Hasselbeck will protect broken wrist with bulky brace

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck can’t tie his shoes, but he can still play quarterback.

The veteran will play, despite a broken bone in his left (non-throwing) wrist.  It’s a four-to-six-week injury that Hasselbeck suffered on Sunday in a victory over the Cardinals.

“I’m really not in that much pain at all.  I actually feel like I dodged a bullet,” Hasselbeck said Thursday, per the Associated Press.  “I’m not concerned at all.”

Still, backup J.P. Losman had to tie Hasselbeck’s cleats on Wednesday.

Hasselbeck will wear a “bulky brace” on the wrist when the Seahawks face the Saints.  We wonder if he’ll make like Iron Mike Sharpe and put a foreign object inside the thing.