Brandon Marshall continues to cover himself in glory

For the second straight game, Brandon Marshall was called for a penalty for throwing a football.

Last week, it was a delay-of-game after he chucked the ball out of frustration.  On Thursday night, he tossed the ball to his old teammate Jay Cutler on the sideline and was called for a 15-yard penalty.

Marshall and Cutler were seen talking before the game, so he probably was just trying to have a little fun with a friend.  But it was a bone-headed move that cost his struggling offense yards.  Marshall also dropped two passes on the drive, including one that would have gone for a first down.

Oh, and Marshall had a holding penalty that wiped out a Tyler Thigpen first down run earlier in the game.   Nights like these are why Josh McDaniels was fine trading Marshall away.

The Bears have controlled the game, but only lead 6-0 midway through the second quarter.