Parcells says “I can do this one more time”

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He’s back.  Actually, he never really left.

Weeks after cleaning out his office in Miami and entering the “money for nothing” phase of a cash-and-carry contract with the Dolphins, former V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells offers up an ominous quote at the end of a new documentary regarding his life.

Get me back out there,” Parcells says near the end of Bill Parcells: Reflections on a Life in Football, per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.  “I can do this one more time.  That’s how I feel.”

It’s unclear whether this means that Parcells wants to coach or whether he wants to run a team, although Parcells says that he won’t be coaching again in the documentary, which debuts on Friday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on NFL Network.  He’ll likely have options in either capacity.

Especially in light of the fact that Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was a lifelong Giants fans before buying a team based in Minnesota.

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  1. One more time? What’s the scope of work? Winning more games than you lose? Making the playoffs? Playing in the Super Bowl? Winning the Super Bowl?

    He won two titles with the Giants. He got the Patriots into the Super Bowl. He got the Jets into the AFC Title game. He finished 34-32 with Dallas and had two playoff apperances. And the Miami book isn’t finished yet. And honestly, they were an OT away from going 0-16 before he got there. Anyone, can do better than that. Every time he hooks up with an organization the bar gets set lower and lower.

    What the hell does he mean by “this”? Because I’m not so sure that he has “it” anymore.

  2. grpatriot says:
    Nov 18, 2010 5:40 PM

    Minn. could do a lot worse? In fact that’s what they’re doing now!


    You, my friend, get the prized “rim shot.”

  3. Parcells likes the ponies … He has a home in Saratoga Springs, NY where he summers during track season … Hialeah Park was another fave haunt for Tuna while in Miami …

    Look for a track connection ….

  4. He changed the attitude of the franchise. Put in some talented coaches & front office people… Mixed the ingredients… put it in the dish and then left the building while still getting paid too finish cooking the meal. Maybe ALAFREAKINBAMA needs a AD.

  5. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he says he can do it one more time before completing the job in Miami. Maybe it’s for the best. We seem to be doing better of without him.

  6. He will be running the bills next year and maybe even coaching…
    He is a failure though. He only won in NY because of Scot Norwood.
    He failed in dallas and he is failing in miami

  7. 0 super bowls since the giants.

    if you want a team that is mediocre and might make the playoffs but lose in 1st round, hire this guy right away.

  8. I don’t think he was talking about coaching or running a team when he said..”“I can do this one more time. That’s how I feel.”

    I think he meant sex

  9. Parcells is not the answer in MN. Only two coaches, Cowher and Gruden, are tough enough to set a new mentality within the Vikings organization. Those two, in my eyes, would not put up with 10% of the crap Chilly does.

  10. Parcells loves 3 things….

    1 – Money
    2 – A fixer upper
    3 – the east coast


  11. By “get me back out there”, it sounds to me like he wants to coach again.

    As for Dallas, winners don’t make the same mistake twice.

    That’s for losers.

  12. Bill Parcells, as coach, president and Head Guru of Anything Relating to The Football Team of the Minnesota Vikings, IS EXACTLY what the Vikings need. They are rudderless, and need someone to steer them back to respectability.
    That’s one thing Tuna can certainly do. Such a huge waste of talent in Minny. Tuna could turn that around in a year. Crack the Whip.

  13. Sometimes its best to just leave the past in the past. Look what happened when Joe Gibbs came back and thought he was going to relive his past glories. He accomplished nothing but to tarnish the reputation that he once had. The same will happen to Parcells if he comes back. Its like an aging all star pitcher in baseball that hangs around too long, because he doesn’t know what else to do with his life, and ends up embarrassing himself. That can happen to former great coaches too. The game passes them by and they’re no longer the geniuses that they once were.

    Next thing we’re going to hear is that Jimmy Johnson wants another crack at coaching the Cowboys. If I hear from him “I can do this one more time”, I think I’m going to puke!

  14. 504in860 says:
    Nov 18, 2010 6:20 PM
    Bill Parcells reminds me of a prostitute.
    Not sure where you live or what your prostitutes look like there, but you would actually pay to have sex with the Tuna? That is pretty bizarre.

  15. If Tuna wants to coach, MN will be his team. So much talent ready to unleash…. Ziggy, get it done.Chilly is a tool

  16. @laeaglefan – get your facts straight on Joe Gibbs.  The Skins were irrelevant besides one playoff appearance after J.G. left(12 years).  He then took them to playoffs in 2 of 4 years in his return.   Skins now irrelevant again(3 years and counting).  No Super Bowl but best results of any coach in D.C. since his first tenure. He did not shame himself in any way but rather took a average team with a clueless owner further then anyone else could proving what a H.O.F. coach he truely is.

  17. You Tuna-bashers are utter morons.

    He won two Super Bowls with the Giants teams that Scott Norwood had getting him to the place where his kicks mattered at all. He brought New England from a 1-15 year to a Super Bowl. The Jets? Parcells put that franchise back into contention in the AFC East.

    More? There wasn’t a single Cowpokes fan who wouldn’t have given their left nut three weeks ago to have Parcells back and Wade Phillips gone. He had that team on track before Jerrah screwed things up with his ego, and he had Tony Romo looking like he actually knew what the hell he was doing out there.

    Miami? Are you kidding me? Miami was a joke before he got there, and after a year there, he had pundants actually picking the ‘Fins to win the division!

    The man flat-out makes teams BETTER than they were when he got there, and there are probably 20 teams who could benefit from his being with them now.

    If you don’t see that, you don’t know squat about football.

  18. He did so much in Dallas and Miami. I understand why he’d be such a hot commodity. He won how many playoff games with those organizations? Talk about milking a reputation…did he win Super Bowls with NE or NYJ? NO. What was the last time he won a Super Bowl in any capacity? Beware Bill Cowher lovers, it took him 12 to win one in Pittsburgh. He’s the next Tuna. Although he won’t smell as nice.

  19. david7590 says:
    Nov 18, 2010 6:03 PM
    Do what? Steal money?
    ===================================We’re talking about Parcells, not Belichick.
    Dude, Belichick steals signs. Signs! Not money.

    Go ahead, Minnesota! Take the bait and you get cold tuna.

  20. This guy can flat out coach.
    He needs to be out on he field.
    Jerry Jones ran him off as he did Jimmy Johnson.
    If I owned the Vikings, I hire him as head coach,
    put a puppet GM in there, and a serious salary cap guy (bean counter) in there to keep the ship level.
    Then I let him tell the team that he steers the boat and let er’ rip.
    The team has gotten away from Chilly – Col. Klink.
    He can’t pull his lips off Brett’s ass now and it’s a too late.

  21. Maybe Bill should finish where he started. Coach Coughlin may decide to call it a day (or have it done for him) if the Giants crash again.

  22. Do what again exactly?

    No Parcells team has won a playoff game since 1998.

    He has walked away from his last three jobs without accomplishing anything significant.

    He has a formula. Take over teams that are so completely horrendous that a trained monkey could come in and triple their win total by throwing his poop at the players.

    Engineer a “remarkable” turnaround by simply not being as completely retarded as whoever ran the team before him.

    And then walk away before anyone realizes how little he had actually managed to accomplish.

    Now that I think about it, sounds right up Ziggy’s alley.

  23. He turned around Dallas and Miami, he put people in the stands, made the owners lots of money and left every place better than it was before.

    Bill is great for the NFL. I would love to see him go to Buffalo and fix that mess.

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