Jaguars get another day to avoid a blackout

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t sold out Sunday’s home game against the Cleveland Browns, but the game hasn’t been blacked out from local television yet — and probably won’t be.

The team announced today that it has requested and received a 24-hour extension to the NFL blackout deadline, meaning the team has until 1 p.m. Friday to sell out all the non-premium tickets to the game and be televised locally. Usually the NFL only grants those extensions when it considers a sellout a sure thing.

For the Jaguars, this marks six sellouts in six home games, an impressive streak and a positive sign that the franchise is viable in Jacksonville.

5 responses to “Jaguars get another day to avoid a blackout

  1. Filling stadiums in FLA has prooved to be a difficult proposition. The Jags could help themselves if they stop drafting O & D lineman in the top rounds. Yes, it makes sense to do so, but at some point you need some big name skill players besides MJD.

  2. You have to have the big guys in the trenches first, expect that GM Gene will draft a QB in the early rounds along with other skill players. We need secondary help STAT!

  3. @Ravensrule

    First, FL not “FLA” and proved not “prooved”. Secondly, how do you concede the point that it makes sense to draft linemen in the top rounds then say a team shouldn’t do it?

    The team’s QB has the 2nd highest QB Rating in the league, a tight end who is Pro Bowl caliber, and emerging young WRs (one of which made a play that will be in the top 10 for the season and he had his jersey and gloves shipped to Canton for an exhibit).

    Skill players are not the issue behind ticket sales in Jax. The city built a stadium that was too big and from the get go created a higher supply than the demand necessitated. After the initial glow wore off, Wayne Weaver spoiled the fans and did everything possible to keep the games on TV believing that it would help generate more interest and get people to go to games. It doesn’t work that way, and the team & city finally figured that out and have been working to fill the stadium and really build the fanbase.

    The players on the team and the number of fans in the stands should not have a causal relationship. If they do, you’re in for big, big trouble.

  4. @Ravensrule: I know you shouldn’t be talking. You guys picked Terrance Cody(DT) and Sergio Kindle(DE) in the second round of the 2010 draft. In the 2009 draft, you guys selected Michael Oher(OT) in the first round and Paul Kruger (DE) in the second round. All of them were lineman.

    By the way, our tight end has 7 TDs already and he’s on pace to set the touchdown record for tight ends. He goes by the name of Marcedes Lewis

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