Dolphins struggle to escape average

On the eve of the debut of a Bill Parcells documentary on NFL Network, the Miami Dolphins showed that the Big Tuna’s latest reclamation project still has yet to get over the hump.

Habitually sunny analyst Joe Theismann looked hard for something positive to say about the skittish performance of starting quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

“He’s doing a nice job handling all those errant snaps,” Theismann said.

That about summed it up.  The Miami offense will get a pass because they had their third-string center and third-string quarterback.  Fair enough.  But these are the types of games these tough Dolphins should show their mettle. It wasn’t a fight.

Chicago’s line play won battles up front on both sides of the ball.  The Dolphins gave up six sacks and held the ball for 22 minutes.  Many of Miami’s wounds were self-inflicted, like from Brandon Marshall in the first half before he was hurt.

“The best way I can explain it is that we got ourselves into some situations with some minus plays during the end of the game . . . got behind the chains—that isn’t a good place to be with anybody,” coach Tony Sparano said after the game.

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combined for 11 yards on six carries.  Ultimately the Dolphins are stuck at 5-5, with road games left at the Raiders, Jets, and Patriots.  They look like an average team again, one destined to miss the playoffs.

”You’re back of the pack,” linebacker Cameron Wake said after the game.  “You’re mediocre you don’t want to be that. You want to be above average.”

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  1. Is this the part where the Bears fans flood the website, and proclaim that they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and should all admit we were wrong….blah blah blah, because the Bears defense just dominated the Dolphins’ scout team QB….Hahahahahahahahaha

    The Bears are good, admittedly better than I thought they would be, but its still too early….. The is more than enough time left for Cutler to be Cutler, and the Bears could lose 5 games, lol. Cutler has thrown something stupid like 36 INT’s in the last 2 years, Manning, Brady, and Brees havent thrown that many, combined, in the last 5 years…

  2. The Dolphins players and coaches going into last night’s game knew that they had no chance of winning with that offense. Too bad Florio. Your guy Pat White would have actually gotten the start last night if he stuck around. 🙂

  3. It was all over when Incognito came in at center. Before that, the Dolphins had a chance to score a couple field goals. After that, it was sack city.

  4. Wait a minute. Didn’t Bill Parcells, God of all things football, put this juggernaut together?

    Didn’t he hand pick the coach?

    Surely this team is Super Bowl ready because he never would left before the job was complete. He’s never done that before.

    I mean look at Dalla……
    Um, look at the Jet……..
    OK, how about the Patrio……..


  5. “Is this the part where the Bears fans flood the website, and proclaim that they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl.”

    Stop confusing Bears fans with Vikings fans. And, while we’re at it, let’s not confuse excitement with optimism and expectation.

  6. The Dolphins looked horrible on offense. Marshall started acting like a punk again (they need to fix that quick). Thigpen looked nervous/scared and the OC didn’t do a good job of helping him out. The Dolphins defense looked respectable but they were on the field far too much. The Bears are under rated as usual, but they are a force in their division. They have a defense that can slow down Vick next week, maybe then they will get some credit. As for the dolphins, time to start figuring out who to keep long term. They can be spoilers and not much else unless there is an epic meltdown on at least 2 teams. (not happening)

  7. “Cutler has thrown something stupid like 36 INT’s in the last 2 years, Manning, Brady, and Brees havent thrown that many, combined, in the last 5 years…”

    that’s really a stupid comment

    Manning has 55 INT in last 5 years

    Brady has 51 in last 5 years (not counting year he didn’t play)

    and Brees has 69 INT in the last 5 years

    so I guess you are wrong

  8. Maimi making the playoffs 2 years ago was a fluke….the benenfit of playing a last place schedule. No playoffs last yr, and no playoffs this year. The running game was much better last yr. Miami is a average team at best.

  9. This was the kind of game that people will look back at and see the beginning of the end for Tony Sparano. Injuries aside, he can’t control Marshall and they ran the ball less than 10 times. They called drop-back passes for a QB who loves to run on play action, and they called shotgun snaps for a guard playing center. They used the wildcat to beat Tennessee on Sunday and then didn’t run a single wildcat play against the Bears. The gameplan appeared to be “pretend that Thigpen is Henne.” With Parcells out the door and Cowher and Gruden still on the market, Sparano is probably coaching for his job right now, and he’s doing a sucky job.

  10. Hey semperfi24,

    I have yet to hear a single Bears fan say anything about the Super Bowl (come one now, we’re not VIKINGS fans)–please show me the post. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.

    Of course, that’s what I thought.

    Secondly, considering how you, PFT and everyone else shat on the Bears since the pre-season, you don’t think we Bears fans–the true believers–have a bit of RIGHT to feel indignant, to celebrate our vindication, to play the “I told you so” card?

    All we’ve said (or I’ve said, anyway) since the summer was: the Bears are better than anyone thinks, or gives them credit for.

    When people slobbered all over the pack and Queens, and said that the Lions would take over 3rd place in the division. I/we said “not so fast”.
    That’s it.

    You’ve already admitted you were wrong back then–tell me, what makes you so certain you’re STILL not wrong, right now?

  11. Time to rebuild and draft a new Marino, I guess!

    Injuries are one thing, but for those who are healthy, they still have to show up and play. that was embarrassing last night.

  12. “so incognito was responsible for Peppers getting 3 of the 6 sacks on the left side ?”

    Don’t know where you got that from. Incognito playing center was the nail in the coffin, not the reason they allowed any given sack. He was probably doing the best he could, it just wasn’t nearly adequate. You could easily blame the whole line between the injuries and the substitutions.

    “Miami is a average team at best.”

    What tipped you off, Captain Obvious? Was it their 5-5 record? Do you have any other common-knowledge announcements to make? Perhaps you might want to tell us that Philip Rivers is a “real decent quarterback,” or maybe that Buffalo is a long shot to make the playoffs?

  13. 5-5 isn’t out of it, but it’s pretty close. After this weekend, they’ll either be 2 or 3 games out of the division lead and 2 games out of the wildcard. Not easy, but not impossible considering there’s still 6 to go and they play at least 1 of the wildcard teams (Jets) before the end of the year.

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