Loss to Eagles kept Dan Snyder in pajamas through Tuesday night

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder thought his team could beat the Eagles on Monday night.  When the end result was a 59-28 thrashing by their NFC East rivals, Snyder slipped into a funk.

“The next day, I’m in the tank,” Snyder said at a Wednesday evening appearance at the University of Maryland, per Rick Maese of the Washington Post.  “Talked to Mike [Shanahan] last night — I was still in pajamas, so . . . .”

Snyder had more to say about the 31-point defeat, Philly’s biggest victory margin over the Redskins since 1950, when the Eagles swept D.C. 35-3 and 33-0.

“No. 1, it’s embarrassing.  And I felt terrible for all our fans,” Snyder said.  “Monday night, we were jacked up and tailgating was spectacular, team got in a fight before the game back and forth.  I’m like, ‘Okay, we’re going to take them.’  And then that guy [Michael Vick] ran all over the place, threw the ball perfectly and got on us before we knew what hit us.  And occasionally that’s going to happen.”

Right, but the occasions are fewer and farther between for the league’s best teams.  And despite Snyder’s resources and the team’s revenues, he simply can’t put the Redskins among the finest franchises in all of football.

Consider this — in 11 years under Snyder, the Redskins have qualified for the playoffs only three times.  They’ve secured only one division title, way back in 1999.

But, hey, at least they’ve got Donovan McNabb under contract for the next five years.