Pierre Garcon is becoming a problem for the Colts

Somewhere on the way to his fifth MVP award, Peyton Manning has hit a slump.

In his last three games Manning has averaged a Moore-like 5.65 yards-per-attempt, with two touchdowns and three interceptions.  The Chiefs similarly slowed Manning down in Week Five.  Manning is 22nd in the league in YPA.

There are a lot of reasons for the slide, from Indy’s poor running game to a shaky offensive line.  The lack of a true vertical threat is also hurting Manning.  With Reggie Wayne more of a possession guy now (12 yards-per-catch), Pierre Garcon is supposed to be the guy to stretch defenses.  He’s been erratic to put it nicely.  By one measure from 18 to 88.com, Garcon could be the worst Colts receiver since 1999.

The guys at StampedeBlue.com did a nice job dissecting the issue, and included some telling quotes from Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz on 1070 The Fan.

“I don’t know what’s going on with [Pierre Garcon]. His head doesn’t seem to be in it. He’s not making the kind of effort you want to see on balls over the middle. He makes that one or two remarkable catches every couple of games, but I think [Peyton Manning] would rather have a guy that he can count upon in the clutch,” Kravitz said.

“I think it is pretty obvious that Peyton is losing trust in Garcon if he hasn’t already completely lost trust in him. I mean, I’ve seen it happen before. When [Qadry Ismail] came through here, Peyton couldn’t trust that guy as far as he could throw him.”

It’s been a while since any part of the Colts passing game has truly been a problem, but this is a banged-up group that needs to make some adjustments.  Sunday’s game against a shaky Patriots secondary would be a great time for Garcon to break out.

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  1. Please mail all criticism you can find to Garcon before this week’s game to motivate him. He’s my fourth WR and he’s on the verge of a benching if he doesn’t step up.

  2. Manning isn’t going to throw at this stiff once. He was super pissed after that TD drop last week, it nearly cost them the game. He’ll run the ball before he looks at 85 again.

  3. I agree that the secondary New England puts on the field week in and week out isnt going to be put into the argument of best secondary, but they seem to be improving week to week. they are a far better unit than they were in the first couple of games, and I think they put forth a very good performance last week against the Steelers.

    I realize the Steelers dont have Calvin Johnson or anything, but Wallace is difficult to cover, and Big Ben moves around so well, extending the play, any receiver is hard to cover for that long. I think calling them a shaky secondary is going a little too far (8 weeks ago, shaky was an understatement). They blanketed the Steelers receivers for 3 quarters, it wasnt until they started rushing the QB with 3-4 guys that the secondary began to struggle, again, you can only cover NFL caliber receivers for just so long before your D breaks down. if they can get pressure on Manning, not necessarily sacks, but good pressure, I think the secondary will be all right against the Colts

  4. Sunday Reggie Wayne goes BOOM and Austin Collie comes back into the mix. Garcion will get a hand full of looks and he needs to make them count, but Reggie Wayne will put up the numbers Sunday against the Pats. If it will be enough for the Colts to get a win is another story and I hope the Horseshoes get it done.

  5. His head doesn’t seem to be in it. He’s not making the kind of effort you want to see on balls over the middle.

    No problem. Polian is drafting a rule that bans balls over the middle. Shouldn’t be a problem from here on out.

  6. Maybe that could be this year’s criteria for Manning as MVP.

    This year feels like a year where the MVP should go to the QB who doesn’t have most wins, or best, stats, or any of that nonsense, it should go to the QB whose team has suffered injury to their starting TE and RB, and is left to throw to only one future HoF receiver.

  7. Uh, aren’t the Colts 6-3 and in FIRST place in their division? Didn’t they just recently avenge a loss to the Texans and start their season ending slump?

    I mean, really, how bad can things be?

  8. The problem is not garcon. Manning zeros in on his tight end and thats all he ever throws to.

    Manning is regressing. God forbid someone tell the truth

  9. Garcon has had an attitude issue because he is one of those “me first” stat guys. “Baby Randy” will not get the ball thrown his way unless everybody else falls down. Peyton doesn’t trust him and who could blame him for that.

  10. The “thin” secondary will have help as I’m sure the Patriots will pressure Manning!
    They can’t let him stand there for more than a couple of seconds! I would expect a pressure packed assault similar to the one vs. Pittsburgh.
    Doubly so, considering the Colts running game is having a hard time executing!
    Maybe Reche Caldwell is available?

  11. Why do you describe the Patriots secondary as “shaky?” They’ve actually been playing very well…..or haven’t you watched any games this year?

    Sanders was NFL defensive player of the week last week. Meriweather has played well. Chung is hitting everyone in sight. Arrington shut down Moss, and has been ok overall. I’d say that Devin McCourty is a very strong candidate for defensive rookie of the year (although I doubt that he can beat out Suh). All and all, they’ve been a very good unit for most of the season.

    The pass rush?……well that’s a different story.

  12. I dumper Frenchy from my fantasy league after about 4 weeks, he was picked up by another team immediately upon hitting the waiver wire…hahahah…sucka 🙂

  13. Yeah, that secondary looked pretty shakey Sunday night. No, wait, they didn’t. Tool.

    Ben threw for 350 yards. I dont care if ya win or lose thats still bad. Tool.

    Garcon will always be about him and him only. He had a good season last year but choked in the SuperBowl. It has all gone to his head. Seemed to me the Colts were better when he was hurt.

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