Brandon Marshall let Jay Cutler get in his head

Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall picked up an idiotic taunting penalty during Thursday night’s loss to the Bears, and Jay Cutler is taking the credit for it.

Cutler, the Bears quarterback who was Marshall’s teammate in Denver, says that he got in Marshall’s head, and that’s apparently why Marshall decided to toss a football in Cutler’s direction, picking up a 15-yard penalty.

I was getting after him early in the game,” Cutler said after the Bears beat the Dolphins. “I was telling him he wasn’t going to catch any balls.”

Apparently it worked. And it’s a lesson for future Dolphins opponents: Marshall can’t control his temper, so if you can get under his skin early in the game, he’ll probably hand your team a free 15 yards at some point.

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  1. The reason Cutler knew Marshall wouldn’t catch any balls against the Bears is because Marshall isn’t a defensive back.

    And boom goes the dynamite!

  2. Remember when everyone said Denver was crazy for trading him?


    If you could take Brandon Lloyd and 2 2nd Round Draft picks or Brandon Marshall and a 10+ mil a year contract who would you take?

    McDaniel’s may have made some terrible trades, but the Cutler and Marshall trades look pretty damn good right about now.

  3. “And it’s a lesson for future Dolphins opponents: Marshall can’t control his temper”

    And in other news: Water is wet.

  4. The guys is just frustrated. He needs a qb to throw him the deep ball. He might have his temper but he is not the problem yet

  5. The penalty was put in because receivers were spiking the ball next to DBs and such. A little toss that does no one any harm or is in no way intimidating should be ignored. Too many of these calls are on hair trigger (much like the Cowboys one excessive celebration penalty against Tenn).

  6. That penalty was almost as embarrassing for Dolphins fans as the performance they put up in prime time. What a joke. Where did the wildcat go? Where did the effort go? Where did trying absolutely anything to not look like a high school team go?

  7. The part i liked about it was the hand that blocked the ball from getting to Cutler…. at least whoever that was on the Bears sideline reacted to protect Cutler even on the sideline. Too bad they can’t do it in the game, but hey… gotta start somewhere.

  8. The flip to Cutler was all in good fun, it’s not like he spiked it at him.

    On a different note… I have had my username with PFT for a good two years or so and now with the wordpress changeover my username is taken.


  9. To ncsteeler:
    How can you reference the call against the cowboys vs. Tenn? Do you really want pro football players vaulting over each other in the end zone after a TD?
    I thought that is what cheerleaders are for. It is bad enough the way some of these clowns celebrate relatively meaningless first downs. Brandon Marshall
    personifies this type of attitude.

  10. rougwave:
    The cowboys penalty was not for Austin vaulting over anyone…it was for Hurd’s “hook ’em horns” sign along with Williams’…regardless, the issue of the day is a complete lack of professionalism. Marshall has huge talent but he is not a professional. (if I were Sparano, i would have benched him for a series after that stupidity) Many of today’s athletes are more concerned with “having fun”, stupid celebrations, and personal stats (at the expense of the team), instead of winning the game as a team. Trash talking and one-ups are the name of their game. They want to be seen…whether that is on a reality show, saying something stupid in a presser, or making the highlight loops on ESPN and NFLN…none of that stuff translates to winning.

  11. Hey!…where is all the “Game” Brandon Marshall was supposed to bring?…The only thing hes bringing is grief…Hows it working out for you fin fans? *LOL*…BM=Bowel Movement.

  12. To: FinFan68
    I guess I mixed up my stupid Cowboy penalties.
    But I couldn’t agree with you more, well said.
    Now if they had the real Cowgirls doing the vaulting…….

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