all of this pain, so much so that he refused to participate in practices or even play.. this was the same type of pain that mysteriously vanished while he would shoot his guitar hero scenes or his rap videos. Granted, it wasnt anything like playing football, but if you back is that bad, all movements hurt. . This guy is a coward & i truly believe that he did not wanna battle trent cole one on one for an entire game..

    Being a birds fan i can honestly say a health Sean Andrews SHOULD have no problem with him… but what can you do when your heart aint in the game.. tuck tale and run away like 370lb baby..

  8. Once you have a serious back injury, it’s never the same. Joke about his mental state all you want but it’s easy to see how he could re-injure it again and again playing football.

  9. Reid’s clever way of saying “Boy are we relieved we’re not having to deal with him anymore. Whatever it cost to get rid of him was worth it at twice the price. Glad he’s Coughlin’s problem now. Time’s yours.”

  10. floriosphillfan,
    “I hope he plays. I’d love to see him get beaten down by Dixon, Patterson, Parker, and Cole all day long.” Like how Chris Clemons and Demarcus Ware had 0 sacks against Andrews?

    Demarcus Ware is the only player on the Cowboys line worth anything, so anybody who watches football knows he constantly gets double or triple teamed. And Chris Clemons? Child please…

    The Eagles will have a field day with the Giants.

  11. Shawn Andrews has a back injury?…..Wow, didn’t see that coming, of course one of the first things he does when he wakes up at 7 am is send a tweet, how soon til a youtube video hits the internet?

  12. Well, well, well
    Can’t count on Andrews when it matters? Shocking!
    This took exactly 5 weeks longer than I predicted.
    It was a great half season career comeback.
    Get used to this Giants fans…
    Looks like another correct personnel call by the Birds… Ho Hum

  13. gotta agree with the back injury comment. It is NEVER the same once you injure it. This coming from personal experience. I felt bad for dude when he was with us IF that was the real reason. So it’s not a matter of being a “Cry Baby” more or less the fact that YOU wouldn’t understand the frustration of a back injury unless you’ve experienced one … It NEVER goes away !!!

  14. Another ex eagle crash and burns. Though this one was no surprise, it’s amazing he lasted this long.

  15. When the coach says its not serious, but the player tweets, “This can’t be happening”, thats not a good sign. Criticize the Eagles fans all you want Rosenthal, but did we or didn’t we call this? Sore back?!?! Sore back?!!?! Thats not an injury!!!!! Thats an excuse to get out of practice!!! Its an excuse to not play!!

  16. Floriosphillyfan,
    I guess you didn’t watch the game because the Giants rarely gave Andrews help with Ware. I love it when people completely dismiss a good performance by a rival team by making false statements. Oh and Clemons has 8.5 sacks this season.
    Have you heard of Jay Ratliff? He is also on that line and is an elite nose tackle. You have shown your true knowledge of a division rival if you really believe the Cowboys don’t have any talent on the defensive line. Also Ware is an OLB in their scheme so he isn’t even on the line so your wrong once again.
    Jerry Reese offered a contract to Andrews that completely protects the Giants in the event that this supposed back injury becomes a serious issue. They can cut him without a hit at all and they have a very talented left tackle, Will Beatty last years 2nd round pick, back from injury. They didn’t put all their chips in the middle betting on Andrews. David Diehl will be back in a few weeks also. Hey it could of been worse the Giants could have given up a first round pick and a big contract to the overrated Jason Peters.

  17. floriosphillyfan says: “Talk to me on Sunday.”

    Why? Is it your belief that Sunday is as close as your team will ever get to winning a Super Bowl? Loser attitude. You think one regular season game matters? The only game that matters is the one played in February. Talk to me when you win one of those. I won’t hold my breath.

  18. “Andrews is a beast on the OL”

    Sloths are beasts. When did his back start hurting? When he saw “Philadelphia” on the game plan?

  19. east96st has already conceded Sunday. Way to back your squad.

    “Ooh, we won a SB a few years ago. This season doesn’t matter!”

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