The Week 11 PFTV game of the week

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What’s that?  The annual Colts-Pats game is the game of the week?

Think again.

Giants at Eagles.  Sunday night.  On NBC.  For now, it’s on PFTV.

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7 responses to “The Week 11 PFTV game of the week

  1. Let’s just stipulate for the record that all the remaining Eagles games will be the “PFTV game of the week” until running back Michael Vick gets flattened by a safety. Thereafter, while Vick is on IR, all the remaining “NBC Sunday Night Football” games will be the “PFTV game of the week.” 

  2. I get that NY/Philly has more households than Boston/WhateverMediaMarketIndianapolisIsIn, and I get that Mike Vick is the story du jour in sports right now, but it seems like an odd decision by NBC not to flex the NE/Indy game into SNF. What beats Brady/Manning in the ratings? I’m sure NBC’s ratings for Giants/Eagles will beat CBS’s for Pats/Colts, but that is comparing different time slots and different situations. Whatever game NBC broadcasts on a Sunday night will be more watched than an afternoon game that is not shown in every market. It doesn’t mean that it would be the best ratings NBC could get in that Sunday night window.

    Does anyone know if CBS has the ability to “protect” a game from being flexed to SNF?

    Anyway, just because its on NBC doesn’t make it the game of the week, Florio.

  3. @bradwins:

    With the Pats/Colts on at 4:15 it should be the general national game outside of the games that are concurrently being played in other markets. There is usually just a handful of afternoon games so the Pats/Colts should be broadcasted an the larger market share for that time, but yes your overall point is correct regarding ratings. And I do believe CBS can protect one game from being flexed per week same as FOX.

    Also, but not sure of this, I don’t believe the league lets any team play consecutive Sunday or Monday night games. The Pats were on last Sunday and the Colts have the upcoming Sunday on NBC. That may have made the decision to keep the Eagles/Gents game on Sunday night a bit easier.

    However I am going to the game Sunday afternoon and really don’t mind they didn’t flex it to 8:30 PM. Either I’m going, but…

    Nothing rivals the Manning/Colts vs. Brady/Pats in sports right now. Nothing…

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