Bengals’ long sellout streak ends

As streaks go, the Bengals matched Joe DiMaggio, and they beat him by one.  But that’s where it ends.

After 57 straight home regular-season sellouts, the Bengals have failed to sell all non-premium tickets to Sunday’s home game against the Bills.  As a result, the game won’t be televised locally.

It’s the first Bengals blackout since November 2003.

“Sales have been slow this week and not a lot of progress has been made,” Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “The pace has slowed considerably.  There’s not a lot of momentum right now to move tickets in bulk.”

The fact that the two teams who’ll play on Sunday have a combined record of 3-15 may have something to do with that.

It’s unclear how many tickets weren’t sold, but the number apparently is high enough to prevent the Bengals and/or their sponsors from buying the unsold seats at 34 cents on the dollar.

23 responses to “Bengals’ long sellout streak ends

  1. Maybe Mike Brown will now realize the fans aren’t going to support this crap he puts on the field. Doubt it though. WTF am I thinking? It’s cheap ass Mike Brown we’re talking about.

  2. I just can’t understand this. I am a Broncos fan – I have been on the waiting list for 11 years, and as of last week I am still 6,086 spots away from getting tickets. I can’t imagine that a city like Cincinnatti, with a population of over 2.1 million, can’t find 65,535 die-hard fans. Crazy.

  3. Maybe he can recoup some of the lost money by selling paper bags at the entrance with precut eye holes. Remember fellow Bengal fans, when they ask at Kroger this weekend say “Paper”.

  4. Typical Bengals, I mean they have the worst fans in the NFL for a reason and they will always be the Bungles.

    Funny this year there isn’t that many Bengals flags flying high around here in south-western Ohio, no inordinate amount of new Bengals jerseys flying off the shelves, no red necks with the Bengals helmets on the side of there minivans.

    Absolute WORST fans in the NFL

  5. I always thought that Brown was a cheap ass and more than ready to milk other owners through revenue sharing. Maybe I’m right.

    But here is the hard truth. With the economy in the dumper and Christmas six weeks away, less people have $65-$85 bills to drop on a 2-7 disaster. For that kind of money you can get your kids some nice gifts. The Bengals won’t be the only team that has a sellout streak end this year.

  6. “The fact that the two teams who’ll play on Sunday have a combined record of 3-15 may have something to do with that.”
    and the other team is?????

    I mean why should I go research that since you wrote the article about them……

  7. The Nebraska Huskers have sold out since Nov 3, 1962… I hardly consider 2003 a long sell out streak. Granted, Nebraska is college football but they still seat 80,000 people every week and have done it for almost 40 years.

    Just saying…

  8. Mike Brown needs to…how do I put this lightly…die. And his daughter needs to sell the team, not try to run it. The city of Cincinnati HATES Mike Brown.

  9. “#
    bspurloc says: Nov 18, 2010 9:48 AM

    “The fact that the two teams who’ll play on Sunday have a combined record of 3-15 may have something to do with that.”
    and the other team is?????

    I mean why should I go research that since you wrote the article about them……”

    If you don’t know the only team with 1 win this year, then I guess you don’t follow football anyway.

  10. @raythestabber,

    I’m not sure how Bengals fans are the worst. Considering how bad the team has been, the fact that there are any fans speaks to the quality of fans. You’re a Steelers fan, right? If the Steelers hadn’t won a playoff game in 20 years, you’d have a Brady jersey to go along with that Red Sox hat, instead of cheering for the Steelers and Pirates.

  11. Mike Brown Step Down you are a steaming pile of excrement.

    Interesting how many are criticizing Bengal fans. To all fans of other NFL franchises:

    Team with the longest playoff winless drought: Bengals 20 years.

    Team with the longest streak of non-back to back winning seasons: Bengals 28 years.

    Fastest owner in NFL history to 100 losses: Mike Brown.

    Fastest owner in NFL history to 200 losses: Mike Brown.

    So to all the bloggers who are criticizing the Bengal fans–if your team sucked year over year–how many tickets would you buy?

  12. Seems like just yesterday Bengals fans were popping off in record numbers about how unstopable they were going to be this year with all their weapons.

    A little over two months later they can’t sell their tickets and they’re in last place looking up at the Browns.

  13. TO is playing against a former team and it doesn’t sell out? I guess TO’s relevance has been reduced from “Batman” to “Alfred”.

  14. There are twp teams with one win, Carolina and Buffalo, in this case Buffalo is the 1 win team in question

  15. @hineswardcriesafterfumbling

    The point is here in southwestern Ohio people rant and rave about the Bungles yet when they have any kind of bad season they all go into hiding. PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    As much as it pains me to say it, look at the clowns fans. Their team has sucked since they returned and there are plenty of those dopy fans running around, selling out their stadium.

    The Bengals are a fake team with fake fans and that’s why nobody respects a team or fans like that.

  16. This Economy sucks and it really shows. I can’t wait until Sarah Palin reaches the White House, there will be jobs available to everyone, we won’t be at war with another country, the school system will finally be on track and we Americans will all be able to breathe again.

  17. It’s not fair to call Cincinnatians “fake fans.”

    Mike Brown is one of very few team owners in the NFL who refuses to spend money on a GM or an adequate scouting department. The Bengals have had a lot more truly awful seasons than even moderately successful ones since Mike took over the team. He has stacked his front office with family members and yes-men. I strongly believe Marvin Lewis would be gone by now but for his contract; Mike doesn’t want to pay for two coaches because he’s a tightwad.

    Don’t blame Cincinnatians for exercising their right not to buy tickets to see an inferior product. That doesn’t make them fake. It makes them savvy consumers.

  18. Good. I had to listen to a few Bengals fans in Indy last week yell “Who Dey” in my ear while their team is 2-7 and in last place.

    Looks like reality is setting in in Cincy (again). Another losing season despite some talent on paper. Marv looks like he’ll get walking papers and T.O. and Chad JOHNSON need to find other ways to inflate their egos.

    You would think people would feel sorry for a team like the Bengals, but somehow you don’t.

  19. Lower ticket prices in all areas and lower concession prices. Lay off the ticket sales staff, consolidate all ticket inventory to online and walk up buys, hire excellent customer service reps. Oh yeah and a winning team helps. If you can’t sell out than your employees are not doing their job.

  20. The Browns avoided blackouts by teaming up with local television partners. Yes, the Bengals should do that, but it hardly reflects on the fans.

    What should Bengals fans do? At 2-7 should they rant and rave about the Bengals? How many in Pittsburgh are Pirates fans? In western PA, you see a lot of Steelers jerseys and RedSox hats. Does it make the Pirates fans fake because they support a loser if they don’t rant and rave about their team?

    How many less Steelers fans would there be if they went 20 years between playoff wins? Answer, slightly more than the number of Pirates fans.

  21. How are fans terrible because the game doesn’t get sold out. We are fed up with losing. How else can you express your dissatisfaction? Hit Mike Brown in the wallet and maybe he’ll finally get the message. Its not like we are all jumping ship and becoming Colts fans or something. As an average person there is no other way than to stop monetarily supporting the product until it gets better.

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